ROH Results, ECW Legends (Sabu, Raven, Balls, Funk), & More

Bill Behrens






June 26th, 2009- 8:00pm belltime

Detroit, MI


P1. Alex Payne over Adam Pearce under a mask after a hurricanrana. The American Wolves beat down both after the match.


P2. Mikey Nicholls over Tony Kozina


P3. Samson over ???. Comedy match.


– Small crowd, 400 at most. Joey Eastman is ring announcing. Ten bell salute for Misawa.


1. Grizzly Redwood over Silas Young via rollup.


2. Kenny King & Rhett Titus over Brent Albright & Erick Stevens after King pinned Stevens with a reverse into a rollup. Titus’s trunks are down, bare ass. Good match.


– Ric Flair out with the usual.


3. Claudio Castagnoli vs. Nigel McGuiness ends in a double countout.


4. El Generico & Kevin Steen over Josh Raymond & Christin Able after the package piledriver/brainbuster combo.




5. ROH World Champion Austin Aries over Rasche Brown, Sami Callihan, Delirious, Joey Ryan, & Petey Williams in a six man mayhem when he pinned Delirious with, you guessed it, a rollup.


6. Colt Cabana over D’lo Brown after a bell shot when the ref wasn’t looking.


7. The American Wolves of Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards over KENTA & Roderick Strong to retain the ROH World Tag Team Titles when Strong tapped in Edward’s half boston crab. Tons of cool moves, reversals, etc. in what many saw as an epic match.


8. Tyler Black over Jimmy Jacobs in a cage match after a splash through a table. Afterwards 30-40 groupies attack Black and Jacobs claims The AOTF has only begun.





– "Dirty" Ernie Osiris and Tony Kozina v Grizzly Redwood and Even Scott: Ernie and Kozina won after an "international object" shot by Dirty to Grizzly for the pin.

– Andy "Right Leg" Ridge and Big Muscular Balck Guy (Sampson) v Sawada (My Bad) and Bobby Dempsey. Dempsey pinned Ridge afer a DVD.

-Josh Raymond v Mikey Nichols: Armdrag! Raymond won with a Trouble in Paradise

10 Bell Misawa Tribute


Main Show:

-6 man mayhem: No Daizee with Delirious. Titus rubbed his crotch pre shake, Sami licked it. Indy Standoff, Deli and Payne. Deli chasing Titus under the ring, comes out with thong showing, hid behind Sinclare, Ego kicks Titis bare ass, thrust into Sinclare. Awesome. Sami stole Fire Helmet Hat Guy and wore it in the corner. Top rope release German from Silas to Ego. Duel dive by Payne and Deli. Ego sentons on all, but missed completly. Tower of doom!!! Titus w a top rope xfactor. All men hit Finishers. PAYNEs WAS AWESOME!!! Deli wins with Shadows Over Hell on Silas. Awesome Match!

-"HD Ready" Rasche Brown v Erick Stevens: Slow. Hard Hitting. Intense. Tyipical big man power match. Awesome Spear by Brown. Real nice Chockslam by Brown. Stevens wins with a Dr Bomb. Better than I expected, but I expected nothing, take that for what it is.

-Flair Time: Puts over Chicago as the greatest city he ever wrestled in. Puts over fans. Puts over himself.

-Kenny "Pretty Boy Pitbull" King v Petey Williams: Kenny dances like MJ. Awesome! Nice spine buster by King. Springboard Dropkick by King countered by Petey with his own dropkick, King landed on his face. King with a Pele. Step up enzugiri by Petey. Catatonic by King. Titus distracts Ref, King hits Elijiah Express, and an inverted FU for the win. Petey hits Canadian Destroyer post match. Please come back chants. Promo by Petey. Calls the locker room a bucnh of bad ass mofos. Says stars are born and stars are reborn again. F TNA and Fire Russo. Very soild match.

– Tyler Black v KENTA: No play by play for this. I want to see this one. It took 2 GTSs but KENTA pinned Black. Amazing match. Needs to be seen

– AotF Attacks! 10 on 1! Jimmy ties Tylers feet together. Calls for the device that held belts at Man Up! They almsot hang Black, Steen and Generico make the save. God’s Last Gift to Jacobs! Tying Jacobs legs together, Hang Jacobs by his ankles. Deli come out also. Black grabs mic and declares AotF DEAD! immy pissed at his followers. They leave him in the ring. Na na na chant for AotF. Jimmy leaves thru the front.

– Intermission: Bret Hart annouced for next show. Eastman puts over Rosas post show, says Pearce likes it when people buy him beer. Gonna slow down on play by play. Look for more pics to be coming soon. Attendance was 1000 easy.

