Second Batch of Monday Night Raw WZ Reader Feedback

Nick Paglino

The following is from Johnson

WWE in the past few weeks has been very stale. But this week it picked up a little. The Start of the show was a great way to take Batista off TV for his injury since Orton has been injuring everyone he has a match with (Mr. Kennedy). But Which really had great build up to the end of the show.

Kofi Kingston held up great up against Regal tonight. I thought Regal controlled most of the match though. With the divas they need more credit but without Trish there I just think they’re lost. MVP is on a roll as of late, after losing his belt, he probably won’t be going after Kingston for awhile.

The Miz is a great entertainer, and his character is great, but I wish he could have a real story line Cena, and WWE stop focusing the Cena vs Big Show aspect for the 1000th time. Santino is coming up not as a wrestler but as an entertainer which is great if he wants his career to be a joke. Legacy is going to be great, I like how they are coming into they’re own, and getting out of Orton’s Shadow. I think the comeback for Triple H was great. Sure it has been repeated in the past, but hey WWE needs Their Main Event superstars back. With the brawl he had with Orton, it was awesome even if your not a Triple H fan, you have to love a great fight. I mean having the both of them fight all over the arena was also great, going back and fourth. Let’s hope WWE can carry this on for next week’s show.


The following is from Jay

For the first time in a long time, Raw was worth it! Vickie quitting, Edge wanting the divorce, Triple H making a return. Raw was totally worth watching last night. Kudo’s to WWE.

My only problem was the 3-ring circus that is Santino, Goldust, Hornswoggle, and Festus. At least give these guys some of the spot light without making it a 3-ring circus.


The following is from Dan

It flat out sucked.  I don’t know why I continue to watch the show.  I guess it’s in hopes someone entertaining will come back to WWE and make a run-in and entertain us again..  Isn’t this the same story line from about a month ago!  Let me guess, Orton and HHH challenging for the Title.  WOW!  Maybe they’ll even throw Michaels into the mix again…  I just give up on wrestling..  What ever happened to the days when stables could actually beat up ONE friggin’ man without getting annihilated after HHH, Cena or Batista turn into superman?  What’s the point of even having the Legacy stable or Orton.  They make them look like jobbers every week!!


The following is from Matt

-it was expected to see batista  lose the belt to someone because of his injury but it was very well planned out and very creative. very good opening. 
– the divas are stepping it up some and it will be interesting to see mickie vs mareyse and mickie was looking HOT in that dress WOW!!
– john cena and big show is getting pretty old.. john cena beat the big show many times but yet still gets beat down every week.. and for miz… get a clue buddy
– vickie quiting is great, to be honest she was an ok boss but was getting stale
– NEXT gm? ric flair? in his hometown of charlotte nextweek? hmmmmm we shall see
-hhh return was great i love the total beatdowns
raw was way better than the last three weeks and will be interesting to see who will take vickies place this time..the have a lot of momentum and hope they dont lose it.
The following is from Tony
I honestly didn’t care for much of RAW. I think that this whole Legacy thing needs to end. I know that Batistas injury needed to be dealt with but they could’ve done something else besides having the gruesome threesome jump him AGAIN! C’mon RAW writers do something different for God sake!!! Also the Regal, Hardy, MVP, Kingston deal??? Really??? C’mon give some other people a shot at the damn title! And MVP needs to be moved to a main eventer. He has the talent and is over with the fans… Just give him the opportunity. Cena once again trying to use the superman phrases was ridiculous! I now know that he thinks he’s Martin Luther King… "A man’s character is not judged by…" C’mon Cena!!! But I do like that they are making the Miz into a bigger name. I believe that he also has the talent to hold a singles title… Maybe not the WWE Championship but he would be a better contender for the U.S. title than Regal or f’n Matt Hardy.
Oh and as for Triple H coming back… Who couldn’t love that? I think that he should’ve been the one to take out Batista for The Animal costing him the title at Backlash… But at least he’s back. Now… RAW’s only missing one thing… HBK… well that and DX… C’mon guys… I have a suggestion for WWE writers… DX vs. Legacy… Now that would make for good T.V.!!!
The following is from John

I thought that Raw last night was actually pretty good.
Hearing of Batista’s injury made me think that they were going
to do something that put the title back on Orton immediately,
but I like the way they handled it. I like that we don’t
really have any answers as to what’s going on with one of
the top titles in WWE right now. Vickie is heel gold. Edge
is one of the top performers in the business today. He
always delivers in ring and on the mic and I jumped out of
my chair when he came out. I had an idea that they were
going to bring HHH back, but I thought it came off well. I
like how they put him over beating up Orton, rather than see
another 3 on 1 Legacy beatdown. The Big Show/Cena thing is
getting stupid because Cena wins all their big matches. But,
I am really looking forward to Cena pounding on the Miz. WWE
did a great job last night. Every match was enjoyable, and
there was a lot of surprises.

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