Final Batch of Trump/WWE Angle Reader Feedback

Nick Paglino

The following posts are reader thoughts on the Donald Trump/Raw angle that WWE ran this past Monday night. If you want to send us your thoughts, please email them to!

The following is from Kevin

First off, I think WWE is getting desperate.  Donald Trump running Raw?!  C’mon now!  I think everyone was disappointed that Ric Flair wasn’t named the general manager.  Since when is having Raw commercial free a good idea?  You can’t even use the bathroom or grab snack in between segments! But the way the show is goin now I don’t think we’re gonna miss much. Not to say TNA has them shaking but, I know TNA management is not worried going into their PPV coming Sunday.  Eric Bischoff would’ve been a better choice than Trump let alone my grandmother!!!  This is the kinda of crap you can expect from a promoter with a massive ego.  Even though Vince has his moments. Give the fans what they want and you have guaranteed success.  Next thing you know he’ll sell it to Bill Gates, maybe even Oprah.  What do they have in common with wrestling?  Same as Trump….NOTHING!!!  I’ve been disapointed with WWE lately especially after WM25.  I only watch because there’s nothing else is on on mondays since my other shows are done for the season.  RAW has become a major letdown.  Here’s a suggestion….let some true wrestling fans write for about a month, crank out a few storylines and see how the public reacts.  They’d be better off doin that instead of the Hollywood hacks that they have writing this crap.  Might as well hire Russo if he wasn’t working for TNA….


The following is from Ben

First off, I wasn’t that surprised. Yes, like everyone else I thought it was blatantly going to be Flair. In fact I even felt sorry for Vince when he was talking about selling Raw before hand, because all the fans were chanting for him (though I hadn’t noticed it was in Charlotte at this point). But I was always mindful of not expecting the obvious, and Trump was one of those who came up in my mind as a ‘legit’ sounding possibility. It amazes me that so far, noone has even mentioned Trump’s involvement with the early Wrestlemanias, funding and hosting. This in itself gives him credibility when he starts promoing with Vince, because he can argue that without him, Vince would never be here today, Vince owes the Donald all his success, and Donald has every right to take it. A ‘look who crawled back when he needed more money’ promo so to speak.

This, and Donald to my knowledge hosts the Apprentice over there (I am in England), so not only is he known for being rich, he’s also known for being a ruthless businessman.

I could write about where I think this angle will go, but everyone else has already said what I think. Donald will likely tape most of his appearances, and the storyline will probably climax around Summerslam or Survivor Series at the latest (Team McMahon vs. Team Trump for ownership?). The key will be to keep making it seem real each week, and have Trump continually one up Vince, somewhat akin to DX getting at him, obviously in a more Trumpafied fashion.

The only thing I hope is that his prerecorded segments are improved a little, because I was having Mayweather flashbacks when I saw the first one this week (where Vince tried hard to look like he was being talked over, but the wooden delivery from Trump made it look awkward).

All in all, I think if it is done right, this angle could actually have legs. There’s no reason it has to take up a day a week for Trump, all WWE need to do is make the angle work and tell trump what to say.


The following is from Steve

The whole angle for McMahon selling RAW to Trump is pretty stupid.  Vince couldn’t sell it without going to the board of directors and getting approval since WWE is a publicly held company on the stock exchange and actually owned by stock holders.  I guess Vince and Donald must have come up with the idea over cocktails together one night at one of their mansions.


The following is from Sheldon

Short and sweet with this one, horrible! What the hell does Donald Trump have to do with pro wrestling??? A Wrestlemania 4 and 5 and shaving Vince’s head?? C’mon, why don’t they get Mark Cuban or Bill Gates to come in as well. Give me a break!


The following is from Gary

I thought the Trump angle was stupid.  I thought Ric Flair would have been mentioned as GM, or better yet owner.   This could have been the WWE way of bringing Flair back without having him wrestle, or get beat up each time by Orton.  When McMahon mentioned someone from his past, I thought it was going to be Eric Bischoff.  That would have been great to have him back because I liked him in WCW and WWE.  He could have played the role of evil owner and had a faction of heels helping him called the owner’s club.  Just keep it small like NWO of Hogan, Nash and Hall and not 20 people like NWO became.  I only see this angle lasting shortly with Trump until SummerSlam with McMahon taking control.  This time though will Trump be the heel and McMahon the babyface?   Pick reps with Trump picking Big Show and McMahon picking Cena.  It would be great if they can continue the Show-Cena fued til then.  Wrestling was great when feuds lasted 6+ months and not a few weeks.

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