Second Batch of Trump/WWE Raw Angle Reader Feedback

Nick Paglino

The following posts are reader thoughts on the Donald Trump/Raw angle that WWE ran this past Monday night. If you want to send us your thoughts, please email them to!

The following is from Master Sidious

I think tna is just laughing their heads off. First of all the first angle between vince and donald was good and something new when it began. But when they add the loser loses his hair we knew. Vince was going to lose the match. Now wwe is doing a stupid angle like this. I know vince said he sold the raw brand but what about the wwe titles or the wrestlers did he sell them too. If not what’s going to happen to them. Next how are they going to end this angle with another stupid match. The whole thing is stupid whoever is coming up with these ideas needs to be fired. Like I said tna is laughing their heads off and I am too.


The following is from Jared

I have to admit that I was surprised.  I hope that Trump does well as the Owner and doesn’t make Raw as bad as Eric Bischoff did when he was General Manager.  I can’t wait for the commercial free Monday Night Raw.  Triple H vs Randy Orton match will be awesome!


The following is from Keith

I’ve been trying to work myself up into being against the idea of the Trump angle. I thought about it for a while, and came to the conclusion of oddly not caring. I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s going to be bad. Trump giving the fans what they want, Vince hating it. Ending with (odds are) a match for the control of RAW again. The same face/heel stuff with them from Wrestlemania from a couple years ago. Vince and the wrestling industry has always had these gimmicks to get celebrities involved to draw more views, and mainstream attention. The idea maybe a broken record, but I guess in their eyes it works. That being said, I’ll go along with it. It could always be worst. This isn’t in the WCW bring in Robocop territory or anything.


The following is from WWEStephFan

This whole storyline with Donald Trump "owning" RAW I think is pretty stupid. Once you have a celebrity on wrestling once don’t bring them back for a second time. They could have done a much better storyline with having Ric Flair or Stephanie McMahon or Shane or anyone that could be General Manager running the show instead of Trump "owning" it. Hopefully this storyline doesn’t ask for long because if it does I may tune out of RAW for awhile. And that’s my thoughts on that.


The following is from James

Well, the WWE got exactly what they wanted, mainstream media coverage, but the people who actually matter, the fans, got nothing out of it but sheer disappointment, when i heard that vince was "selling" raw, my first thought was eric bischoff, as the night went on it changed from him to stone cold steve austin for me, which IMO, would of been AWESOME and a great move for the WWE, however with donald trump, i don’t see this angle going past survivor series with donald having one team and vince having another with vince’s team winning and vince regaining control, its going to turn out to be nothing more then a "lets get all the media coverage we can, make fox news, make yahoo news" move and honestly, i could care less that trump is on raw for the time being, i just hope they show focuses more on building fueds, starting new ones and the overall actual wrestlers then it does with what trump is gonna come up with next otherwise smackdown is gonna be the new number 1 show, also, where the hell was ric flair? at least trump could of named a GM and that way we wouldn’t have to see him every week.


The following is from Max

When Trump was first announced as the new "owner" of Raw, I was extremely disappointed.  I just didn’t see the point of it at all.

Now, having a couple days to digest the news, and think about it I’m…..well, im still extremely disappointed.  It makes good sense with the fact that Trump has the money to make Raw commercial free next week.  Beyond that….where does it go?  There is no way Donald Trump is going to be an on air personality of Raw for any length of time.  Short term, this angle made sense, but long term, I don’t see it going anywhere.  If it simply comes down as him promoting a new GM and then fading into the background, what was the point?  I think Vince and whole WWE creative team ran out of good ideas a while back.  I’m just hoping they can come up with SOMETHING in the near future, or the WWE product is going to be hard to watch.


The following is from JRodz

i hate the Trump angle…to me, it would have been a lot more shocking and a whole lot more interesting if it would have been either Eric Biscoff, Hulk Hogan, or Ted Turner.


The following is from Kevin

My thoughts on the storyline are that its just to unrealistic…..I mean what company in their right mind is going to sell the #1 money maker…their main show? Answer is NOBODY. To me it’s just a lame way to get extra media exposure. hopefully it goes better than most people are thinking it will. But history says most celeb. storylines don’t do well they just come across as stupid & desperate.


The following is from Eric

I don’t know why every one is so down on this angle. It hasn’t even really started yet. Jericho’s right in calling all the fans hypocrites: they constantly complain about the "same old storylines" yet the instant WWE tries something new, the fans freak out because it’s something they didn’t expect.

Wrestling’s gone from people watching a TV show to find out what’s going on to people reading spoilers and then watching the show. What’s hilarious is that so many people get upset when there was no spoiler on something and it turns out to be something other than what everyone assumed it would be.

I hear people saying "I thought it would be Bischoff, Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Shane McMahon, or Hornswoggle!" But it’s not. And what upsets people is that they were wrong and they couldn’t figure it out. Not the fact that Donald Trump is the owner of RAW, but because they didn’t see it coming. The fans wanted something and got something else. Simple as that.

Think what would happen if Ric Flair was GM. It would take away the prestige of him retiring. What makes the other angles with Flair work is that it’s not constantly Flair showing up. If Flair came back, it would make the entire storyline that led up to WrestleMania XXIV completely irrelevant, which would make the Shawn Michaels vs. Jericho feud unnecessary, and in turn make Jericho as a heel completely un-needed.

My main point is that people need to actually let this storyline take shape and play out. Stop getting upset that you were wrong and deal with it.


The following is from Kevin

I might have to disagree with most people and say i am intrigued by this angle.. Not only did vince have the media outlets going wild.. HE also has the media in the palm of his hand right now. Look what happend when Vinnie MAc died.. Several local media outlets flooded the news lines. Anyways. This angle has alot of what if’s involved and this is what WWE wants to keep people guessing.. Even us so called smart fans. If we keep guessing what if the ratings will be back over 4.1. I also dont think this is an act of despiration. I think is an act of I dont give a shit lets throw this out there and see if it works… IF it does then great. The product really cant get much worse. Unless you have a gay angle with Mark Henry and Hornswoggle.


The following is from Alex

Now, I actually see a lot of potential for this, and we can get some great stuff out of this.  Does this mean no more interpromotional matches?  Does this mean Trump can now buy talent from Smackdown?  I’ve read ideas for talent drafts, similar to the NFL Draft, they can do this now, because the brands are now essentially competition for each other. 

This is something that can really stir the pot. 

Now, what I see happening more than anything is Ric Flair (or maybe someone else) being appointed a GM on steriods (pun intended), and Trump disappearing off the air.  Again, this is not bad, as Flair can now say he works for Trump and not McMahon, and act as Trump’s right hand in the business.  Flair can go back to stylin’ and profilin’ in limos and private jets on Trump’s expense. 

We can get some great, long term, storylines out of this, as long as everything on Raw is now done in Trump’s name, and Trump’s name is all over the place.  I mean tickets, ring aprons, maybe even the ring mat itself with a WCW-style print on it "TRUMP’S MONDAY NIGHT RAW."  As long as they go full throttle with this angle, and really make Raw different from the existing Raw to the point where it really does look like a different company’s product, we can get some GREAT angles out of this.

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