AT RANDOM: Chris Cash Looks At Last Night’s TNA Impact!

Chris Cash

AT RANDOM: Chris Cash Looks At Last Night’s Impact!

– It was the land of the returns and debuts last week on Impact!, but I must say that I’m looking forward to the direction they take with the newcomers…and the againcomers?

– Speaking of…Mr. Franchise says he’s going to leave his mark on TNA for a very long time.  The funny thing is that he probably believes that.  Little does he know, TNA has a bad habit of falling short when it comes to those types of announcements.

– I feel bad for Sheik Abdul Bashir.  I remember talking to him before he went to TNA and he has to be disappointed with where he’s at in the company.  Working in a weird, makeshift relationship thing with No Limit and the British Invasion putting over every other superstar in the company is a long way away from working high-profiled matches with Kurt Angle, Christian (while he was still there), and other main eventers.  Yes, he truly thought it would be working with those guys and I can’t blame him.  He’s a great worker and a good talker.  He just has too many things against him.  He’s small and he is working a typical, unoriginal gimmick that we’ve seen too many times.

– As I say that, they actually did get the win.  It’s obviously to put over the Douglas/Daniels program they have going and won’t advance Sheik individually, but it was a win nevertheless. 

– By the way, was that the same shirt Douglas was wearing in the opening segment?  I guess I’ll have to go back and look later. 

– Good promo by Douglas after the break.  A simple storyline about getting a second chance that makes sense.  It’s not over the top, it’s not crazy, and it makes sense.  I like it.  The only thing that would have made it better would have been Shane talking about overcoming the "real" issues he’s had in the past.  It would be real and genuine and I don’t think Shane would be the type to shy away from it if it made for a great wrestling angle.  I could be wrong.  The only thing that would have to change if they went that route is him being a heel.  My idea would be more of a babyface role and trying to get the fans to empathize with Douglas.  Either way, I like the direction they’re going with him.

– Does anyone actually agree with Mick when he logically explains his reasoning for wanting the World Heavyweight Championship to be defended only one-four times a year?  I think a very good argument could be made all the way across the board for why that could benefit TNA if they went that route.  They never will, but it’s neat to think about. 

– So, Kip needs a job (on camera, of course).  Come on Kip, you’ve got Buff Bagwell willing to work for free these days.  What are you willing to sacrifice? 

– Nash refuses to do a job for the company that employs him and rather than be fired like a normal person would, he gets a raise.  He’s the freakin’ man!

– Lethal is hilarious.  I think I’ve said that before, but I have to say it again.  "Why do you talk so slow"? Classic.

– I hate how they are throwing Lethal Consequences and the Guns together solely based off of their mutual quest to unmask Suicide.  These two teams should be working a great program with each other so they can up their status in the Tag Team division.  Then, maybe one of them could actually challenge Beer Money and 3D legitimately, rather than being paired up together to put those teams over.

– I’ve said it before, but I truly believe that Beer Money has the complete package.  They are entertaining and good in the ring.  The Guns have better chemistry when it comes to mat action and are a close second as an overall team, in my opinion, but there just isn’t a better tag team in the business right now than Roode and Storm.

– Good tag match and it didn’t seem to hurt anyone in the process, but it progressed the current storylines each teams have going pretty well. 

– I liked the segment backstage with VicTara and the Beautiful People. 

– I hate to keep putting over…everything, but Daffney’s promo was pretty damn good too.  I haven’t enjoyed…well, any of the Dr. Stevie/Abyss/Lauren/Daffney/Taylor crap, but Daffney’s crazy act was good.  The only thing I would have changed was her admitting to being crazy.  Most crazy people don’t do that.  Lauren should have brought up her being crazy at the end of the promo and Daffney go off. 

– I didn’t know how they would play the tension between the Mafia now that Sting is in charge, but so far, so good.  Eventually, the rest of the Mafia, led by Kurt Angle, needs to overtake their new leader and Angle needs to regain the throne.  That could be a good exit strategy for Sting if he decides to retire (for good) at the end of his contract. Of course, that also rides on the idea that Kurt sticks around with TNA once his deal is up.

– Not much to the Daffney/Wilde match, but I do like Daffney’s finishing move. 

– Oh, that’s why Raven joined up with Dr. Stevie.  It’s as simple as Abyss disobeying doctor’s orders.  Blah.

– I can’t stand how Jeff Jarrett tells the crowd to stop chanting while he’s talking, but I guess it’s smart.  It does seem to make them listen more.

– Jeff has the greatest employees in the world.  They put him over so much during their promos, he doesn’t even have to. 

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