First Batch of Monday Night Raw WZ Reader Feedback

Nick Paglino

The following is from Ephraim

Sad to see one of the meanest and dirtiest manager’s leave the company!  Vickie was good, excuse me, lol, she was great at being the villian!  My best regards to her and best wishes always! She will be missed.(I wish they’d given her a better send off, but then again, every villian must pay for her misdeeds!)  The rest of RAW, ….well….


The following is from Sam

Raw was overall very good tonight, much more fun than it has been this year – the bits with the ambulance felt like the good ol’ days where anything could happen – Santino is being used so poorly though – he is a legitimate wrestling talent who beat Umaga on his debut – If they don’t screw the Miz’s push up, he could become a new main event superstar, something WWE is in desperate need of. Good show though.


The following is from EastaBos4Lyfe

Well i thought the show was awesome all the way beginning to end.  The Storylines right now are great.  I was actually kind of happy that batista wont be in action as he is wicked boring.  HHH coming back was perfect unexpected also.  I am enjoying how much everything seems like its actually real.  Everything randy orton does pisses you off at him, even my bro a huge fan of orton was so against him when legacy and him all took out batista, so that just goes to  show how people can actually believe that he is that guy in the ring.   On a sad note vicky is leaving and that actually sucks because like probley many others, we actually also hated the way she acted and it would piss me off during the show.  
I think right now Bigshow, Vicky, and randy orton are actually making me and a lot of my friends get upset with them so their doing there job.  I hate these people but in the end i love em.   Everyone is carrying themselves out perfect.  Santino good matches and good comedy for a good laugh.  Orton being the prick he always is. HHH dont even need to say anything about him.  Big Show like a new wrestler.  Batista pce homie.
I think one thing is missing and that is the fact that JOHN CENA has yet to turn heel.  I think we all remember when THE ROCK turned heel, i dont think i ever enjoyed watching him as much when he was a bad guy.  So can we get a cena Heel.
The show was AWESOME.  No other words to describe it. love the direction its going in.
The following is from Daniel
First off I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking this, but WHAT in the HELL was the point of letting Batista win the title, just to have him turn around and lose it amidst giving a speech about how he’s gonna take Orton’s dignity and so on……?
I mean if Batista needs time off for a surgery or something, why not just let Orton keep the title and play it out that way with him gloating on Raw and Triple H busting up his "celebration"?
I’m sorry but the injury angle was just stupid and pointless because it basically makes Batista having the title a joke.
I’ll get back to the Triple H aspect of things later.

Kofi Kingston:
It’s good that they are giving him a run with the U.S. Title, he’s got a lot of physical talent and he’s charismatic, I just hope they don’t wind up tur ! ning him into another Elijah Burke , Shelton Benjamin, or R Truth,  and build him up with a lot of hype then just dropping him back to square one out of nowhere.
But then again as we all know Vince has no problems chewing up people’s careers and spitting them out. Wrestlers are expendable to him (as show by the releases of Umaga and Kennedy).
As long as Kofi gets solid matches (against people considered more of a challenge and interesting to watch unlike Regal) then he will draw a lot of attention from the fans, but if Vince and the creative department let his talents go to waste it will be a damned shame.

Divas Championship:
Yes, Maryse is nice eye candy for most, so is Kelly Kelley, but you could obviously tell the fans weren’t into it, there wasn’t much reaction or "pop" during the match and it was pretty uneventful , ending on a DDT. I mean come on. The women’s division just isn’t what it used to be back in the days of Trish Stratus, Lita, Chyna, ! etc.
Back then they had sex appeal, but real athletic and wrestlin g prowess. Not saying these current "divas" don’t have talent and physical prowess, but they are more are less a pretty package trying to be marketed as athletes.
The Divas championship was an unnecessary creation anyway because there’s not really all that much depth in the women’s division anymore, they just essentially made it so they could have a woman’s title on both shows. All in all the match was a big bore.