– Street Fight: awesome brawl. Colt Cabana pins Joey Ryan after a Flying Asshole thru a table set up in the corner.

– Dlo Brown v Roderick Strong: Chicago is Down With the Brown, big time! DLo go a better pop than Roddy. DLo wins with a roll up as he holds the ropes. DLo is like Sugarfoot. He is mad over.

-Kevin Steen and El Generico v The American Wolves: Both teams in matching gear, nice. Steenerico win the best tag match I’ve seen since Return Engagment. Generico hits the top rope Brainbustahhhhh on Davey for the 3. Awesome, awesome match.

-Austin Aries v Nigel McGuiness: Kick ass dueling promo pre match, very funny, very graphic. Nigel hit a coue of signature lariats. Aries wins a very good match with a kick to the head and a brainbuster. No where near as good as the last 2 title matches, but very fun.


This show was awesome. I can’t belive I’m typing this, but Nigel/Aries, IMO, was the worst match of the night. And that’s just insane to think about right now and it was still very fun. My MOTN was the Wolves/Steenerico. Just brutal and my first Brainbustahhhh live. Terrific match. Very good show. I’ll post a review tomorrow. I’m going to twitpic some others and I’ll update the fan gathering there as well. Hope you all enjoyed the results. This was a great night!

Joey Eastman is the Ring Announcer. Return Date is 9.19.09





APW Tag Team Champions Kareem Abdul Jamar & Bo Newsom defeated The Urban Legends

Carnage defeated The Golden Eagle


The Franchise defeated ADD


Stryknyn defeated Mr Georgia


Dustin Knight defeated Seth Delay to win the North Georgia Championship


Azrael defeated Don Matthews


Southern States Champion Slim J defeated Mike Posey


Videos posted:


Dustin Knight vs Seth Delay w/Mike Posey for the North Georgia Title APW 6-26-09


Slim J vs Mike Posey w/Seth Delay for the Southern States Title APW 6-26-09  

Notes: APW’s next big show Freedom Fight 2009 will take place on Friday July 31st… Matches will be announced in the coming weeks, All APW championships will be decided,  and already confirmed for the show is NWA Hall of Famer, Former 8 time NWA tag team champion as 1/2 of the Rock & Roll Express Ricky Morton.




LEGENDS OF THE ARENA PHILADELPHIA results by Bob Magee 6-27-09

Legends of The Arena took place yesterday before crowds larger than most anticipated, for all the day’s events the afternoon premium priced meet-and-greet, and the evening’s show which had at least 600 in the building . Given that the event was a cancer fundraiser and charged a bit more, some were concerned about what the show would draw given the economy. The organizers of this event had nothing to worry about as the pre-show line (minus the SuperTicket fans, who were already in the building) extended down the block down past Forman Mills.

The event had a pre-show meet and greet. The talent and the fans clearly were having a blast; truth be told, the talent had just as much, if not more fun than the fans. During the meet-and-greet, Balls Mahoney acted like a little kid at Christmas. Everyone (big shock) gravitated over to Terry Funk all day long.


The only sour note of the day was Shane Douglas’s no-show. I’ve gotta wonder what in the hell made Douglas no-show a cancer fundraiser. It could have been a medical problem. Maybe the local pharmacies were closed or he had an allergy to doing jobs. I hear Benadryl works wonders. As for the other two advertised that didn’t work, Spike Dudley didn’t work on the show, but was in the building. No idea on Jack Victory.

The evening show began with a quick video running down the history of ECW and the ECW Arena before the show fully kicks off. Bob Artese is out to start the show, then is cut as in days of old by by Joel "first it was Cyberslam, than House Party and November 2 Remember, tonight’ latest induction is my legendary member" Gertner!

ï‚·  2 Cold Scorpio over CW Anderson (with Referee John "PeeWee" Moore) at about 10 minutes with his somersault leg drop from the top rope. Decent opener that saw Scorpio land a moonsault legdrop after the match finished. Crowd was really juiced at this stage.

ï‚·  Bilvis Wesley defeats The Muskateer (with Referee John Finnegan) by pinfall at five minutes with a school-boy. Bilvis teased New Jack’s music playing to swerve the crowd and the Muskateer, and rolled him up for a quick finish.

ï‚·  Chris Hamrick defeated Devon "Crowbar" Storm (with Referee John Finnegan) with an anaconda vice. Crowbar began the match by running down Taz (the two have legit heat, plus he cracked on Taza for not coming to a cancer fundraiser, then heeling himself out by putting over his WCW titles.

