First Batch of “Extreme Rules” Reader Feedback – Live Reports!

Nick Paglino

The following live report is from Matt

Hey I just got in from the New Orleans Arena for the WWE Extreme Rules pay per view.  The show was not a sell out as a few sections on the non camera side were tarped off.  I would say 80-85% full.  Overall the show was solid except for a few matches.  Before the show, Mickie James and Kelly Kelly defeated Beth Phoenix and Rosa Mendes in a tag match.

U.S. Title Fight:  This was a great match to start the show off with.  8/10

IC Title Match:  Jericho and Mysterio are always fun to watch.  9/10

Strap Match:  Pretty standard type of match with a little excitement.  7/10

ECW Title Match:  Great way for Dreamer to go out if it was his last match.  Crowd was behind Dreamer and Christian.  8/10

Hog Pen Match:  Crowd was absolutely dead for this one.  3/10

Cage Match:  I didn’t realize Batista was hurt going into this match.  Disappointing for a cage match.  6/10

Submission match:  I have to say I didn’t expect much out of this one, but it ended up being better than I thought.  7/10

Ladder Match:  Unreal in person!  5 star performances from both competitors!!  10/10

Money in the Bank Cashing:  We thought this could happen, but I didn’t expect it too.  Nice Suprise although I think it’s messed up Hardy dropped the title like that after winning an amazing match.  7.5/10

Overall a solid PPV except for the Hog Pen match.  8/10 for the show.


The following is from Rob

hello, I just wanted to say, I bought the Pay Per View last night. I thought it was greatly done, there were a few things I thought should have been done differently. I sat down before it started and picked who I thought would win each match, or wanted to win. I got two wrong, one of them being the triple threat match for E C W heavyweight belt. I picked swagger for the win. I really thought he would win and continue the feud with Christian, but what a swerve, it was great. Another thing that I thought was kind of messed up was the whole Jerico, and Rey match, don’t get me wrong its great to see them two go at. It gives a whole new fresh start for the next feud. I know I am going to get hell for saying this, but I am sorry this was done before in the W C W, The whole match of him losing his mask. Quiet few of you may or may not remember that. I feel like they could go in a different direction with this feud. This is just my opinion. Anyway, I still thought it was a great match. Next one I thought that the hog pen match was funny. I thought the strap match was pretty good as well. I thought that the steel cage match could have been better. Maybe having someone coming down to interfere, but they had to have the match end quickly, because of Batista being injured. I thought the ladder match stole the show. Both of the guys did a great job. I picked hardy to win. I was really happy that he won and the finish of that match. Then C M Punk came out. Don’t get me wrong I really respect Punks ability. He has a lot of talent and is great. However, they finally gave Hardy a chance to win back his title then he loses it to Punk. It is safe to say I guess that Punk is turning heel. I rather see him save face, but makes a better match to see face vs heel. I am sure he will be great. Well, I just want to say that I thought this pay per view was a hell of a lot better than the last. They needed to one up that one. Thank you W W E. I am out of here and thanks for listening.


The following is from Guy

Match 1: Fatal Four Way Match = It Was Kinda A Waste Of Air Time For WWE Although I Do Agree With The Outcome (2 out of 10)

Match 2: Rey Vs Jericho = Was A Pretty Good Match They Could Of Just Not Made The Outcome So Predictable Though (4 out of 10)

Match 3: CM Punk Vs Umaga = Really Good Match One Of The Best Matches Of The Night Just Would Of Been Better If The Ref Would Of Complied With The Rule Of Waving Off The Lights Better (7 out of 10)

Match 4: ECW Championship Match = Great Match One Of  The Few Matches From The Card You Could Actually Consider Extreme (8 out of 10)

Match 5: Hog Pen Match = It Was A Pretty Good Match Although I Expected Alot More Then What I Got (6 out of 10)

Match 6: WWE Title Match = I Was Really Disappointed In This Match. It Was Way To Short (but for obvious reasons but still). Also It Seemed To Much Like A Regular Match Instead Of A Steel Cage Match (4 out of 10)

Match 7: Cena Vs Big Show = Was Pretty Entertaining Although I Am NOT A Cena Fan At All Pretty Good But There Was A Few Bad Mistakes The Two Made They Couldnt Cover Up (Big shows foot coming lose then him putting it back up still like it was stuck) (7 out of 10)

Match 8: Edge Vs Hardy = Was Alot Better Match Then What I Thought It Would Be Once Again A Few Mistakes On The Wrestlers Parts But Still A Great Match And I Like How They Had CM Punk Not Win On The 1st GTS Also (9 out of 10)

OVERALL 6 out of 10) Didnt Really Meet The Name Of The PPV Really That Much. And Once Again Both Main Titles Changed Hands Again. It Was A Okay Pay-Per-View Although I Dont Think It Was Worth The Money


The following is from Vincent

Although I didn’t see the PPV, just by reading the results I feel my money would have been wasted.  First of all, as much of a fan I am of Cena I am sick of seeing him as the hero and the WWE making him out to be Superman.  In actuality Show would’ve just hit the knockout punch and then put the camel clutch on him, end of story!  
Second, they built the Orton/Batista feud up so much that we barely get a steel cage match out of it and then they give the title to an injured man?  If triple H doesn’t come back tonight and take the title from him, the best thing I’d like to see is a champion tournament where someone else takes the title…someone young.  Maybe have Ted FINALLY use his money and pay someone for the title.  
Lastly, whats with all the fan favorites getting screwed out of having a world title?  First Christian loses to Dreamer who will probably retire on ECW as champion, then we get a ladder match where Jeff beats Edge fo the title, only to get it beaten from him by CM Punk?  Punk should NOT have won that match nor should he have won the MITB.  I would have liked to have seen Christian win it originally and have him challenge Edge for the title and seen a long program with them instead. Hardy should’ve beaten Punk to prove he is a worthy champion.
WWE needs to get off whatever they are smoking and get with it!  Im sick of seeing the same guys in rotation for the titles.  They have a ton of worthy talent but they don’t utilize it.  P.S. get Vickie and this comedy crap off TV and get back to REAL wrestling and story telling!!

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