Second Batch of TNA Slammiversary Reader Feedback

Nick Paglino

The following is from Ryan

Wow I am still talking about this ending of the PPV until now. The whole PPV was great, Daniels match was pretty slow, but Shane injury tells the story. The X division match was crazy, I really wish I was there when I was watching it. The Monster’s Ball was crazy also. Beer Money was a surprise I was hoping for Team 3D to win but I wasn’t sure what was going to happen.

Overall it was the best PPV for TNA so far for the year for me. I wanted AJ to win, I was jumping up and down when he had that moment where he was climbing up the ladder and the fans were going crazy, and then Joe power bomb him damn. I was very surprise what Joe did, but no matter what people Angle is one of the best. So if AJ doesn’t win the title, its good that Angle did.


The following is from Brian

I have no idea what made Samoa Joe do this. But it sure did show the crap out of me from his last on screen interview when he said he was going to hurt the Main Event Mafia. He said that he was going to take out Scott Steiner and Keven Nash and then after that do it to Sting and Booker T and the last ma he would take out was going to be Kurt Angle. The after what happened to night i was really shocked. I just had my eyes open so wide and my mouth was dropped open
Samoa Joe joining the Main Event Mafia is a huge add. I just dont know why he gave Kurt Angle the title for so he could win the match. but that is like the best move that all wrestlers could make The Story line for that ending fit the whole show. I dont get if Samoa Joe was booed or not but i had a feeling in the end of the match that Joe would have given the title to Angle and then Join Forces.
I cant wait to find out what happens This thursday on TNA. This is going to be a huge part of the MEM and the story line between Angle and Joe


The following is from Drue

Slammiversary was AWESOME! X-Division match was epic, I can’t believe they let Suicide retain. Monster’s Ball was awesome, amazed Daffney took a table spot AND a thumbtack spot. World Title match was great, LOVED the swerve at the end. 3D/Beer Money was good, nice to see Beer Money as champs again. Knockouts match was awesome, Sting/Morgan was decent, Daniels/Douglas was kinda…..anti-climactic. But overall, I give Slammiversary 5 Stars out of 5. *****


The following is from John

Ok so this was a PPV I really wasn’t interested in watching but I figured with the crappy weather, what the hell. Like most TNA PPVs there was a mixed bag of ups and downs but I think in this case the ups overwhelmed the downs. The X division KOTM match was an amazing match but I think the idea that suicide was the 5th wheel was a little too focused on. Throughout the match you had moments of four men celebrating because of a suicide downfall and I’m thinking that I’m watching impact cause of the lackluster idea. Anyway Suicide goes on and picks up the "underdog" victory.
The 2nd chance match seemed to play out the second (no pun) that the match was signed. Though I do give Douglas credit that he still has good mat skills and could be an asset, this was not the place though that I think Daniels should have been in the card.
The KO title match was possibly the low point of the night for me. I don’t think enough was done to help prove Tara could be a legit contender for the belt. It just seemed like another exercise in TBP’s gang tactics and I think the Knockout division doesn’t have enough people in it to do that kind of angle on a monthly basis.
The monster’s ball match was interesting in the fact that since it was a tornado match it seemed like the women were just tools for an ending with just the males. I mean the occasional points were Daffney was going with Abyss or Taylor was with Raven seemed so momentary that you could have said the women were just valets and I would have believed it. Was cool to actually see the women getting dirty with the spinebuster on Daffney into tacks. By the way anyone see that the roles seem to be reversed between stevie and raven from ECW/WCW days, interesting twist.
I was sort of in and out of the next two matches but it was cool to see Sting pick up his win a lil dirty over Morgan in order to reassert his status as lead of the TNA heel group.
The only thing I can take away from the Tag title match is that Tag Team wrestling is alive in the US and you will find it in TNA. By the way was Brother Ray cleared for landing on that huge dive? Definite potential in a feud between not only these 3 teams (including UK invasion) but also the younger teams as months go on.
The main event was the most shocking thing I’ve seen (in my opinion) since no way out 09. first off in a no dq match how is a little scuffle worthy of making angle eligible and putting joe in the box, there were better ways I could think of at the time to pull that bit off. Second, why in the hell did Foley still have the belt going into that match? He comes off more as the happy go lucky uncle than he does the veteran nearing the end of his wrestling career. It was interesting by the way to hear AJ refer to the TNA originals and I think he said front line when you think of the fact that no one has mentioned the MEM/Originals feud in months. Joe giving Angle the win brings up some questions as to Taz’s role, whether or not he will turn with Joe, wanna kill Joe, or if he was the Nation of violence advisor after all. I’m actually happy to see Joe turn though, I thought doing months of a character who is a nation by himself seemed to have dead end written all over it so the blowoff was perfect.

Overall I thought it was a good PPV way better than Extreme Rules and unless there is a rabbit the size of Samoa Joe (sorry, easy joke) I don’t see "The Bash" topping it, 8/10 stars.


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