Rhino defeated Jamie. Dundee vs. Scotty "Riggs" Anton (with Referee John Finnegan) after goring Jamie Dundee. There was a lot more mike work than match here, as Dundee got on the mic and ran down both Rhino and Anton, referring to Anton as Bagwell’s bitch and suggesting Rhino carrried Jeff Jarrett’s bags. Rhino didn’t seem to care for this promo, and kept giving Dundee dirty looks all during the brief match. Rhino quickly nailed a gore after Dundee and Anton try some comedy spots, and Rhino abruptly leaves ringside.

The Hardcore Hall of Fame induction follows… with Eddie "Hot Stuff" Gilbert and Chris Candido as memorial inductions; with Tod Gordon and Sabu inducted. The Shane Douglas induction was pulled for obvious reasons. No idea on why the Bigelow induction was. It was mentioned that both ECW and all that’s followed in the Arena was because of people like Terry Funk (inducted two years ago), Eddie Gilbert and Tod Gordon…not to mention this guy named Heyman.

ï‚·  Balls Mahoney/Axl Rotten defeated Da Baldiez vs (with Referee John "PeeWee" Moore) in about nine minutes in the typical Axl/Balls blood bath/chair shot formula. Balls Mahoney legit lost a tooth (he was holding it in his hand after the match)

ï‚·  Following intermission, Nova and Meanie [as the bWo] defeated Sal E. Graziano and Little Guido Maritato [as the FBI] by pinfall (with Referee John Finnegan) in about 8 minutes. A lot of comedy as you’d expect, with a hilarious dance off erupting midway in the match with Sal E. and Blue Meanie, before Nova and Meanie took it home for the win. Another dance-off post match, with both teams said it’s their last match at the arena.

Francine then came out to cut her promo and thanking the crowd for their support. Francine is VERY, VERY pregnant. The usual wits in the audience suggested she’s give birth in the ring anto a "She’s hardcore" chant. Since that didn’t happen, Francine talked about her sister and father who’d died of cancer, and her one sister (sitting in the balcony with the other family members) who beat cancer. The SISTER got the "she’s hardcore" chant instead.

ï‚·  In the semi-main event, Al Snow defeated Jerry Lynn (subbing for the no-show Douglas) in eighteen minutes. The match began slowly, tyhen picked up well. It was the ECW Arena, and they actuallly GASP wrestled. The finish saw two ref bumps, two false finishes, and the expected "Head" shot to end the match. Guess Shane Douglas doesn’t like getting Head.

ï‚·  Main Event
Sabu (with Bill Alfonso) and Sandman defeated Raven (with Chastity) and Justin Credible (with Jason); and Terry Funk as special referee

Sabu and Sandman with the win at about 15 minutes when Sabu hit Credible with the Arabian face buster through a table after both of Sandman’s sons (the fact that Tyler Fullington, the "little kid" in the Raven-Sandman storyline is now grown and teller than his father made a lot of people feel REALLY old). Storyline was that Tyler returned to the Arena to get a matter of revenge on Raven. Then, Sandman’s youngest son hit a DDT on Raven as Sabu covered Credible for the pinfall.

At the very end of the show, Justin Credible finally let his inner heel down long enough to say in a surprisngly heartfelt way to the crowd "Thank you for giving me the best four years of my life".





Saturday, August 1st, 2009

National Guard Armory

8551 W. Venable St., Crystal River, FL 34429

Doors open at 7:30 pm and show starts at 8 pm

Tickets are $20 Ringside, $15 GA & Kids 13 and under $10 GA

Advance tickets – $12 GA & Kids 13 and under $8 GA

To purchase advance tickets call (352) 422-4582 or visit


Already Signed:


FIP World Heavyweight Title Match

Davey Richards w/HBE vs. Kenny King


FIP Tag Team Title Match Texas Tornado Rules

Erick Stevens/Roderick Strong vs. The British Lions (w/Heartbreak Enterprises)


Tag Team Challenge Match

The YRR (Chasyn Rance / Sal Rinauro w/MSL) vs. The Dark City Fight Club (Kory Chavis/Jon Davis)


Florida Heritage Title Match

“Addicted to Love” Rhett Titus (w/HBE) vs. Brad Attitude


Also Appearing:

Chris Jones

TJ Perkins

2 Fast 2 Furious (Nooie Lee/Jerrelle Clark)

Caleb Konley

Grizzly Redwood

“The Bad Seed” Sean Osborne

Jay Bradley


Plus more to be announced soon!