Backstage with "The Miz" and Maryse:
Anyone else tired of hearing that Real World reject numbnut flapping his gums besides me? I don’t think it’s a front just for T.V. I think that dude just talks so he can hear the sound of his own voice. That segment between the two of them was lame.

Goldust, Festus, Santino vs. Kendrick, Noble, Chavo:
I’m sorry but Goldust already ran his course once. They need to stop bringing him back. No disrespect to the Rhodes legacy, but Dustin never really was all that popular, Cody has the potential to be, b! ut having his big brother around basically as a running joke is going to overshadow his potential. Festus was only good with the original Jesse N Festus gimmick. The whole "cornfed colossus that only comes out of his daze with a ringing bell" schtick is getting old. This guy is huge and could be marketed so much better, but unfortunately he isn’t….he’s turning into a cliche overworked gag. Santino……..I’m sorry but this guy is useless, he’s not funny, and the Santina thing was done to death, it was NOT funny, and well…..other than a sideshow Santino really serves no purpose and his matches are boring. If WWE wanted to get rid of someone they should have gotten rid of him instead of Kennedy and Umaga.
Kendrick’s flamboyance is getting old. He was only really fun to watch when he and London were tag team champions. Now he’s just trying way too hard to be a Brian Pillman wannabe. He needs to be his own person instead of trying to emulate someone else, or it will be ! his undoing.
Noble, he’s a good cruiserweight and has a lot of phy sical ability, but he’s never really been all that popular with the fans and it’s gonna take something major for him to have a big fan base really enthused about him.
Chavo is a good technical wrestler , but unfortunately will always be in Eddie’s shadow, and his popularity potential was really hurt by the whole being Vicky and Edge’s errand boy storyline for so long.
All in all this match was pretty much people that they needed to work and also fill some time on T.V. so they killed 2 birds with one stone.
They need to use Festus and Chavo better.

Miz vs. Cena:
This was crap. Cena has already beaten the Big Show enough this year, it’s over and done to death just let the feud die. Also they should have left the Big Show out of the equation so that way Cena could finally shut Miz’s mouth once and for all. I mean I know it’s all so Mizannin can draw heat from the fans and all that, but the dude is annoying and a lot of die hard fans see him as some MTV pu! nk that needs to disappear from the Wrestling map.
And him smacking Cena with a chair and saying "you got nothin on me" after he was already beaten to hell by Show…….that was just stupid.

Hardy vs. MVP:
Yet another match just to fill in T.V. time and put both wrestlers over, but they should have been put over against different opponents because this is yet another feud that has had one too many matches. I think everyone has had enough of the Hardy and MVP dynamic right now.

Vicky Guerrero quitting:
First off, THANK GOD! Her being there in the first place was ridiculous. I mean I know she had to make money after Eddie’s death, but her role in the company and her whole "relationship" with Edge was disgusting and as far as I’m concerned was a slap in the face to the legacy and memory of Eddie. I mean I know it was all for T.V. and ratings, but that was just one line that shouldn’t have been crossed out of respect for the man’s memory and what he d! id for wrestling.
All her storylines and shoots etc. were more and more increasingly boring and mind numbing and detracted from a program that has already been lacking in entertainment value as of late.
And Edge coming out going on and on about how he used her…………….Nooooooo, REALLY? You DON’T say! Thank you captain obvious!
And for him to degrade her and insult her like that and for her to ALLOW it just to get a paycheck is sickening and humiliating for her children and family.

The Colons Vs. Priceless:
Simply put, Carlito needs to go back to singles action he was more entertaining then…..and the whole Legacy thing is getting old DiBiase and Rhodes need to strike out on their own away from Randy Orton and stop living in his shadow. I know they’re trying to push the whole multi generational thing but they will never break through if they keep playing supporting cast to Orton’s ego.

