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The following is from Joe
wow. thankfully i was drinking a good amount of Keystone Light last night while watching this show, because i would have probably tuned out otherwise. i hate to admit, but i like the miz/cena thing. i hope this doesn’t get blown off at the next ppv. primo and carlito need more exposure. and why are they calling them the "unified" tag team champions when they still have both belts? shouldnt there be a unified tag team title belt? and from reading posts online, i think every fan of WWE is just as sick as i am of big show vs cena. the HHH/Orton match was terrible, predictable, and boring. why these two keep getting to main event ppvs is beyond me. i have to say the 6 man tag match was undoubtedly the match of the night. now, let’s get to the main storyline. donald trump giving everyone refunds was pretty cool, i didnt see that coming. i hated last week when it was announced vince "sold" raw to Trump, i thought that was ridiculous. but at least give us SOMETHING for it. selling it and buying it back in one week was the exact opposite of entertainment. Raw last night just reassured us all why Smackdown is by far the superior show. i am 29 years old by the way. just thought i’d throw that in there to make you laugh, lol.


The following is from Izzy

As for last nights show…well, I would have to say it was pretty predictable.  McMahon getting the raw end of deals (no pun intended), confronting Trump and finally getting hit somehow.  Is all of this necessary?  Seriously.  Did we really need all of this to watch the show.  I mean, far be it from WWE to bring in and actually KEEP great talent.  No one wants to see two old guys who still think women adore them fight.  I watch wrestling for wrestling.

And, I know it’s not like the writers, the wrestlers or even The McMahons read these, but, get a clue.  Fire your writers with high degrees in english and just hire a few fans who have been watching you faithfully for years.  They have a clue about what people like and don’t like.  Your choice…swim back to the island or swim with the fishes.

Pitiful.  Long gone are the days of when two guys got in a ring and duked it out for the rumbling fans.  For the past few weeks, actually since the draft, Raw has just gone downhill.  From the crappy storylines to the firings of the wrong people for being "clumsy" because some people don’t like him, it has been a travesty.  And the biggest one of all started last week and kept on rolling.

McMahon sells Raw.  Ok, feesable.  Maybe we’ll see an angle where McMahon sells Raw to the one man who would give McMahon an offer he couldn’t refuse.  After all, everybodies got a price.  That’s right, The Million Dollar Man.  Run an angle where he buys Raw and helps Legacy, only to further push Dibiase Jr. to his own era.  Or…maybe Flair.  Predictable, yes.  But…what did we get?  That’s right,  Donald Trump.  The only thing he knew WWE/F for was hosting Wrestlemaina and getting a Stunner.  Boy, what was I thinking.  Pushing a product with someone who knows the business.  Can’t have that happen.

And, let’s look at the coverage of it all.  I mean, back in the days of old, we had instances that would have made much better headlines and news stories.  I mean, would you have thought something was up when you turned on the television and seen "Wrestler Val Venis almost losses pee pee" or " WWF Wrestler breaks into fellow wrestler’s home and is shot at."?  We never seen this cause, honestly, McMahon knew it was a storyline and kept it at that.  Hell, even DX going to the WCW show didn’t spark a lot of interest.  That’s like Steve Jobs and his band merry techs invading Microsoft.  It would be something.  Instead, McMahon and his gaggle of writers decide to push the envelope and involve the news.  Pushing at real.  Good job…oh look, stocks dropped. Should have stuck with your gut feeling Vince.  All in all…Raw went from the flagship show to a safety raft of the WWE.  Smackdown really isn’t all that much better and, ECW…that’s not even a show.  I am gonna stick with watching Superstars.  Well, until it becomes the next Sunday Night Heat/WCW Thunder.  Until then, salvage what you can when it comes to entertainment and enjoy.


