Second Batch of “Extreme Rules” WZ Reader Feedback

Nick Paglino

The following is the second batch of the "Extreme Rules" WZ reader feedback. If you would like to send in your thoughts of the show, please email us at!

The following is from Kenny

I thought last night’s pay per view event, Extreme Rules (or as I like to call it ‘Xtreme Rulz’), was, to quote Borat, a "great success." The opening match saw Kofi Kingston being awesome. Which is always a great thing to pay 40 dollars to see. CM Punk vs. Samoa Joe in the texas bullrope match was adequate if not good. No, it was good. I like Umanga’s new "cultured" attitude. He is no longer the savage he once was. I noticed that his entrance to the ring was less animalistic and more humanized. No divas match was a little disappointing to me. I would have liked to see Kelly Kelly Kelly vs Maurice for the purple butterfly belt. But que sera, sera. Jericho vs REYREY was fantastic. I had low expectations for this bout due to the fact that Rey Mysterio was in it, but it was great. Remember in WCW when he had his mask taken off? Neither do I. Another great match was the ECW title bout. I really thought Tommy Dreamer was going to not win for some reason. But he did and it was great. I’m so very proud of him. Will he continue to wrestle? Retire and set up an awesome tournament for the belt? TAKE THE BELT TO TNA?! My vote is tournament. Santina Marella vs Vickie Guerrero was hilarious. Those pigs did not want to be there. It made me laugh and that was the point. No Phineas I. Godwinnn run-in was a bit of a let down. Batista won. Great. I found out later that he is injured. Maybe he will forfeit the belt and they will have a tournament. Tournaments all around! Actually I didn’t even watch this match. That is how much I care about the Raw main event. Way to go, Freddy Prinze Jr. I don’t care if you work there anymore or not. I’m blaming  you for this one. John Cena vs. The Big Show was lackluster. I was really excited for this match because I think John Cena is amazing. The only thing that ruined it was the botched spot at the end. Because the only draw of the match was how was he going to put the STF(U) on Big Show? Then the "creative" way of doing it didn’t even work and they didn’t have a backup plan. What a stinker. Also I just want to point out how weird looking Big Show is. Jeff Hardy vs Edge. Ladder match. If I had a time machine I would go back in time and tell my 14 year old self that some day there will be a pay per view headlined by this match. He’ll be really excited. I thought the match was good. I dont really remember anything that happened. Oh the ending was great with Jeff Hardy pulling Edge through the ladder. Nice work. CM Punk cashing in Money In The Bank was exciting as well. At first it was all like oh maybe he wont win, but then he did. Pretty cool, different things happening as fast as possible is a good way to go in my opinion. Just stay so many steps ahead of yourselves that you lap your own past. (and future?) Out of five stars I give tonight’s Xtreme Rulz PPV a rating of trying to decide if watching Jeff Hardy jumping off something high is as much fun as touching a boob over a shirt.


The following is from Ghislain

I thought the PPV was a good idea but lately the titles change hands way too often and begins to resemble WCW. I mean I like title changes but when theres a good story with it. Come on Jeff Hardy (the best deserving champion they got) wins the title and looses it 5 minutes later to CM Punk who I think is average. Edge is like a 9 times world champion but for a combined 9 month reign. Which I think is a shame as he is the best wrestler since Bret Hart.