HHH confronting Orton:
Again I say what was the point of giving Batista the title if it was just gonna wind up in a HHH ! and Orton feud?
I’m betting we can all guess what’s gonna happen. Since Vicky "quit" Vince will be coming back as GM, holding the title up since Batista can’t defend it, and some way some how his golden boy son in law will be champ again. I’m sorry but I’m sick of seeing (and I’m sure I’m not the only one) HHH having title run, after title run, after title run. We get it, he’s Vince’s son in law, he’s the heir apparent to the dynasty, but it’s getting old.
I think I speak for many fans when I say PLEASE give someone, ANYONE, but him the title.

Now, I know there’s a lot of negative feedback and criticism on this, but there’s good reason. Being a fan of  wrestling from way back in the day I’m sorely disappointed with what I see these days. Played out overdone ridiculous story lines, more talking than wrestling…..I mean seriously there’s more talking and babbling than in ring action. Yes back in the day there were shoots and interviews, but you actual! ly got more "bang for your buck" so to speak when it came to matches a nd action. I mean hell PPV’s run about 50 dollars these days and WHO in their right mind wants to pay that just to watch a bunch of people just talk?
I’m tired of the lackluster halfass efforts put into entertaining the fans by Vince and his creative staff these days. What’s sad is he knows he can do it and get away with it and people will still buy the WWE product because he’s the only big game in town since WCW went under, and TNA is posing no real threat to him.
What’s sad is that the fans are the ones that made him a billionaire and he’s spoon feeding us all crap and expecting us to enjoy it just because he can.
I used to look forward to wrestling every week, with excitement and anticipation of what would happen………, I can take it or leave it and I think there’s a lot of fans out there that feel the same way and are greatly disappointed for having to pay such high prices in a crap economy for a piss poor product lacking imagination.
The glory days of pro wrestling are long gone my friends.

The following is from Paul
Hey whats up, just wanted to give a brief review on what i found to be a raw just running through the motions.  The opening segment with Batista coming out for his little pow-wow with the belt, I thought was done well, with the emphasis focusing on his arm being destroyed by legacy……..tough call though if it was the actual arm that was injured since that was batistas left arm, we gotta see if he undergoes surgey on his right arm, which will totally blow the spot of the segment. If that was the legit arm that was injured I give props to Batista.  Well done by Legacy to make Orton look like a complete scumbag.

The rest of the show though was in my opinion was veryy mediocre at best. It seemed as if no one really showed a Major League effort tonight.  The matches seemed to drag along, and thr crowd seemed dead all night. It seemed the focus was ALLLL over Batista, I guess deservedly so since he is the champion, or former champion I guess we can say.

The shock and ONLY shock of the night ( I say this for a reason) was the Vickie segment……I didnt expect her to resign but i just logged on and found out she wants to spend time with family, which is a valid understandable reason. For people that didnt like her I did just because of the heel heat she received and her annoying voice. I may be the first to admit I will miss Vickie somewhat.  Edge just put the icing on the cake showing how much of a scumbag he is as well, calling her a she beast and basically using her to have the belt. Edge = awesome.  Another segement that was pretty damn good was The Miz’s.  He is hopefully on his way to main event status, but before that happens Cena has to put him over clean.  It may have happend tonight in their 1 on 1 match, but Show came down interfered and choked out cena with the camel clutch….so what does the Miz do…smacks show with the chair about 4 times (albeit in his hands 2 feet from his head) and lays one of the harder chair shots Ive seen this year righ tinto the back of Cena.  Miz just bit of a little more than he can chew. Lets see where this goes, Im loking foward to it in the next 3-5 weeks.

The segments seemed to go alot better than the matches tonight, in my view the real stinker was the pre-main event with Legacy and the Colons.  Crowd was dead and it just seemed both teams really did not put an effort into the match.  I for one person was quite bored.  MVP vs Hardy was mediocre, Kofi was Regal was not that good….and that abomination of Santino, Goldust and Festus vs Chavo, Jamie Noble and THE Brian Kendrick was garbage.

