Second Batch of Monday Night Raw WZ Reader Feedback

Nick Paglino

The following is from Thomas

Monday Night Raw continues to disappoint:
To start off we had Jericho vs. Mysterio for the IC title. This match was a pretty good match. Doesn’t really do much for Raw in the long run seeing as how they are on SD. This is one of the best fueds in WWE this year although I think Jericho should still be in the main event picture.
The ECW title match was okay in my opinion. I think they did a good thing by keeping the title on Dreamer for now. I don’t think his title reign will last long nor should it. I just think it was good he didn’t lose it this soon.
The fatal four way for the WWE title was good but would’ve been better without Big Show. Didn’t really see the point in Orton pinning Show to win the title as it would’ve been more interesting if HHH took the fall but we all knew that wasn’t going to happen for obvious reasons. Glad Orton won as he is the rightful owner of the WWE title.
Donald Trump as new owner of Raw is pure stupidity. It just goes to show McMahon will do anything to gain publicity. You could tell the fans were irate with the decision and for a good reason. I think this will only cause ratings to plummet but I could be wrong.
Not much to say about the Diva’s match except it will probably lead to Maryse vs. Mickie James for the God awful looking Diva’s title.
The Goldust/Hornswoggle/Miz segment was nothing more than a useless time filler.
The triple threat match for the WHC was probably the best match of the night. Looks like they are slowly pushing Punk as a heel. I would much rather see him as a full on heel than the tweener he seems to be portraying at the moment.
Nothing to say about the Colons vs. The Hart Dynasty except we will see The Colons vs. Priceless @ The Bash.
Now we get to the painful battle royal. Anybody with any brains knew HHH was gonna win. Now we get the same boring crap with HHH eventually winning the title from Orton and holding it til he dies. Apparently this crap will never die. Also having the Orton vs. HHH Last Man Standing match on Raw next week instead of at The Bash makes no sense since we all know there will probably be a rematch at the ppv anyway.
Same old boring raw b.s.


The following is from Pat

The Jericho and rey match that kicked off the show was great I really liked it and the code breaker jericho hit on mysterio at the end. The ECW title match was OK glad to see dreamer retain. The 4 way match for the first 5 minutes i wasnt really into it but it picked up and ended up being a good match, wasn’t really surprised that orton won but not complaining. The announcement by vince surprised me i was expecting flair idk trump as the owner of raw its interesting but i dont really like it. The World Title Triple Threat match was match of the night IMO. it looked like punk really hurt his knee on the steps. Triple H winning the battle royal i thought it was either gonna be him or MVP. Now hhh vs orton match is on raw next week instead of the bash which is better than puttin them on another ppv.


The following is from Zac

I love the Donald Trump angle.  I don’t think Donald will ever go heel so if it continues with Vince its gotta be Vince going back to the Mr. McMahon character (he’s been playing face since Orton punted him, and its not getting over very well)

I just wonder how long the story will run.  I expect more "live" satellite tie-ins than I do actual appearances, which may get old after a while.

It is getting silly that we just switched 4-5 titles 9 days ago, and now we’ve got 4 title matches on one show, with the only "switch" being a return to the guy who was champion 10 days ago.  This is starting to feel like the GM mode on Raw V Smackdown 2007 when the only way to win the ratings war was to do gimmick title matches every week.


The following is from Sheldan

So this review is written during Raw’s progress so it will be from start to finish. So we start with an intercontinental championship match between Mysterio and Jericho, Jericho says since he left Raw has gone downhill. To be honest I couldn’t agree more. Anyway, solid match to begin the show. The program between these two is coming across nicely, hopefully it can continue for several months before then both these superstars are propelled into the world title picture. Great work from Jericho to get the win.


Next we have the new revealing of the general manager from Mr McMahon, seeing how King and Cole had been saying that they “expect” McMahon to reveal the GM role, it was quite obvious when it wasn’t happening. Then this idea of the selling of Raw to a high bidder and how the GM will be revealed after the World title match. Meaning that the owner I expect to be Randy Orton and it looks like Orton will be WWE Champion. I hope I’m wrong, I’m getting tired of being able to guess what WWE is going to do next, more on Raw than Smackdown. The Raw writers need to take a leaf out of the Smackdown writers’ books, and keep us surprised, for the last two months now it seems all we get throughout Raw week in week out is several poor matches, the same 4 people fighting over the US title, and some sort of Legacy beat down. One of wrestling’s great strengths is that they can keep us guessing, but recently with Raw it’s been far from it.