The following is from Ryan

For the first time in a long time, I actually enjoyed Monday Night Raw. I have no idea why but I loved the fact that Trump came out and discussed what was happening tonight. The lines were great and the quote "This is your show, not mine." Got me right back into Raw. I loved how there were no commercials, just great promos (for once) and some pretty good wrestling. The John Cena And Miz promo was, in the words of The Miz, Awesome. WWE has made heels look as if they were cowards, it changed to my satsifaction. I’m not sure if I was the only one that noticed but, Cena seemed more agressive and cocky while he was speaking, maybe his character will actually be fun again. Vince’s limo breaking down made me laugh, watching a 60 + year old man get a piggy back ride was brilliant. The tag team match and Rhodes vs Primo were okay, better then the old stuff. Goldust and Hornswoggle came out and made me do a few laughs here and there, i love how Goldust talks. The Last Man standing match was perfect but the ending was very predictable. I knew both men would be counted out, you could tell. Triple H returns and they didnt want to make him loss, yet they wanted Randy to keep his title. Vince buying back RAW was really stupid I thought, I would think the storyline would be way better then 2 show thing. After the whole trump thing, it really surprised me, the return of the TSOH match. I’m definationally watching the ppv to see it again. The divas match was typical, I really wish they would do divas storylines like they do on TNA. Cena Vs Show was maybe a 3.5 rating for me, again the match was predictable about The Miz. Hopefully Raw won’t let me down next week.


The following is from Tommy

The 2 hour commercial free Raw event was as ill fated as any they have ever had. Lets face it , Raw doesnt need less commercials. With their bland storylines and completely useless angles (Trump being king for a day for instance) Raw needs twice the commercials to be entertaining.


The following is from Julie

Ok. This week, I thought Raw was… great! My one disappointment, was the Trump angle. They could have played this out better. I mean in my mind I was thinking Raw v. Smackdown and ECW. Not McMahon pays double to get Raw back and gets humiliated. But the upside, is I think McMahon is going to turn heel again, which is always a good thing.
Another thing that kinda annoyed me was the double count out of the Last Man Standing Match between Orton and Triple H. Everyone knew that Orton was going to win, but I thought it was going to have an exciting end. I wanted Orton to dropkick Triple H, Off the stage, onto the wires. Then at The Bash Triple H miracuously winning. I mean, usual WWE. But i thought overall, good exciting match.


The following is from Big Cuzzo

Vince & Trump:
I think that this was way to short of a feud. I thought that it would have somehow led to a survivor series vince team vs trump team match for control of the Raw brand. Vince is obviously struggling to find solid views for the tapings every week.
Randy vs HHH:
THe Last Man Standing match was a good match for the most part, but why give the fans a better match then the one announced for the PPV this sunday??? I would rather watch a Last Man Standing match at The Bash PPV then a 3 stages of hell match. How much longer is vince going to take the PG route??? I understand for tv purposes, but don’t sell gimmick matches at PPV’s and don’t even give the fans good "gimmick" matches and not show color. Randy Orton is the number one heel that the fans love/hate at the same time. He deserves the title right now. It’s time he faced a fresh face, a MVP maybe?? Something to change it up. Soomethng to show ortons in ring talent with good mat wrestling not just brawl matches.
John Cena vs Miz:
The miz is a very good heel but the only problem is he has too much mic time for someone who hasn’t even wrestled on Raw yet. Or has he? Someone correct me if I’m wrong, But it’s a big gamble throwin Miz in the mix with John Cena at a PPV. Unless you plan to let Miz get a quick unexpected victory and then put him in for a major push then I don’t see what the point is. I also expect Big Show to somehow "return the favor" at the PPV this sunday to help Miz get the win if they are going to go that route.
The Legacy vs Carlito & Primo:
It’s obvious that Ted & Cody are the best young talent right now, the main question is with a possible slight neck injury are they going to put the titles on Cody & Ted so we can actually see the tag titles displayed more. Titles should be respected and worn around your waist not around your necks! I do however expect this match to be one of the best matches at Sunday’s PPV by far all of these guys do have good in-ring classic wrestling mixed with high-flying/risk taking.
Sadly enough the rest of Raw isn’t really worth mentioning. Pointless skits to kill what would have been commercial time. Hope things actually get back to normal next week. The one thing that did stay the same I will admit is that I always end up taking a restroom break during the diva matches LOL. 🙂

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