Nick’s 6/22 Raw Review: “The Good, The Bad & The Wrestling”

Nick Paglino

The Priceless/Colon feud continues to bore because this has been the most improperly booked feud by WWE in a long time. Neither team has been given a chance to speak and/or show passion for the Unified Tag Titles, so why should the audience care about the bout this Sunday night? Both these teams have the ability to work a great match on PPV, so it’s too bad the program wasn’t given any sizzle for the fans to sink their teeth into.

A note to WWE creative: for the love of all things sacred, the lord above, my parents, my girlfriend and my neighbor’s dog, PLEASE stop booking John Cena vs Big Show matches.

Instead of booking another throw away, meaningless 6 Diva tag match last night, why didn’t WWE take the opportunity to hype what could be a great match this Sunday night between Melina and Michelle McCool? It would have been much more entertaining to watch those two Smackdown Divas hype their match instead of watching the same 6 Diva tag match we’ve been seeing for months now.


The Great Khali, Rey Mysterio and Jeff Hardy vs Edge, Chris Jericho and Dolph Ziggler: This was a fun opening match, but I would have swapped Khali and Ziggler for Morrison and Benjamin. The Khali/Ziggler feud is obviously the sleeper program on Smackdown right now, so I would like to have seen a more athletic ingredient involved last night in the form of Morrison and Benjamin. That said, this was a fun opener that saw two great high flying spots from Hardy and Mysterio. Punk at ringside added a nice touch, and the Smackdown roster was represented well here. Out of a possible 9 stars, I give this opening bout 6.5 Stars.

Cody Rhodes vs Primo Colon: This was a decent match, but the lack of crowd pop for this entire feud has made these bouts uninteresting to watch. I’m looking forward to the tag title match this Sunday night, but only from a technical wrestling standpoint because I do think these two teams are capable of having a great outing. I highly doubt WWE will give them time to deliver though. 5 Stars.

Last Man Standing Match for The WWE Title: Triple H vs Randy Orton: This was a fantastic match. Those criticizing it because it was not the best ever need to remember that this was free TV after all and WWE has a PPV to sell in 5 days, so they couldn’t offer the very best, but they did deliver a top notch brawl. Both guys worked hard here, and were able to sell a great match as well as continue their momentum heading into "The Bash." Even though I saw them beat the hell out of each other for over 20 minutes last night, I still want to see them do it again this Sunday night. 9 Stars.

The Bella Twins & Mickie James vs. Maryse, Beth Phoenix, & Rosa Mendez: There was nothing terrible about this match, but then again there was nothing remarkable about it either. I should just copy and paste what I write about Raw Divas matches every week. They’re usually meaningless and feature mediocre wrestling at best. Raw’s Divas division really needs to step it up. 3.5 Stars.

John Cena vs Big Show: Is this over yet? These two just do NOT work well together. Bottom line: end this nonsense. It’s boring, it’s predictable, and the same thing happens EVERY TIME they wrestle. Either get creative, or get to steppin’ with these matches, because they’re not entertaining. 3 Stars.

Nick’s Notes:

-I really hate the clock they have in the corner that "counts down" to the main event match. This totally defies the "reality" of wrestling. How does WWE know how long the previous matches will last to be able to say the main event will start in X amount of time? What if the opening bout lasts 65 minutes? There aren’t time limits in WWE bouts anymore so unless they’re brought back the clock makes no sense.

-No one ate the chicken? Really? Why not? There were two buckets there plus JR. Seemed like a natural blueprint for some snacking.

-So did MVP piss off another urine tester? Did he take a dump in the cup instead of filling it with pee? What is WWE doing with this guy?

-Lawler is funnier than hell when he’s on his A game. When he called Rhodes DiBiase last night he responded by saying "I must have put both of my contacts in one eye." Great recovery.

-Why would McMahon so arrogantly "fire" Trump when the deal to sell Raw back to Vince hadn’t even been officially signed yet? If I were Trump and had been publicly humiliated like that, I would have kept the brand just to spite Vince. Again, logic.

-I understand Maryse speaking French better than I do Michael Cole’s commentary.

-Happy Birthday to The Ultimate Warrior. He turned 50 yesterday, although his brain turned 463, and has been lost for well over 3 centuries.

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