Final Batch of Trump/WWE Angle Reader Feedback

Nick Paglino
The following is from Jason
There is one thing that is bothering me with this angle- When Vince announced the "sale", he said Raw would be run independently as its own company.  So why did he set a match to see who competes for the belt at The Bash?  If Raw is to be independent, none of the stars should be on an upcoming WWE branded pay-per-view.  That wreaks of the ill fated Invasion from the end of WCW’s days.
The following is from Tim
How can I explain the Raw/Trump angle the best? Hmmmm…..I got it! It’s like a when a dog farts when it’s asleep and wakes up for a minute then goes back to sleep.  WTF one second, then oh, whatever the next.

All signs thus far; and I know it’s been a week, are pointing to a re vamp of what just recently took place for Wrestlemania.  Trump comes in says he is going to change things, doesn’t really do anything much, Vince and him fight, then Trump goes away.  This is just another attempt to boost ratings and have non wrestling fans tune in to see what the hell is going on.  Great. But, what about the die hards who still watch, have been watching and will continue to watch this product slip down the tube? 

With so many questions needed to be answered this Monday, like what is Stephanie and Shane going to do, and who is the GM for example, I really do hope that this commercial free episode answers them.  If it doesn’t I feel this is one more nail in the coffin for WWE.

The following is from Terry
It seems to me that this obviously sets up a program for "ownership" of Raw at some point this summer, presumably SummerSlam.  Something I’ve been hearing from fans that I hope doesn’t happen, is that Vince will evolve back into his heel character while this program builds.  Vince is gaining sympathy right now from his fans by tugging on the ol’ heartstrings.  He’s showing tremendous vulnerability that, quite frankly, he really hasn’t in the past.  I think that he’s telling the fans that even he, Vincent Kennedy McMahon with his billion dollar empire, is succeptable to this unstable economy.  Add that to "wanting more family time", and you’ve got a bonafide face going against the greedy, money hungry Trump who swooped in to take advantage of the situation and you’ve got a decent story. 
One major problem I have with this program is this.  Fans are pumped for a commercial free Raw next week; I know I am.  This is a service to the fans that, in reality, McMahon is providing.  Why give the credit to Trump?  Why not just tell the fans this is a big "Thank you" for all the years of supporing Raw and the WWE?  I also feel like they’ve really been pushing the "WWE Universe" as brand and "selling" Raw could be confusing to the casual fan.  How can you have a "Universe" without your flagship program?  Not much of a universe without it.
The following is from Patrick
My thoughts on Donald Trump purchasing RAW is quite simple…I don’t like it.  It was a surprise, though, so at least WWE did that to me.  However, I was disappointed that the Donald was revealed as the guy who bought RAW.  I would much rather have seen a previous or current WWE employee who has had (or may still have) a real-life problem with Vince McMahon such as Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, Bret Hart or Ric Flair.  Flair would have made the most sense since RAW took place in his hometown.  Perhaps he’ll end up being the GM after all, but only time will tell.  I also thought that maybe HBK would have had something to do with it since he was compensated in full following his service to JBL so they could have played off that story.  All in all, I’m disappointed but will still tune in to see what happens.
The following is from Dennis
My take on the angle is this.The only way to make it legit and to convince anyone Trump has purchsed Raw and WWe/Vince are not involved in any way is IF McMahon switches Smackdown to Monday, same time as Raw and they battle for viewership a.k.a another Monday Night Wars?Any other situation will make us still believe its a angle.The whole smackdown being Vince’s and Raw being turmps will be considered "Invasion II" which failed when they tried to say "Shane" bought WCW and went head to head vs Vince but unless its head to head,same night same time.Battling for rating viewership is pointless and a sad attempt for ratings.

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