First Batch of Trump/WWE Raw Angle Reader Feedback

Nick Paglino

The following posts are reader thoughts on the Donald Trump/Raw angle that WWE ran this past Monday night. If you want to send us your thoughts, please email them to!

The following is from Thomas

I think the Trump Raw owner storyline is pointless other than to gain mainstream publicity. I’m sure WWE will get that publicity for awhile but then it will go away and then they will left with a bad storyline. To me he has no business in the wrestling industry. Other than that I am sure there are a lot of kids watching Raw going who is this guy and what is he doing with WWE. You could tell on Raw that the crowd was just hot when the announcement was made so Vince certainly didn’t do it for the fans. This is just a pathetic attempt for higher ratings and I’m afraid that isn’t going to happen but I could be wrong. Raw badly needs something to make it worth watching but this wasn’t it.


The following is from Aron

i know its been said before but ill say it again vince doesnt get enough credit for being a as smart as he is. I cant understand why everyone says wrestling is fake and knows it and yet major news stations really think vince would sale wwe like vince said there is no way in hell anyone would of thought he would sale raw thats why its a great storyline because people actually belive it i think its great and cant wait to see where it goes from here.


The following is from Tierra

Well I did have some time to think about it and I realized that they did it just to get some attention. How much attention do they need? If they’re wondering why the ratings have been going down is cause of the wrestlers there and all the acting. This Donald Trump thing buying raw is one of the worst ways to get attention. Were they thinking of the fans? I think not. It was also a huge let down to us cause everyone expected to see Flair as Manager. I hope this doesn’t last long cause I don’t like it. If they want our attention, try to get back some of WWF because 2000-2002 was like the best.


The following is from Oz

Originally, when Mr. McMahon said the name "Donald J Trump" I was disappointed. I was expecting something like Eric Bischoff or JBL, but that’s probably just wishful thinking. After having a few days to consider the angle, I’ve decided that it is actually a good idea. Let’s face it; we all know that Trump isn’t going to be around in the long term, so I can see this angle starting now so that it can culminate at SummerSlam. So for this period, let’s enjoy the angle. I expect Trump vs. McMahon II at SummerSlam with each man once again picking a representative, this time for the ownership of RAW, with McMahon regaining control of the show. I’m guessing Big Show will be Vince’s pick to represent him, but I’m not sure about Trump. Last time WWE booked this angle it was very entertaining to watch, and it should be this time too. Even Trump’s video promos are more entertaining, and Vince slowly turning back into his heel character will definitely be more interesting.
The following is from Julie
I have to say, that it is a little annoying that Donald Trump is going to run Raw. What does Trump have to do with pro wrestling? Besides shaving McMahon’s head, nothing. You see I would have liked to see someone else in that position. Like when Vince said, he would have never thought that he would let someone buy it, I automatically thought Ric Flair, Stone Cold, Eric Bischoff, or even Hulk Hogan. But Trump? Wth? It didn’t really make me want to see Raw. It kinda makes me sick.
The following is from Corey
I think it would be great if they made everything seem separate.  With Raw being Trump’s and Smackdown being Vince’s.  This would create a Monday Night Wars feel.  It would be a great angle but like you said in your column…. Trump probably won’t be around that long.
The following is from Andrew
That was an amazing article about Donald Trump that hit on a lot of very good, very true points (especially the end that made me laugh my ass off) with the TVGuide reporter). You made me go from absolutely hating an angle like this that has anything at all involved with non-wrestlers such as Donald and even Vince to loving it! The only two storylines I ever loved with Vince involved was the Austin Storylines and the recent Randy Orton ones (ESPECIALLY Vince getting his head caved in his first night back….it might sound sadistic but normally his storylines lead to Vince vs Fill-in-main-event-talent-here and I hate that as they could easily be used against either another established main eventer or a young up-and-comer that could use the exposure). Anyways, I agree it’ll either last till The Great American Bash (or The Bash if you want to forget about WCW just like WWE thinks it’s time to….same with Extreme Rules/One Night Stand/Original ECW) or Summerslam leading to another match involving representatives….AT LEAST we’re guaranteed not Boring Bobby Lashley and Umaga (just as boring).
The following is from AJ
I personally think the Donald Trump angle is the stupidest thing to happen in the WWE since, well, the last time Donald Trump was involved with the WWE. I actually shut my TV off after that announcement.  I apparently missed a great 10 man battle royal and a SD! main event.  Jericho and Rey put on a great opening match, and I think Jericho’s right when he said on his Twitter account that the Smackdown guys showed the Raw boys how it’s done. I’ll probably tune in next week and see how far they plan on pushing this, but I expect to hate Raw for the next 6-8 weeks.

In the last year or so, Raw has gone completely down the toilet. Legacy is Orton with Rhodes and Dibiase as his lackeys. They haven’t pushed either of them until recently with the Colons angle. The main event is a HHH/Batista/Cena vs Orton carousel. It just depends on who’s healthy at the time. I used to watch Raw for the better storylines and better programs, but it seems the writers on the Smackdown brand are beating the pants off the Raw brand.  Jericho I think plays a strong role in that. He’s good enough to run his own programs, so they let him do what he does best. Here’s how I see the brand heirarchy: ECW is the rookie camp with a few veterans, Smackdown is where rookies turn into stars, Raw is where stars get to shine. The problem is that the stars aren’t shining on Raw. They twinkle every now and then, but for the most part seem to be dying.

Also, am I the only one who thinks the "Night Of Champions" PPV is what EVERY PPV should be? Put all the belts up, every PPV. There’s 9 titles (Raw has 4, SD has 4, ECW has one) which equals 20 minutes per match. None of the matches in the last 2 PPVs went longer than twenty. Cut the backstage crap and show me wrestling. Leave the backstage and storyline stuff for TV.

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