Nowwwww to the main event of Orton vs Batista…..I smelled this from a mile away.  The return of HHH.  As soon as i found out Batista got hurt, I knew he was gunna make his "triumphant" return tonight.  Right before the referee came to the 10 count and was ready to crown Orton champion we seen the ambulance Big Dave was sent out on, return.  HHH made his way to the ring, smacking Cody and Ted with the sledgehammer, and dropping it to take on Orton with the rights and lefts.  It was a good return for HHH, seeking revenge after being KO’d by Orton’s punt at backlash losing the title.  In the end he beat down Orton with the chair only to have the cameramen fcuk it up royally.  I was enjoying this (even though Im a die hard orton fan), untillll HHH had his foot on Orton’s head and what looked like a possible broken neck angle lol…. He had the end of the chair and was what was a posible decapitation of Orton, only to see HHH let up as he slammed the end of the chair down into orton’s neck.  It looked awful on TV but IM not gunna bash it, the idea was good.

Overall the wrestling gets a 4 out of 10 for the sheer lack of effort,and segments get an 8 out of 10 just because of a couple surpises (or hmmmm HHH)——-

The following is from Jessy
I just want to say that this week’s RAW was shocking to say the least.  Here is what I thought of the segments.
Opening: Batista and Legacy: I did know about the latest Batista injury last night while reading your coverage of Extreme Rules, and expected Randy Orton to invoke his rematch clause. However, the way he was attacked was shocking to say the least.  I expected some jawing and so on from both men ending with Batista having the upper hand.  5/5 stars (For shock value)
US Title
-Kofi Kingston (c) vs. William Regel:
Good match and I love William Regal’s mike time, However I would take Jamanica over England, when it comes to holding the US title any day. 4/5
Diva’s Title
Kelly Kelly vs. Maryse (c)
: I didn’t really pay attention to this match, but luckly, it was short and sweet.  3/5
Santino Marella, Gold Dust & Festus vs. Chavo Guerrero, The Brian Kendrick, & Jamie Noble: Not a good match, but I do enjoy it when Santino gets a victory.  2/5
The Miz vs. John Cena: Another shocker, but I do love how The Miz is running his mouth off regarding John Cena and I do support him because I believe John Cena isn’t that great a wrestler though I do love his work ethic.  As for the match, I was expecting The Big Show to attack Cena as he was about to make his enterance.  However, seeing him attack Cena from behind in the ring was good enough for me.  I had a feeling they were going to continue the feud after last night’s result anyway.  4/5
MVP vs. Matt Hardy: One thing I don’t get is why have Matt Hardy play injured while wrestling.  Regardless, this was an interesting match and further sets their feud.  5/5
In Ring:
Vickie Guerrero Quits; Edge
: Good segment.  This produced another shocker since I (and others) never knew Vickie was about to quit the WWE.  For the record, I was expecting Vickie Guerrero to come out to explain what would happen next week regarding the WWE Championship and state how it would affect future shows.  Her quitting and Edge’s divorce is going to make for some interesting television over the next few weeks.  5/5
Tag Team Match
Legacy (Rhodes and DiBiase) vs. Carlito and Primo: Great match between the four.  I truly hope that this is the start of a good feud between the two groups and lets Cody and Ted grow apart from Randy Orton and letting them have their first title shot is a good start.  4/5
WWE Championship/Triple HHH Return: Great way to end RAW for this week.  I really didn’t know what to expect entering the final segment, but I didn’t expect an aborted 10 count and I was surprised and shocked to see Triple H back in the ring to attack Legacy and Randy Orton.  I am betting that the title is back in Batista’s hands for the time being.  4/5
Overall: Overall I would have to give this episode 5/5 stars.  I thought it worked all around including the shock moments, but there are more questions than answers and that is a good thing.  I am looking forward to next week and how they handle the situation.

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