The Extreme Rules weren’t that extreme, I know they want to reach to a younger audience but a fatal four way ain’t extreme, neither is a samoan strap match or a submission match. Also there wasn’t a women’s championship match, I know they sometimes are boring, but if you want them to be better you need to give em exposure, and why have 2 womens title if you don’t use em, scrap the titles and bring back the European title, they need to use Santino better he is way more entertaining then CM Punk. Christian showed he can be a Main Eventer like always, if they wanted to take off the title on Edge (the greatest wrestler of all time) they should have give it to Christian. It’s Batista’s 5 World Heavyweight title win, and it looks to be a shorter than the last one


I give the PPV a 6.5 out of ten, they could have had a great PPV if they would have included some real Extreme rules (Barbwire cage match, TLC, first blood, Hell in a cell etc those are real extreme matches)




The following is from Kyle


The PPV was missing John Morrison’s flair, and CM Punk is boring. I think it’s lame that CM Punk has had 3 major titles now, and he doesn’t do anything except act straight edge… YAWN. John Cena vs Big Show was good, but John Cena vs the Miz would be more entertaining. The Tommy Dreamer storyline was cute, but ECW needs more hardcore matches. I think the Batista storyline has something else to it… WWE Needs to have more stables, and building up Legacy a little more will help that. Hopefully Orton wins it back soon.




The following is from Beverly


I thought the card as a whole was pretty decent! I was extremely happy that Kofi got to keep his title. I would have seen it as pretty stupid if he had won it just to lose it.

Nothing surprising about Chris Jericho winning the title from Rey Mysterio. Although, if they count Jericho holding up the mask after the pin as unmasking Rey then it is pretty dumb. Rey held his face. There was no actually sight of his face unless you were there I would bet. The match itself was fantastic. Fast paced and very entertaining. The finish was amazing with Jericho pinning Rey after the 619.

I was a little taken back by the Samoan strap match between CM Punk and Umaga. It was a regular strap match that was made easier to win by an extended length of strap. There was nothing hard about winning this match as with past strap matches. The strap was long enough that your opponent could be laying in the middle of the ring and you could still reach all four turn buckles for the win as CM Punk did.

I watched the original ECW in the 90s. I love Tommy Dreamer. When I heard that he was done with the WWE, I was both sad and happy for him. Sad because he was one of my ECW heroes. Happy, because the ECW you see on TV now, is not the real ECW that I knew and loved growing up. They did a great job of selling the retirement fact. Even going so far as putting that Tommy’s contract had expired Saturday! It was a good match! Needless to say I marked out when Tommy Dreamer became ECW heavyweight champion! Congrats!

I don’t know if anyone really cared about the Vickie Guerrero verses Satina (o) Marella match or not. I know that I did not but I do love Satina (o).

The cage match for the WWE title between Randy Orton and Batista was way too short! It was an okay match but could have been better and longer. I was hoping to see a Triple H return or a Flair heel turn! instead we ended up with a clean Batista win. I don’t understand why they keep building up Randy as a heel character just to have him beat by every face that he competes against. So he will end up getting it back because Batista got injured again and will be out for surgery!

John Cena verses Big Show in a submission match! What in the heck was Vince or Stephanie thinking! Can anyone say boring! Believe it or not I used to love John Cena. When he was a heel! I don’t want to see him at the top of the card every pay per view or every RAW. He can not put butts in seats against someone like Big Show! The ending was crap! STF using the ropes! Since when was a submission match allowed to use ropes? Someone please explain to me what the heck happened?! Did I mention that the match drug on and that it should have never been after a title match!

Jeff hardy against Edge in a ladder match! Can I say awesome! I did not expect Jeff to win against Edge. I was surprised and extremely happy about that! I love Jeff hardy and he deserved the title. It was a clean victory with no outside help for Edge from the likes of Matt Hardy or Vickie Guerrero. They gave their hearts and souls for this match! When Jeff won I screamed through my house that he had won. I thought he would have it until Smackdown at least!

Jeff Hardy verses CM Pink for the World Title with the MITB being cashed in after a grueling match that Jeff had just fought and won. I was angry to say the least! I like Punk. I was happy he won the MITB. Did they have to ruin Jeff’s victory, the meaning behind the match with Edge, and his second world title! Really! They could not have waited until Smackdown to have him cash it in and win it clean! No! Lets have Punk gain another cheap victory over another talented star who was beaten before the match started! His second world title, much like the first, means absolutely nothing!


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