WZ Readers Respond to Ken Kennedy’s WWE Release!

Nick Paglino
The following is from Bryce
I agree with you completely on the release of Mr. Kennedy. I shouldn’t matter if it was Randy Orton or Brian Kendrick. These guys have to be able to trust that they will take care of each other in the ring, and as you pointed out if he cant take care of himself and almost injures someone else then yes he should be gone.
The following is from Daniel
I think its atrocious that kennedy has been released, and i blame randy orton. he got him fired, kennedy was not hurt in that match nor is he hurt now. yeah maybe kennedy did hurt orton, but thats vince’s fault for putting kennedy in such a high profile main event in his 1st match back. he’s been out for 8 months, and he’s bound to be a bit rusty. kennedy is the future of this business, and for me he was the highlight of raw. raw has just lost a huge star, there is no one in the entire wwe with charisma like kennedy, i hope he returns one day, he is the total package. orton was worried about having his spotlight taken away from him, because kennedy can do anything in that ring.
The following is from Robert
I’m sure they really did released him, however he had been advertised to return at the Raw in Green Bay next month. Could they have done this to make it an even bigger surprise now if he shows up in Green Bay? He randomly returns at the Raw in LA and is released 4 days later. kind of odd. All in all I think if they did decide to bring him back a feud with Randy Orton would be really good. Kennedy can come back for revenge on Orton and claim that he was the reason that he was fired and instantly gaining Orton more heat with the fans.

Well only one thing is clear and that is Kennedy is not injured.

The following is from Kate
I was very upset to hear about Ken being fired. He is a great athelete and really gets the fans going… esp. as a face. They say he accident prone but if you look at Rey Mysterio’s track record (don’t get me wrong… I love Oscar just as much as everyone else) he’s quite prone to injury also. Honestly, he’s smart enough to say "I’m hurt. Give me time off so I can heal." regardless of the occurance or time. I’m not saying that he’s straightedge like Phil Brooks or anything but what is he supposed to do? Suck it up, pop pills like HBK, and then have a breakdown and (gods forbid) end up dying or pulling a Benoit? I loved Chris with all my heart and believe that it was everything (pills, Eddie’s death, steroids, ect.) that made Chris do what he did. I think Ken is playing it safe and I send all my love his way. I hope whatever is in his future is great and filled with sucess. Love you, Ken.
The following is from Jason
Some one has to say it… looking back at all his injuries to himself, he is a liability, but NO ONE is remembering he is the guy who put John Cena on the shelf for a very long time with that (if i remember correctly the bicep injury), and i cannot remember, I could be mistaken, but did he not also injure the Undertaker??  I remember the feud against Jeff Hardy, i remember a few botched moves on the ring corner that had me cringing for Hardy’s saftey. I remember the spot where he almost hurt Orton, and cussing out load, "He diddnt protect him! what a dipshit!" Orton is invaluable right now… with Cena on a part time for more bad movie making who will run raw if he is out? and then what happens to Legacy…

Also can i bring attention to Kennedy’s pathetic attempt at a swanton bomb?  his "Ken-ton bomb" Every time he did it i cringed in fear, this guy was an inch away form snapping his own neck several times!

KEN KENNEDY is DANGERIOUS. I don’t know what the issue is with him… maybe he over thinks things in the ring, but mark my words, he is going to kill someone or himself in the center of the ring one day if he dose not address his lack of pollish, and go back to the bassics and build from the ground up. Wrestling is fake, but the injuries you can cause when your head is not in the game IS real.

He is an increadible talent on the mic, and sooo insainly over with the live crowds… he will be snapped up by TNA looking to capitalize on his fame… he will be a great fit for a company, who has not made a smart move in hiring anyone since Christian… in a locker room of old timers and cronically injured, (Angle, Foley, Sting, Nash, Stiener) he will not go over well once the old guys get in the ring with him and realize that he cannot protect them… maybe Joe, or Booker will kick his ass into shape.

The following is from Sabin27

I can’t agree that Kennedy was talented.  His in ring work was shoddy at best, and he never had a decent finisher.  The GreenBay Plunge? or whatever it was called was only good for Rey, and that’s about it.  Then he had his version of everyone’s favorite move, The Novocaine. His feuds were awfull, especially the "I beat every former champion on Smackdown" cough cough by count out or DQ, and then when he was in a #1 contender’s match with Batista, Dave murdered his a$$. Kennedy was/is terrible on the mic, and I hope TNA brings him into the fold in 3 months to take on the Mafia and evil Mick Foley and finally right that ship, or have the 5 star matches with AJ and Joe that WWE wouldn’t let him have.(Yeah Right) The fact of the matter is, if Kennedy does go to TNA, and doesn’t get injured a lot, WWE will unfortunatley welcome him back with open arms.  Just like the Duddleys, Angle, Booker T, Nash, Steiner, and anyone else WWE fired, or "parted ways with" are hoping for.  I am glad to see Mrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  Kennnnnnnnnedy…….Kennnnnnedy! ("Your repeat your name. How riveting" – Edge) gone from WWE. P.S.  I  find it funny that if he would have almost injured Randy, even dropped him on his head, two years ago, no one would have said anything. P.P.S.  In all seriousness, I actually hope that he does come to TNA and have 5 star matches with Joe and AJ.  I remember 3 years ago when Wrestlezone was reporting that WWE wanted Cena vs. Orton at Wrestlemania 24 and how awful that match sounded at the time.  Now I am upset that HHH stuck his long nose in it to make a triple threat match and ruin it.  My opinions can change, but first the wrestler has to change.  (See: HHH, Rock, Trish, HHH again, Lashley, Orton, Cena, Austin, ‘Taker, HHH yet again, etc.)  Finger’s crossed.


The following is from Mike

First off, I’m a big fan of WrestleZone. I think I came across the site in 2006 or so, discovering play-by-play results of No Mercy. I thought it was really neat that a site did that, giving results of a PPV as they were happening. I’ve been visiting the site on a daily basis for a while now.

I was compelled to comment on your most recent column. I have to tell you, I popped when I read "The reality here is that WWE is losing a big star in Kennedy." Really? A guy whose last decent feud was in the winter of 2007 (with Shawn Michaels) is a big star? By the way, Shawn carried Ken like a drowning victim. A guy who hasn’t contributed a damn thing to WWE in a year because he’s made of glass is a big star? I think you guys throw those words around a little too cavalierly. I remember recently reading a headline that "Two Major Stars" were backstage at an event and upon reading the blurb, one of them was Joy Giovanni. Let’s reel it in a little, guys.

I do agree with the bulk of your article, though. If Ken is a danger to him and/or others, he should not be working in wrestling, anywhere. With a huge company like WWE, they definitely don’t need someone like that. I think you’re right in that his release has been in the making. In the end, WWE just couldn’t trust him. Ken does have great mic skills, but, personally, that’s all I see. I see a very average wrestler inside the ring. I never understood the hype with him, even before the injuries. I don’t see him as a draw. WWE’s ratings aren’t going to live and die with Kennedy.

Onto TNA. I also agree that it’s inevitable that he receives his Universal Studios pass. But, again, he’s not a draw. I don’t think signing him will help TNA much, if at all. I mean, the guy has worked one match (a ten man tag) in nine months. He’s not exactly hot right now. It’s my belief that signing one more WWE reject makes TNA look bad. They look like the minor leagues by taking talent another company does not want. I hate that whenever someone is released from WWE, everyone starts counting down the days until he or she appears in Orlando. TNA looks like a bunch of garbage pickers.



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