Second Batch of “Extreme Rules” WZ Reader Feedback

Nick Paglino


The following is from Smackdown49


Fatal 4 Way: Was a decent match. Looked like MVP missed a few spots. Wish Regal got to have a good run as a champion.

No Holds Barred: A good solid match I thought. Great innovative moves, and lots of good, quick back and forth exchanges.

Samoan Strap Match: Snooze fest

ECW Triple Threat: Decent match. Glad for Dreamer, finally although im a christian fan.

Hog Pen: Waste of time that could have been used for other matches. Save this crap for a raw or something. This was not going to sell ppv tickets.

WWE Title Cage Match: I was disappointed with the lack of action for a steal cage, and ho quick it was. But then found out Batista is was injured going into the match with a torn bicep, so I guess they did what they could.

Submission Match: Anyone else tired of Cena vs Big Show?

World Title Ladder Match: A decent match. A little to Choreographed like all the other ladder matches in the last 5 years or so. I thought the first ending was good and should have closed the show but…

Cashed in Money In The Bank World Title Macth: I was pissed when Punks music hit. Horrible. The original finish was good enough. I hope this is the start of a heel turn for Punk.

Overall: Just a decent PPV. Could have and should have been a much better show, but it wasn’t just like the rest of their shows lately.


The following is from William

First of all I would like to say congrads to Tommy Dreamer for his ECW title victory a Extreme Rules.  Your win is well deserved for your hard work and the punishment that your body has taken in the years that you have wrestled. I hope the WWE gives you a little bit of time to enjoy this one, at least more then one hour.

The best match out of the Raw brand was the Fatal Four way match. The John Cena win over the Big Show was no great suprise. The Randy Orton and Batista match was short because Batista was injuired prior to the match. I dont think it was a good idea for him to win the match. It would of been better for Orton to win and it would of made him look stronger for his upcoming feuds. But since Orton lost, they made him look weak. The Raw brand needs work.

But not to fear, The Smackdown roster stole the show and by far is the best brand. The Ladder Match between Jeff Hardy and Edge was an all out classic. I am amazed that both wrestlers got up after they fell through the Ladder and destroyed it.  The match was worth the hype and it could be match of the year. Edge and Jeff Hardy did that for our entertainment and they gave us our moneys worth that we spent for the PPV, bar none. Their passion and sacrifice was not matched by any other contest on the Exteme Rules line-up.

CM Punk, What can I say? The ball is in his hands now. Can he make a good World Heavyweight Champion? Only time will tell. The crowd did not cheer when he won the title. CM PUNK could have  great ability to be a heel. He reminds me of Edge. Edge started off as a great face, but more importantly made he became the best heel in the biz.  If CM PUNK can be a great heel, he can be better then Edge if CM PUNK can do it correctly. If not, the CM PUNK experiment will fail. I am looking forward to see how it all plays out.


The following is from Elias

Overall a decent ppv. I dont see myself ordering anymore small ppv. Main reason I ordered was to see Batista kick some ass, which was very short. I am very tired of WWE treating Santino as a ass clown. I want to see him get a little push but continue the clowning around.


The following is from Geoffrey

Five title changes? Maybe Vince decided to one-up the three changes at Backlash?

Congrats to Tommy, it’s about time he got some recognition.

Now for the part that royally steamed my beef: could creative really not find a better way to get CM Punk some major heel heat? No, let’s book an epic half hour ladder match where both Hardy and Edge pull off some ridiculous moves, beat the living tar out of each other, and put on one of the best stipulation matches in recent PPVs, and then throw the entire thing out the window by making it all meaningless in 45 seconds. Even had Edge retained, I would have felt ripped off somehow.

The sad part was that it was so painfully predictable, just because of the way Jeff celebrated. It was painfully obvious that he was about to lose the title that he just put on a brilliant show to win.

Congrats writers, you blew it. Way to spoil a brilliant match. Way to leave an amazingly awesome match, one that put every other single match on the card to embarrassing shame, as basically forgettable. Unless you were trying to make CM Punk into Edge version 2. Then, I guess you succeeded. Too bad it’s not because of any heel qualities CM Punk actually has – will he ever win a title where he doesn’t need to start with the opponent decapacitated? Edge comes off as an opportunist, CM Punk just comes off as a sniveling, back-dooring wuss. Edge is a born heel, CM Punk is not.

For the very first time, I’m legitimately pissed off at ending the PPV like that. (Although to be fair, I’m not sure if that’s more telling of creative’s epic fail here, or that I need to get out more :x)

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