First Batch of Monday Night Raw WZ Reader Feedback

Nick Paglino

The following is from Tim

Raw for the first time in awhile kept my attention the whole show.  That said, I am looking forward to see how they handle the Commercial Free edition of Raw next week.

Jericho vs Rey
It was a pretty good match overall.  Rey hit some good spots, but you kind of figured that is how it would end up. – Jericho going after the mask causing the distraction getting the pin.  The code breaker looked like it rocked Rey pretty good though.

Christian vs. Tommy Dreamer

This match left me disappointed.  The match seemed sloppy and slow.  Tommy hit some impact moves that caught my attention, but this was def. a bathroom break match.  Personally, when the ECW title is defended it should always be under extreme rules.  It would give this title belt a true distinction like it used to represent.  Plus, those matches are always entertaining.

Fatal Four Way…
First off, this title match is a RAW main event and it is buried in the first hour and a half?

Secondly this match sucked.  We all knew Big Show was not going to win.  What is the point of having this giant if he isn’t going to be a dominating force?  When he held the ECW title, Big Show was awesome. – You knew when he was going to enter the ring some one was going to get messed up.  When was the last time he won a match?  Think he is the new JBL.   Overall this match could have been booked better and had more impact.  Would have been nice to see Vince come running down and mess up the match so there was no champion, which would have made for a really interesting angle with Donald Trump before the PPV.  “A bitter ex owner runs away with the title he created!”

So after the match we find out Vince can sell the brands to people.  Of all people its, “The Donald?”  What about Eric B? or Flair? or Double J?  – That would have been cool, but as Vince always says, “ There’s no chance in hell” for that to ever happen.
Word of advise, “sell” the ECW brand to Paul Heyman.  Get ECW moving again especially with Tommy as the champion.  They have an opening to make this product more interesting.

Mickie James vs. Rosa Mendez
Typical women’s match, but man Rosa is smokin’.

Miz Segment…
Nothing funnier than a midget getting pelted in the nuts with a t-shirt from an air canon.
And yes, that was Awesome.

Three Way Match…
SmackDown is getting better and better.  These guys put on a great showing.  Edge, Jeff and CM Punk can and will have a great rivalry. If only we could get Morrison involved some how.  This match was rather long for TV, but it kept me entertained the whole time.  I find myself wanting to watch this brand more and more especially after matches like these.

The only thing I don’t understand is when Teddy came out and said at the Bash, it’s going to be Jeff vs Punk.  How did that get decided?  Perhaps I missed something.  Anyway, this is going to be a great match, which could get some great build up this Friday, because of the contrasting life styles.  This maybe one of the better build ups for a championship match in a long time, if WWE handles it the right way.

The Hart Dynasty vs. Primo and Carlito…
 Man, I still get chills when that guitar riff hits…
DQ finish was kinda of predictable with Legacy outside.  At the Bash Legacy will win, which will set up a feud with The Hart Dynasty.  I look forward to that, because the Harts need a push so they can be a real heel faction and go around to the other brands and really become impact players. 

Battle Royal…
So, its Triple H vs Orton for the 1, 276 time.  We get to watch it for free on Monday then we have to pay for it on Sunday?  Not sure if this one was thought out enough.  I do have a feeling it will become a triple threat match though, which is something that is way over done now.

This was yet another opportunity to bring a mid carder up to the main event stage.  If not for more than one PPV it would have been a nice push for some one like MVP, or Big Show.  I am tired of seeing the same guys battling over the title non stop.  Maybe that is why Smackdown is so much better, because other faces are getting chances.

My prediction for the future…
Triple H looses on Raw on Monday because of Legacy in the LMS match. Triple H complains and gets a steel cage at the Bash and wins the title.  Next night on Raw, Triple H vs Orton AGAIN, with the winner facing Cena at Night of Champions.  Cena will be winning the title there, because it has been awhile since he had gold.  If this is how it unfolds I can see perhaps a one time match of Cena vs Miz ( non title ), where Miz wins thanks to the Big Show interfering.  Which could help bring both the Miz and Big Show into the spotlight.


