Second Batch of Monday Night Raw WZ Reader Feedback

Nick Paglino

The following is WZ reader feedback from last night’s Monday Night Raw broadcast. If you would like to send in your thoughts, please email us at!

The following is from Robbie

I’ve been watching wrestling since i was 5 but have really watched it every week consistently for 2 years
and i personally think that raw was the best episode i have seen in the last 2-3 years
despite mvp’s cheesy entrance and his cheesy "ballin" elbow drop the show was great
kofi kingston v william regel
lol @ jillian for announcing kofi intercontinental champion but she’s hot its ok
great match and i love kofis finisher.. good back and forth action quick match but decent
Maryse v Kelly Kelly
the 2 hottest people on the planet..
enough said
Santino Marella, Goldust & Festus def. Chavo Guerrero, The Brian Kendrick & Jamie Noble
i really don’t mind seeing goldust back on tv i really love his old school style and teaming him up with hornswoggle and now festus i actually got a bit of a kick out of it.. and its good to see they are still continuing this story line with the brian kendrick.
practically a match just to have a laugh at.. and for me it actually was amusing.
John Cena v miz and big show segment
i was so pumped to finally see this but as soon as big shows music hit i was very disappointing but it looks like cena v big show v miz at the bash.
MVP V Matt Hardy
was ok match.. i realy dont like this cask idea of matt hardys and i might still be the only person who thinks matt hardy needs a new image. i rekon short hair.. if anyone has seen photos off matt when he was younger he looks alot tougher and mean with short hair and would definitely suit him as a heel.
Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase def. Unified WWE Tag Team Champions Carlito & Primo
about time we got to see a tag team match and was so good to see cody and ted pick up the win which probably means carlito and primo vs ted a cody at the bash and cody and ted finally take the titles off the colons
Vickie resigning/EDGE
this was the best part of the show.. vickie is really a good actor and drew properly the most heat. she really got the crowd hooked to this and i had the biggest smile when she said i quit.. edge cumming out and filling for divorce and saying he married her for her power was awesome and showed me the good funny charismatic old edge.. possible face turn??
Randy Orton segment with Triple H return
i think everyone saw this coming with the return of triple h but the way trips entered the arena and beat up randy was awesome this really did top off the show.
overall i still think this was the best raw ive watched in about 2 years.


The following is from Greg

Dave attacked by Legacy is one thing, but no save from Flair or Cena was stupid.  The rest of the show was meaningless, pretending to be business as usual after the senseless beatdown.  How does WWE get so many people in the stands when such horrible stuff gets presented?

Miz is funny, which is good since Morrison is so hot by just wrestling alone.  But dammit, Jamie Noble and Jimmy Yang are also very funny yet they’re stuck in jobber status.  Every single superstar has their own unique gimmick, but WWE tries to repackage our favorites as crap.  Maybe tickets & merchandise sales over decades justify putting crap on TV whenever you want time off.


The following is from Machine 74

I have to say that tonight was a step in the right direction, eben though they can’t lose a Superstar a week to keep it interesting!

In order of appearance:

Orton beating Batista down was great, even though te injury was well documented and could be seen coming. I do not personally like Batista at all–his ring work is worse than Cena’s and he no sells most everything–and I got the feeling once they wheeled him out and Orton had the belt, even though Orton has had it for a while, like, "Ahh, back to normal" and I was cool with that.

Kofi is great–Regal just stinks. Squash match and would it hurt to give Kofi another finshser?

The Divas are just awful nowadays. I miss the days of Mickie and Trish.

Santino is hilarious, he;s a full fledged face now isn’t he?

Miz / Cena: Great build up and you can tell they are giving Miz the ball and running with it. I particularly liked him beating up both Show and Cena with the chair–only bad side is that they keep having Show come out. It’s old.

Matt Hardy has really really no chance at becoming anything anymore after his feud with Jeff fizzled, does he?

Edge was hilarious too, please give him a face turn and reuinte with Christian. See ya Vickie, you did well with the material you had to work with.

Tag Titles–I do like Primo’s work and Dibiase’s look, but I wish Vince would let Ted buy something, like a title, much like his dad. Maybe this year sometime.

HHH returning was great, and my DVR gave out right when people chanted for the Pedigree. I would hope they give them Hell in a Cell, or 3 Stages of Hell like Austin/HHH (one of my top 3 favorite matches ever)–it did seem weird to all of a sudden have HHH’s face pop up, Ithat’s usually resevred for a shot from behind his opponents. Still, good to see The Game back.

All in all, this was a step in the right direction. I think Steph will be GM again, and I also agree with an excellent opinion article on Wrestlezone earlier today that said all the title changes do not make a good show. I like fresh faces with the belts, and prt of me thinks they are still missing some new stars to replace Batista, HBK, etc….but make the changes mean something, not just for the sake of changing them.


ps Dreamer winning is ok, but all of a sudden his DDT works on peoplle for pinfalls? Have him go nuts next time and draw blood.


The following is from Thomas

Hey again….. All in all id say that this raw was ultimately saved by the return of the greatest wrestler alive today!!! Sooo glad they brought him bak tonight. After the horrible raw main event @ the ppv, just when u think creative has snubbed us… Wual la!! They pull a fast one. And will somebody please tell big show that no1 likes him. I mean really, this could have ended @ judgment day. I was looking foward to seeing just hiw much miz had in him. Guess well just have to wait for the bash as this is where i c it going. No crime time? Dont get me wrong, i love the colon’s but shad and jtg are fan favs. And could really use the push and deserve a title shot. Cant wait till next monday!! 3 hrs of action, 3 title matches, and hopefully ending with jeff hardy handing cm punk a much deserved ass whuppin, and a 14th world title for the king of kings HHH!! All in all, great start to build up for the bash and a well received come bak for a living legend.  maybe eddie can rest in peace now that this horrible mess for vickie is over. R.I.P. EDDIE

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