Final Batch of Trump/WWE Angle Reader Feedback

Nick Paglino
The following is from DevilsNJ
Ya know, I read both batches of reader feedback, and I’ve come to a conclusion. People should really post their ages when sending in their feedback. Anyone that actually likes this angle is under 15. This was a complete insult to old school wrestling fans. Vince and the created staff are trying desperately to find some sort of angle, but like usual the angle they come up with has nothing to do with any of their superstars..Just like the Million Dollar tv angle last summer…Its just downright insulting to fans…For me it has felt like a chore watching wrestling these last few months. I’ve been watching and waiting for it to get good again and end up disappointed…but anyway i digress..So now we get to watch HHH vs. Orton on Monday night…and then 5 days later we get to pay to watch the same match,,,Its just the same ol s%$$ over and over and over again…Who would have been a better choice for this angle?? Pretty much anyone that has ever been in the wrestling business..I would even say Waylon Mercy would have been better then trump…I’m just saying…When i want to get my wrestling fix look for me on Thursday nights watching Spike tv…Just hope they get more organized over there, cause when Vince has competition we will see the resurgence of the WWE.
The following is from Carter
Im not to thrilled with it.  I mean, it would be great if it would have been someone that had a memorable and notable feud with Vince…say Stone Cold…Brett Hart  (I know that’s a long shot)  Eric Bishoff.  Trump didn’t feud long enough for it to be a WOW stick to Vince kind of angle.. But we shall see how things play out.  It could lead to another match at Mania.
The following is from Phil
I think the whole raw being sold to Trump angle is just ridiculous – mainly because the whole idea of Raw being sold is just illogical. How can Raw be sold? Raw comes under the WWE which is a publicly traded company which straight away makes it legally impossible for one man to be the sole owner (that’s the whole point of a publicly traded company!). I believe Vince owns about 60% of the WWE stocks so the only way for this storyline to be realistic would have been for Trump to buy out Vince’s shares but even then, because of it being a publicly traded company, he would have to inform the other shareholders publicly and not just make a surprise announcement. Therefore, the whole idea of Raw being sold is completely illogical.
Even though we all know wrestling is fake, storylines work because they have some logic behind them. As soon as you bring a real life person into it, the logic has to be water-tight but this isn’t. But because of the completely illogical nature of this storyline, they only way to have made this work would have been to have a WWE character buy Raw – someone like Ted Dibiase Snr or JBL, someone who the fans know in real life isn’t that rich but in storyline is. That way people wont question it as much and would see it more as a fun angle and not the media attention seeking one it is.
To me, this just reeks of Vince and Donald having a few drinks at a dinner party and Vince saying to Trump "Hey, wouldn’t it be funny if we have you buy Raw?!".
The following is from Mike
Number 1, did someone rehired Russo? This sounds like an idea that only captain gimmick could come up with. But really, I guess it could be worse. I mean, Anybody remember K-fed? Not too many do. Much like everyone else, once I heard the tease in the first announcement (with RAW being in Flair Country) that was my first thought. I would not have gone as far as Bishoff, Stone Cold, or Hogan ( with the getting worse by the day divorce). Trump couldn’t even be there in person for the announcement, so obviously he won’t be there on site most of the time. Hell, Shane showed up on Nitro and blew our minds. It will probably a till Summerslam thing. I see it being The Donald will start off stong, die out, Start "killing the show" and Vince comes to save the day. Vinny will more than likely use HHH for his man, and Trump will have whoever kisses his ass the most. It will be interesting.
The following is from Shawn
hey so the trump angle is horrible worst thing since jbl as hbk’s boss i wish they would go back to where the wrestlers would draw ratings like when randy orton had the intercontintal championship he was drawing ratings let everyone thats true fans watch good wrestling not someone like trump who is worse for raw than a fozzy concert!

The following is from Wayne

Hey guys i don’t know why Vince likes to repeat old story lines its so stupid this has been done before if anyone remembers with Flair and vince long back were flair bought RAW and vince needs to calm down he is losing to many superstars and TNA is getting them and then it wont be long it will be like wcw vs wwe now it will be wwe vs TNA some where down the road


The following is from Chris

I personally have nothing against the trump angle, in my opinion its just a segue to add a minor storyline to boost ratings for a while until vince eventually takes over again. The one thing that shocks me is the number of people applauding this as a "new storyline". Does no one remember why the brands are "split" in the first place. It was because Ric Flair "bought" Raw, that is what led into the first WWE Draft. Thats the one thing that makes this storyline seem poorly planned. Had they run this storyline before the Draft, it would’ve made the draft seem that much more interesting.


The following is from Mike

More people seem to hate than love this storyline but in the end everyone will watch RAW to see what happens next and that is the whole point.  Personally I would love to see Ted Dibiase Sr. as RAW GM in a heel role, he could even bring back the MIllion Dollar Belt for us old skoolers.  I have always hated the Brand Extension.  Hey Vince, one roster, one set of belts, don’t water it down.

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