Next is the ECW championship match between Dreamer and Christian. I’m not sure how I would feel about a Christian heel turn, don’t get me wrong, I love Christian as a heel and feel he works brilliantly, but I’m a huge fan of Christian, and I feel that as a heel he would have less chance of getting that deserved push then he would if he remains a face. Quick match resulting in a Dreamer win, I’d like to see Dreamer now go on to face other competition, the last 3 months seems to have been solidly Swagger, Christian and Dreamer in the title picture. With the likes of Kozlov and the Hart Dynasty out there, let’s open up the title picture and shake things up.


Next Is the WWE championship fatal four way, another solid match between four of WWE’s best competitors. I’m glad Big Show was put into the title picture, I feel that his talents are wasted and that he can make most people look good in the ring. The likes of him and Kane need to be used more often in the main event picture. Anyway, great match with a nice finish with Orton getting the championship. I like Orton as the champion, but what there really much need in taking the title off him for 8 days?


Up next is the revealing of the new owner of Raw, and to WWE’s credit, I certainly could not have guessed that it was Donald Trump. Then just when I was quite happy with what WWE had come up with, Mr McMahon says we go live via satellite to see Donald Trump where there is clearly a pre-recorded message standing by. So let me guess this straight, WWE has decided to bring a man back in to the picture who doesn’t have the time to be live via satellite? I hope something good comes from this, because at the moment I see this going nowhere. Also announced is a 10 man battle royal for later tonight, most probably won by Triple H, although seeing how WWE has surprised me tonight I suppose anybody could win.


Next up is Diva’s action with Mickie James taking on the new proud member of worst theme music, Rosa Mendes, not to mention the beautiful Maryse at ringside, but not on commentary thankfully. Mickie James picking up the victory with a finishing move that still has no name after 2 years.


We come back from the break with one of Raw’s worst ideas in the ring Goldust and Hornswoggle, but thankfully interrupting them is one of Raw’s best ideas, The Miz. However, we need to give The Miz a new program, if in a few weeks from now he is still where he is now, talking trash about Cena without actually having had good competition then I will be disappointed, stick him in the US title picture and have a good rivalry with Kofi Kingston, just let’s keep it fresh, and do we really need to spend 10 minutes preparing for the Miz to beat down on Hornswoggle and Goldust? Although that T-shirt fired into Hornswoggle was pretty sweet.


Next up we have the match of the night, and no surprise it’s from the superstars of Smackdown. I’m glad that Smackdown is getting the main event status in pay per views that it deserves, their quality of show has been extremely better than Raw these last few months, and the matches and feuds that they are putting together are great. Nice finish from the match, however the leg kicking from Hardy to Punk I thought was more of a thing a heel would do, although anything to win I suppose. I’m not sure if I’d like to see Punk turn heel, a program with him and Hardy would be great, but then we would lose a great amount of singles matches between him and Edge, him and Jericho etc. We’ll see where that one goes. Looking forward to the match at The Bash, but now where is Edge going to fit into all this on the card? We’ll have to wait and see.


Up next we have the first real test of competition for the newly formed Hart Dynasty. Looks like Priceless will win the belts at The Bash and Legacy will have a clean sweep at The Bash. (Plus, if WWE is going to rename their pay-per-views, can somebody tell Priceless?) Weak finish I feel for the match, especially for it being so short, and basically shooting down the form of The Hart Dynasty. Also, new theme music being played, what’s the deal with that? Theme music for The Legacy maybe?


It wouldn’t be Raw without Santino would it, and we have a brief promo involving him and Vince McMahon. I love the “No Chance” Ringtone by the way. Please can we end the Santina Marella angle, where else can this go really? Let’s just concentrate on Santino. We also have another announcement on the way after the Battle Royal too.


Being from Manchester, England and being a Manchester United fan myself, I was surprisingly pleased to see MVP wearing a Man Utd shirt, yet still quite confused to why. The rest of the competitors are out and the battle royal gets under way. No surprise in seeing the final two competitors being Triple H and John Cena, with Triple H picking up the victory. I assumed it would be some sort of stripulation choosing, and I was partly right, but the fact that its next week on Raw, expect some sort of interference from Legacy and the match and the pay-per-view takes place anyway.


All in all, a decent show, could have been better, but what do you expect from Raw these days, lets just hope the current feuds and storylines run well and that Raw can somehow claw its way back as being the dominant brand, however I have no problem with Smackdown being the better brand out of the two.

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