Final Batch of Monday Night Raw WZ Reader Feedback

Nick Paglino

The following is from XenaRocks

okk raw was okay today but since it was sold out i guess it was pretty good..first of all donald trump did an outstanding performance and he looked great out there…the first match of the night was pretty good wth jeff rey and khali def edge jericho and ziggler…i would give it 7.5outta10
next match cody vs primo…honestly i hate cody and it was kinda boring i think this is 5 outta 10 stars
randy orton vs triple h was really really good…it was an outstanding perfromance from each and omg i was so into it just as the fans were i would give this 9 outta 10 stars
diva tag match…it was ok alittle slow but an amazing kick by mickie to rosa for the finish…maryse mickie feud is alright but its getting old..the smackdown diva feuds i have to admit are actually better but still that match was ok 6.5stars outta 10
The following is from Keith
Well, where to begin?….RAW has become so predictable, that I rarely even watch the entire show anymore. I don’t know what Vince is thinking, but he really needs to change things up a bit. It’s like every single pay per view main event is revolved around the same few guys. The WWE championship always has Orton, HHH, Batista (when healthy, geez), and John Cena "fighting" for it. He needs to put the title on someone different, and let them have a decent run. It doesn’t matter if it’s Big Show, MVP, or even Willian Reagle. Change things up, and give us something to look forward to. Take some chances, and do something different for once. Then, there’s the world title scene. What is it about Punk that has Vince so hung on him? Though they do take some chances with it, Edge always seems to get back in the picture. I know Hardy (Jeff) has issues, but give the guy the title, and a good run with it. He’s a two time champ, and for how long? Simply pathetic! Let’s not forget the Donald Trump "buying raw" angle. That is by far the dumbest thing they have done to date. I’m sure the ratings may go up because of the commercial free show, but why put an end to the angle so soon? Vince is in need of some serious help with creative, because their storylines are too predictable, and out right stupid. They wonder why the ratings are so bad?
The following is from Brad
Just when you though WWE was getting new light, Vince kills it and buys back Raw.  I would have liked Raw to be ran by random celebrities or anyone else the Don could have brought in or even a Trumped wrestlemania!  But no now back to square freakin one.  I wonder if Flair will be GM after all?  Triple H and Orton was predictable as was the whole night. out of 10 I give this wasted night 2/10.  TNA rocks!
The following is from Steve
1. First 19 minutes of show was 3 promos

2. Raw had to incorporate Smackdown stars into the show to make the show even interesting and don’t get me wrong Smackdown is the shit so smackdown made Raw good for the small 20 minutes of time it gat.
3. The lame countdown bar to the WWE Championship Match was stupid it limited the show if you ask me WWE is dick heads…. 
4. Punk on the commentary quote " this is the type of action you see on smackdown " after an solid 6 man tag match 
5. The only good thing about raw i caught at this moment was the firing of Santina  Marella
6. Real Or Fake … some random WWE behind the scenes guy gat cracked with the ladder 
7. WWE Championship match lasted 23 minutes and was a double count out that sucked badly 23 minute match double count out … and leaves 43 minutes left of Raw 
8. Was happy to see my Boy Miz and Girl Mayrse get some relationship air time lol
9. The Trump Vince promo lasted 16 minutes and ended with Vince getting Raw back that sucked super ass juice…
10. Vince flips from heel to face within a 4 minute span lmao so fucking dumb 
Well Raw has hit rock bottom Raw will suck forever on i guess thanks to Vince and all his crappy ass WWE writers Commercial Free lmao what a joke i counted 10 promos and 4 video packages though out the boring commercial free angle … and 4 matches not including the show cena match ive cenenough


The following is from Tomas

Just wanted to get my two cents out there with the commercial-free Monday Night Raw last night. It was a mediocre show over all and there is really just one word to describe the main-event scene on Monday nights: Stale. This show is so stale it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. Last week in the three-hour catastrophe, the only time I marked out was when I realized that The Miz was still in the Battle Royal. And there lies the problem, when fans are marking out over what The Miz is doing that goes to show how stale the other characters in the main-event are. Cena, Big Show, HHH and Orton are top of the line professional wrestlers, but the problem is that their characters have not evolved throughout the years. Their gimmicks are old and disinteresting; they simply go through the motions. Cena opened the show with a promo that fell flat. Cena also closed the show with a match that fell just as flat. The thing is no one wants to see Cena vs. Big Show just like no one wants to see HHH vs. Orton. These matches are just brutal to watch and I can see why Vince gave the great fans in Green Bay their money back, he figured that they would be demanding a refund anyway. The 6-man tag match with the SmackDown guys was also mediocre but what saved it, on television at least, was CM Punk’s great commentating. The Colons cut a great in-ring promo next and was one of the highlights of the night, simply because it was refreshing to see these two brothers interact on the mic, something we really haven’t gotten much of even though they are both great talkers and their characters can shine both on the mic and in the ring. The match itself between Primo and Rhodes was another mediocre one and a waste of time, the WWE will make a big mistake to take the Undisputed Tag Titles off Carlito and Primo because Priceless have not proven them selves to be over with the crowd as credible tag champs. The Last Man Standing match was brutal to watch, not because of the violence but because of how stale this match-up between Hunter and Orton has gotten. The Last Man Standing stipulation made sense because of how much time can be wasted with the referees 10 count, so it made sense to have this type of match on a commercial free broadcast to eat up some time. The problem is that the pay-off for this feud is going to end up being something we have already seen before and I fear that not even a Hell in a Cell match could save this feud. However, I did like one aspect of the match and that was how it ended, it wasn’t over-booked with interferences from Priceless as many predicted and the match logically went to a no contest when both men couldn’t answer the ten count. The Diva match was just as brutal to watch as the Big Show and Cena match. And too much of Vince is never a good thing especially when combined with too much Trump. Vince was fairly entertaining last night with his so-called humor, but nothing memorable. So we’ve come to learn that the Trump angle was just a passing thought. It should be noted that Vince and the WWE had nothing to do with a commercial free Raw that was a call from the network execs from NBC Universal and the USA Network since they are in a ratings war with good old TNT. Vince simply wanted to take advantage of this opportunity the networks gave him and use it to rub elbows with a real self made billionaire in the Trump. I couldn’t have been happier with the end of Raw it made me feel relieved to see the MIZ standing tall over Cena and hopefully at the Bash, if WWE is smart, somehow, someway the Miz will come out on top. All in all, it really hurt the broadcast not having Jericho appear, as he is the one that can demonstrate to all the Jabronees in the RAW locker room how to get the job done. I’ll be watching Smackdown on Hulu this weekend in order to find the entertainment I desire from the WWE. Unless the Miz goes over at the Bash, I will not be watching Raw for a long time to come.

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