Don’t forget to come hang out with the stars of FIP at the after party at Cracker’s Bar and Grill immediately after the show…


502 NW 6th St

Crystal River, FL 34428

Just off of Hwy 19, 1.5 miles South of the Crystal River Mall, next to the Best Western



FIP Tag Team Title Match Signed


The FIP Championship Committee has announced that on Saturday night August 1st, 2009 Erick Stevens and Roderick Strong will defend the FIP Tag Team Titles against The British Lions in a Texas Tornado Rules match. Sean Davis of Heartbreak Enterprises said, “I have no idea why the match is being held under Texas Tornado Rules. This is Tag Team wrestling. Having all 4 men in the ring at once pretty much negates the entire premise of it being a TAG TEAM match doesn’t it? Well that’s ok. We already proved my British Lions can defeat Stevens and Strong last month, so doing it again will be a piece of cake.”


Roderick Strong replied, “Yeah they got us last time out in the 6 man tag, but when these belts are on the line it’s a whole different story. Erick and I are leaving Crystal River with the belts. Count on it.”


YRR Issues a BIG Challenge


Things have not been going too well for the YRR of late, but apparently MSL has a plan to remedy that. “Yeah the last few months have seen some upheaval within the YRR, but out of the Chaos comes clarity, and my goal for the YRR has never been clearer, get the YRR back to the top here in FIP, and the best way to do that? Why that’s simple, you walk up to the biggest baddest guy on the block and you smack him right in the teeth.


Last month in Crystal River Kory Chavis got involved in a matter that was of no concern to him when he stepped in to team with Kenny King against the YRR…So Kory Chavis, you and your partner Jon Davis are about to get your comeuppance. Chasyn Rance and Sal Rinauro are going to walk up to you two goofs, and smack you right in the teeth, and there’s nothing you can do about it”.


Kory Chavis responded, “Chasyn Rance and Sal Rinauro are going to do WHAT??? There gonna smack WHO in the teeth??? I sincerely hope for your sakes that St.Laurent has made certain you are current on your health insurance, because that guy’s mouth just guaranteed you a trip to the hospital on August 1st boys.”




World Title Rematch hype heating up


The FIP office has been abuzz since the announcement of the rematch between Kenny King and Davey Richards for the World Title. Kenny King has been sending messages every day from his training facility in Las Vegas for World Champ Davey Richards.


Today’s message said, “It’s all up to him. If he rushes me he will get knocked out quick. Or he can try to wrestle me and get punished. It’s all up to him. I respect him as a fighter but as a man, I don’t respect him. I think he’s a bum. I think he’s a B+ fighter – but he’s a bum and I’ll walk right through him. I will see you after the fight and look you right into the eye and say, ‘See I told you he was a bum.’ I don’t have any respect for him. None.”


If Richards was taken aback by the brashness of the Pretty Boy Pitbull, he didn’t let on. “Let him keep thinking I’m a bum. Let him think he’s going to walk right through me. I destroyed the myth of Tyler Black, I helped destroy the myth of the Briscoes, and of Steen and Generico, so I’ll have no problem destroying the human hype machine Kenny King. The thing Kenny doesn’t realize the difference between him and I is that he’s almost as good as he thinks he is, but I’m even better than he knows I am. He’ll find that out on August 1st.”



EMLL 6/22 – Arena Puebla
1. Asturiano & Centella de Oro beat Espiritu Maligno & Sauron
2. Estrella Magica/Lady Apache/Sahori defeated Amapola/Mima Shimoda/Yesca
3. Arkangel de la Muerte/Escandalo/Loco Max beat Flash/Pegasso/Stuka Jr.
4. La Peste Negra (Felino/Negro Casas/Mr. Niebla)defeated Hector Garza/La Sombra/Volador Jr.
5. Los Hijos del Averno (Damian el Terrible/Hijo del Texano/Mephisto) beat La Mascara/Shocker/Toscano

EMLL 6/26 – Arena Mexico
1. Astro Boy & Molotov beat Artillero & Zayco
2. Amapola/Princesa Blanca/Princesa Sugei defeated Dark Angel/Lady Apache/Lluvia
3. Lightning Match: Pierrothito beat Ultimo Dragoncito
4. Maximo/Stuka Jr./Valiente defeated Dragon Rojo/Shigeo Okumura/Sangre Azteca by DQ after Okumura fouled Maximo because he kissed him.
5. Ray Mendoza Jr./NO LIMIT (Tetsuya Naito & Yujiro Takahashi) beat Blue Panther/Hector Garza/Toscano – Before the match, NWA Mexico President Daniel Aceves whose dad was Bobby Bonales whose memory was being honored handed a memorial trophy to Blue Panther along with a fan. Panther’s joy soon turned to pain as he was stretchered out after taking a backdrop suplex wrong leading to him getting submitted. BP was then checked out by a doctor and stretchered out. That backdrop suplex move is cursed right now.
6. Bobby Bonales Tribute Match: Mistico/La Sombra/Volador Jr. defeated La Peste Negra (Felino/Heavy Metal/Negro Casas)


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