Second Batch of TNA Slammiversary Reader Feedback

Nick Paglino

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The following is from Joey

This PPV was one of the best of the year. The match quality was great, and it was capped off with the biggest swerve in wrestling today. Having Joe in the Mafia will be great for TNA, pitting him against younger guys like AJ and Daniels, and ending his matches with Nash and Steiner.
Putting Daffney on the tacks was great, a sign that TNA really does push the limits for entertainment.
The King of the Mountain match was great, but the rules are completely stupid, and could have ruined the event. I was hoping to see a Beer Money/British Invasion feud, but still.
The PPV set alot of new ground for TNA. i imagine the product will grow thanks to the outcome of Slammiversary. Overall, 8.5/10, seeing as most of the results were predictable, but Joe and Angle…BEST THING IN TNA, well done Russo


The following is from Jesse

The PPV overrall was a pretty good show.  Their were quite a few things you didn’t see coming, especially the ending with Samoa Joe giving the title to Angle at the top off the ladder.  I’ve been a wrestling fan for over 20 years, and the way I judge a wrestling show is emotions.  Did the matches play with your emotions.  The answer was absolutely!  My friend is still upset Angelina Love retained her title.  LOL.  I’m a HUGE Raven fan, and I figured he would lose, but I was jumping up and down when he nailed the Raven Effect DDT.  Plus, how many females have ever been slammed into thumb tacks?  Huge props to Daffney…she got her ass beat the whole match.  Splashed by Abyss in a corner, put through a table, slammed into thumb tacks.  Ouch!  The only thing that left me puzzled was when Dick Foley (Yes, I’m a Shane Douglas fan), picked up Jarrett and then layed down for him.  It didn’t make any sense.

The following is from Mark

I thought TNA knocked one out of the park again. X Division delivered again (like they always do), Beer Money and 3D did it big and served notice that tag team isnt dead. The KOTM for the TNA title was the bombshell. I’m glad the Foley era is done, but now that Joe has joined MEM, where does that leave AJ? overall another great TNA pay per view. I give it a 8 out of 10


The following is from Jessica

I ordered the TNA PPV tonight, and was totally happy with the ENTIRE show.  There was not one single boring moment during the 3 hours.  The X Division really had a great match to open things up, then the mixed tag Monster’s Ball Match was awesome.  It was pretty cool to see Daffney get thrown threw a bunch of thumb tacks.  The TNA Knockouts are great wrestlers and the entire division has a great future.
After watching Slammiversary, I’m going to take a vacation from all WWE programming for awhile.  I’m starting to wonder if I’m watching the Disney Channel when WWE is on television.  There’s only so much you can do with a PG rating, and with the distortion of wrestling history that WWE promotes, TNA really is the only option for loyal wrestling fans like myself. 
I wanted to mention something else that has been annoying me about WWE these days.  Here goes……
Mysterio was unmasked in WCW over 10 years ago, and now WWE is trying to recycle that storyline trying to make it look like it was the first time Mysterio could lose his mask.  Then the WWE treats Christian like he took a 3 year vacation from wrestling.  I’m not one that is brainwashed that easily.  So the writers "Up North" need to research the history of wrestling before promoting false information to the fans.  It would be nice if WWE acknowledged their competition like they did in the 90’s.  It could help their ratings, and everybody elses too.
The following is from Patrick
I thought Slmmiversary was fantastic. Easily the best TNA PPV of the year so far.
The opening match was a typical, fast-paced, high flying, awesome X-Division match. I would have liked to see Jay Lethal or one of the Guns win, but i’m not too bothered by Suicide retaining.
Shane Douglas vs Daniels was better than I expected. Shane didnt look too bad in the ring, but maybe thats because Daniels made him look good.
Knockout’s Title match was alright. I must say, they are called the Beautiful People for a reason, damn. Anyways, the match was a little short and I fully expected "Tara" to win. To have Angelina retain was a pleasant surprise.
I thought the Monsters Ball match was awesome. Taylor Wilde really held her own in the hardcore environment, and Raven showed he still has it. Plus, seeing a Black Hole Slam onto tacks is just cool.
Matt Morgan vs. Sting really impressed me. Sting showed that at 50 years old, he is still one of the best in the business. Great storytelling showing the raw talent and disrespectfulness of Morgan, contrasting with the savvy veteran Sting. It looked like the botched a spot with Sting reversing the Hellavator into a Scorpion Death Drop, but Sting showed his experience by improvising to the finish.
Tag Title match was okay. I didnt really like British Invasion getting involved, but it was good to see Beer Money win the titles. Now hopefully they push the Guns to Tag Title contenders…
The Main Event was alot better than I expected. I thought having guys like Foley, Jarrett, and Angle would make the match drag on. But I gotta hand it to Foley, he really showed up. The Cactus Elbow off the Penalty Box was great. I dont know who’s idea it was to have Joe turn heel and join the Mafia, but I stand and applaude them. That was the kind of turn you would see in the golden age of wrestling in the 1990’s-early 2000’s.

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