National Wrestling Alliance News And Notes For 6-8-09

Bill Behrens

(3) Wild Bunch (Billy Buck & Chris King) beat Technicians (Tyler Smith & Bobby Moore) in 5:40. These teams must be sick of seeing each other. Comic opening as Moore went down face first after taking a series of elbows from Buck. Moore used a blind tag to get the drop on King. The fashion police in the South section noted that Moore’s tights were drooping to where it looked like his ass was halfway to his knees. King did a nice slingshot flip over the top of one of the Techs to make the hot tag to Buck, who capped off the house cleaning by flipping Smith over the top rope onto Moore. Finish saw referee Ken Wallace catch Moore putting his partner on top of King. While Wallace was chasing Moore out, Buck reversed the pile so King ended up on top of Smith. Decent match. They timed the shenanigans with the finish right.


On the WrestleVision, we saw Seth Delay apologizing to Brodie Chase for deserting him last time. Delay said he couldn’t help himself when that “redneck ninja” Slim J showed up. Chase wasn’t upset. He came out smelling like a rose because of his female admirer. J appeared on screen. He said he was going to make Delay suffer. Chase said it was two against one so J better get to steppin’. J said he was no dummy. He had back up in the form of Orion Bishop. Chase and Delay backed off. Good stuff. It was shot in such a way that Bishop looked like a huge monster compared to the heels.


(4) Entourage (Andrew Alexander & Mike Mosley) beat Kareem Abdul Jamar & Mr. Georgia in 6:36. I got a kick out of Jamar and the debuting Mr. Georgia doing the rah-rah southern babyface routine. Entourage cut the ring in half and destroyed Jamar with high impact moves. Jamar fought out of the heel corner to make the tag. Georgia ran wild. He busted out the Thesz Press. But alas, not water in the pool for Jamar’s splash off the top. Alexander gave Jamar a piledriver and Mosley finished him with his reverse Ace crusher. Solid tag match.


(5) Iceberg squashed Aaron Lee in 2:38. This was an OK squash. Lee didn’t take the huge bumps justified by the ridiculous size mismatch. The cannonball splash was cool. From my vantage point, it provided a total eclipse of Lee. Iceberg scored the pinfall with the Ground Zero.


The Devil’s Rejects slithered out of the darkness to jump Iceberg. Malachi hit the ring with a steel chair. The Revered still liked the odds. NWA Anarchy owner Jerry Palmer jumped in with his ax handle. Rejects decided to give it up. A massive “Iceberg” chant ensued. Palmer said Iceberg once beat him within an inch of his life and cost him several days in the hospital, but like the fans, he respected Berg. Palmer promised he could be a friend Berg could trust, unlike those lowlife Rejects. Palmer extended his hand. Twice, Berg slapped it away and then shoved Palmer. At this point, the crowd was begging Iceberg to do the handshake, and when he finally did, the Church of Southern Wrestling exploded. In a show fo of trust, Iceberg invited Palmer to go up the ramp ahead of him. Iceberg’s facial expression during this were awesome. Palmer was great here as well. Live, this was one spectacular segment. If it comes across on tape halfway as well, it should close out hour number one of the TV.


(6) New Wave (Steven Walters & Derrick Driver) beat Talent & Money (JT Talent & Drew Pendleton III) to retain the NWA Anarchy Tag Team Titles in 6:55. Putting these teams together right now is a can’t miss proposition. The pop for New Wave was phenomenal. These guys have it. New Wave scored with a couple of nice pinning combinations early. The chest cracker and dropkick sequence between Driver and Talent was the best looking action of the night thus far. Driver’s twisting springboard crossbody splatted on the mat when Talent ducked. T & M did a number on Driver’s gut. Crowd revved up a “Derek” chant. Hot tag. Walters with a side Russian legsweep for a near fall. New Wave tried for the Unskinny Bop, but Talent was there to break it up. Walters fought off Talent’s interference and rolled Pendleton up for the three count. This has turned into a top notch rivalry.


Postmatch, Talent & Money locked eyes with New Wave. No handshake but no garbage either. The point was made – T & M don’t like the champions, but they do respect them.


(7) Malachi beat Frankie Valentine to retain the Young Lion’s Championship in 6:30. This match was what the Young Lion’s Division should be – fast-paced, hard-hitting, no-nonsense action. They beat the hell out of each other. Valentine’s head was freshly shaven from losing a Hair vs. Mask match to “Nightmare” Ted Allen in SECW. Valentine gave Malachi a downward spiral into the turnbuckle to take over. Valentine worked on Malachi’s back with submissions. They traded stiff chops. Malachi drew blood. Malachi hit a powerslam to start his comeback. Malachi went up top. Valentine cut him off and tried for top rope huracanrana. Malachi blocked that and hit the top rope diving headbutt for the pin. Nice match. Malachi commands respect. He does his talking in the ring.


(8) Slim J & Orion Bishop beat Seth Delay & Brodie Chase in 4:07. The decibel level hit a peak (the others being New Wave’s intro and the main) for J’s entrance. This was rub to the max for Bishop. J started strong but soon fell prey to heel chicanery. It looked like Delay spiked J on his head with a spinning headscissors. Delay followed with a brainbuster suplex for a near fall. Delay used Roderick Strong’s fireman’s carry double knee gutbuster. But when Delay went to do the swivel hips, J popped up with a lariat from hell. J made the tag and took Chase over the top with a headscissors. Delay was a sitting duck for Bishop’s spear.


Postmatch, on the sly, Delay nailed J with the brass knucks again and ran to safety of Chase’s arms. THEN he collapsed. Delay never fails to entertain.


(9) Shaun Tempers (with the Reverend) beat Bo Newsome to retain the NWA Anarchy TV Title in 5:26. Tempers looks like a star when he comes out to the ring. That’s a sentence I never expected to write. The timing and execution of his stuff is spot on. Shows what a ton of hard work and dedication can do. Strong heel/face dynamic here, as the fans really like Bo. Tempers took him to school. Newsome hit a flying bodypress of the top for a near fall. He tried for a backslide. Not happening. Hangman neckbreaker by Tempers and it’s over.


Postmatch: Tempers zeroed on Newsome with evil intentions. Ace Rockwell hit the ring. That brought Phil Shatter and Kimo out to attack Rockwell. Truitt Fields tried to make a save, but the odds were stacked, and the faces were being beaten on. Out came Mikal Judas. The heels took a powder. Bill Behrens surveyed the situation and said he was changing the main event (Kimo vs. Judas) to a six man tag. Sweet.


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