WZ Readers Respond to Ken Kennedy’s WWE Release!

Nick Paglino

The following are WZ reader thoughts on Ken Kennedy’s WWE release. If you would like to send in your thoughts, email us at VOWNick@gmail.com!

The following is from KJ

Wow, this is friggin’ lame. Yes, Kennedy is injury prone. Yes he nearly caused an injury to Orton. But he is too good of a talent to be let go like this.

The WWE is almost using the “We can not afford to commit to a guy long term if he is injured a lot…” excuse. Hmmm… how many times have Orton, Batista, etc… been given a push, only to go out with an injury a short time later. Heck, you can add Lil’ Rey Rey, Edge, and lately the Undertaker in that mix. So for them to attempt to use that lame excuse is wrong. Kennedy is too good of a talent for that, TNA will grab him up in 90 days and with their lighter schedule, Kennedy should blossom.
Another note, Kennedy received good reviews for his acting work, they not only lost a talent on the wrestling side, but also lost a future money maker for their movie ventures.
The following is from Sly
First time emailing in, i’ve been listening to the show for a while over here in the UK and normally i prefer to listen and try to think about the things people have been talking about but this Mr.Kennedy things forced my hand.

How can people honestly think Randy Orton got him fired?

To me its clear that WWE wanted to fire him all along because of all his controversial comments whilst injured and they were just waiting for a reason, an excuse, waiting for him to slip up and he did.

I like the guy and all but when you swim with sharks you gotta learn to keep your mouth shut and look out for numbers one…he made himself a martyr for steroid use and now he’s paid the price.

The following is from Timmy

I never thought much of ken kennedy to begin with.. i think vince had an early hard on for him for two simple reasons….1) his mic work was way above average and somewhat entertaining.. and 2) obviously the last name they came up with for him.
everyone knows vince is an egomaniac, and having a booming-voiced wrestler introduce himself as MISTERRRRR KENNEDY stroked vince’s ego (since his middle name is kennedy) his ring work however, was mediocre and i usually rolled my eyes when he made his way ot the ring cause i knew i would be in store for like a five or ten imute tirade which would cut into some ring action. Kennedy wasnt much, as far as i am concerned.. and i KNEW it owuld be only a matter of time that he got his walking papers… he seemed to spend more time on the DL than on the active roster. On a side note..since he was FIRED/RELEASED does the 90 day no compete still stay in effect?  i would think that if a performer let their contract expire, or if they quit, THEN the 90 day clasue would be in effect, but since he was RELEASED i thought it wouldnt?  can you clear this up?
Tim, although I’m not 100% positive of the details behind Kennedy’s contract, I would guess with a certain amount of confidence that he DOES have a 90 day no compete clause in effect and that it will be enforced. If the contract expires, as in the case with someone like Taz, the no compete clause is generally expired as well, but in Kennedy’s case his contract was still valid, so the no compete clause would remain in effect.
The following is from Parker
I don’t have the internet at home so my first site I like to browse when I get to work is wrestlezone.  This is not a good thing for me to hear.  Mr. Kennedy was great and I was a huge fan.  My two toddlers were also fans of his.  One morning I was getting ready for the day and I had found my Kennedy action figure to add to my collection and I said the first part of his mic routine…"MISTER…" and then my three year old says, "KENNEDY!"  No idea where she heard that because I never practiced that with her.  It was the funniest thing I had ever heard form her.  We listen to the theme song too and they love the Mister Kennedy part because they can do it along with the song. 
He was going to be great. Heck, he was great until his injury.  I was at the recent Raw show in Cleveland and picked up a Kennedy shirt.  I could see the downfall there because when I was showing off the shirt to my Dad this kid (in all Cena merch) said, "Dad, who’s that?" 
He returns on Raw after, from what I have seen, as a build in popularity to a firing.  Really?  Orton is now in the inner circle?  I mean is this big boy club now consist of HHH, HBK, Cena and now Orton?  Can no one else be a main eventer?  I am so sick of HHH, HBK, Orton, Batista and Cena all in the main event.  They try MVP for one week and he was pushed back to mid-card and one promo and match back and Kennedy is fired?  Seriously?  Can no one else be a main eventer? 
The down fall of WWE has continued.  Kennedy now being released is now TNA’s gain and it is WWE’s loss. Maybe after a while when they see the talent that he is, then he will come back…just like Gail Kim, Christian, Jeff Hardy and some of the "steals" that the WWE got in Ron Killings.
I will most likely still be watching Raw regardless but still…this is pathetic.  If the same old stuff occurs on Raw, I may be turning to Thursday nights in the Impact zone.  I sometimes miss watching WCW so TNA would be a great fulfillment.
If there is a way to sing a petition for Kennedy;s reinstatement, I am all for it.

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