The following is from Paul

I would have hoped that Triple H would have put down those Jerks who are Marks that knocked down a child! And that he would have gave them a Talking to esp on the Mic! Like do you guy’s feel tough that you knocked down a child to get a T-Shirts like a couple of Marks? It‘s sad to see Grown Men acting like that. Good for Triple H. I mean people may not like his Business or his Politics but at least you can tell that he is a Good Guy!
The following is from Sean
I’m wondering how many times (and for how many years) we can have a predictable Battle Royal for a title shot, which will only end up with another Orton vs HHH PPV, and yet another Triple HHH title run. Will there ever be a time when WWE knows that it is time to develop some new headliners and get over the Orton-Cena-Edge-HHH repetition? Take a look at PPV main events for the last few years now…yawn.
The following is from TrishsNStacyK
Man, what a night! Starting off with a great match and ending with a bang (albeit a predictable one)! The wrestling was spot-on tonight, and even the promos did not stop the flow of the event.

Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio was a great match. The end was good and while it was obvious Jericho wasn’t going to lose the title, the ending was quick enough that the audience was really into it. 9/10

For the ECW Title, the match was good too. It’s nice to see Tommy Dreamer finally be recognized for being insanely awesome. I’m actually kind of surprised though that Swagger didn’t interfere and cause a DQ or cause Christian to lose. I’m glad they booked Dreamer over clean. 8/10

WWE Title Fourway. That was a pretty good match, although I’m probably the only person in the world who wanted Big Show to win. I’m just tired of seeing Cena, HHH, Edge, and Orton as the champions (Given Orton hasn’t been champion nearly as many times). I would have liked it if Big Show won and continued the feud with Cena while Orton and HHH continued fighting without the belt as a main centerpiece. All in all, though, this was a good match too with lots of false finishes that kept me watching. 8/10

Mr. McMahon’s Announcement: Wow! Here all of us are thinking Ric Flair (again, I was probably the one person hoping this wasn’t going to happen) is going to be named GM and we get the news that RAW has been sold to The Donald! Good twist! I’m definitely going to miss Vickie Guerrero, but I’m looking forward to how the Donald will run RAW. I’m hoping he appoints Rosie O’Donnell as his assistant. The one thing I don’t want to see though is another Trump vs. McMahon fight.

Mickie James vs. Rosa Mendez. It was cool to see Rosa on her own without Beth Phoenix, though I don’t think the character works that well without her yet. This was a little more than a typical divas match, though it could have been a lot better. The good thing about this match was that it wasn’t Kelly Kelly vs. Maryse. I like both divas but they cannot carry the division. I might again be the only one who’s an advocate of this, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Mickie vs. Beth vs. Rosa vs. Kelly Kelly vs. Maryse at The Bash. I know that when you get that many divas in a ring it’s bound to be a quick match, but PPV matches tend to be longer. It would be cool to see how all the divas work together. 7/10

Miz/Goldust. This was a kind of awkward segment, truthfully. However, it was awesome to 1) see Goldust get on the mic and 2) see Hornswoggle get shot in the crotch with a t-shirt gun.

World Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat. The one thing that bugged me about Punk’s first reign as WHC is that it seemed like even the administration believed Punk didn’t deserve the title. He dropped it in a match that he wasn’t even part of. This time around, he let Hardy and Edge do most of the fighting and then pinned Edge. I really hope they make Punk a credible champion. I’m really looking forward to a Hardy/Punk program. 7/10

Carlito & Primo vs. The Hart Dynasty. This was probably my favorite match of the night. I love the idea of the Hart Dynasty so I guess I’m kind of biased. The match was quick paced with a lot of good ring work from everyone. I loved Natalya’s line to Primo when she asked him "Yeah? do you like how that feels?" Even Primo’s botched Hurricanrana didn’t bother me. 9/10

10 Man Battle Royal. I would have much rather seen a Big Show vs. Orton or Cena vs. Orton, but we all knew Triple H was going to win this. It was nice to allow Kofi Kinston to stay in the match for so long, as I assumed that they would get rid of him quickly. This was not your typical battle royal match when a lot of people are eliminated early on to just leave Big Show, Cena, and Triple H alone. Big Show got eliminated earlier on, and maybe in a cliche way, but I got over it quickly. The only thing I would really want to change is the Miz. The fact that the Miz disappeared and then reemerged from under the ring at the end of the match wasn’t done properly. I would have much rather seen the Miz actually eliminated Cena (and himself) to give Triple H the win, which would set up a Cena vs. Miz at The Bash. Cena/Miz is a match that I’m actually really interested in seeing now. But they just threw Miz out of the ring instantly and got rid of him. It was really anti-climactic (that’s what she said). 8/10

Overall, AWESOME show. I’m really looking forward to next week’s RAW.
9/10 overall.

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