NWA News & Notes For July 6, 2009

Bill Behrens

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WRESTLING: (n.) ’res-ling A sport of contest in which two individuals face off in unarmed combat.
ANARCHY: (n.) an-ar-key (1) A state of lawlessness due to absence of authority. (2) A complete lack of order.
What happens when you mix the two together? NWA-Anarchy!

– Welcome to NWA Anarchy, this is PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING~! We are counting down the days to the 13th Annual Hardcore Hell where two championship matches have already been announced: Azreal defending the Young Lion’s Title against Malachi and Ace Rockwell facing off with NWA National Champion Phil Shatter after winning last week’s Lucky 7’s Mega Rumble. This week, Shatter defends his coveted title against Consequences Creed who earned his shot in Mega-Rumble. Several weeks ago, Shaun Tempers revealed he knew who knocked out Truitt Fields and went to Jerry Palmer to beg for a match against the Devil’s Rejects. Tempers promises their feud with the Rejects will end tonight.

1. The Entourage "Ain’t I Great" Jay Clinton & Michael Mosley & "Hollywood Hacksaw" Andrew Alexander & "2 Hot 4 TV" Kyle Matthews) defeated TK "Red" Kross & "the Obsession" Caleb Konley & Bo "Knows Wrestling" Newsome & Dustin Knight.
Legendary professional wrestler Les Thatcher rejoins us on color commentary. Knight receives a hot tag and goes on a wild rampage, but Mosley literally knocks him off his horse with the Midnight Summer’s Dream. Midnight Summer’s Dream is also a show hosted by Tina Bockrath on the Playboy Channel. Afterwards, Jeff Lewis heads out to congratulate his heel conglomerate. As we are about to head to a commercial, Don Matthews appears on the Wrestletron. Don introduces the worst Pandora’s Box Lewis will ever find: Jessco Blue. This is blue collar vs. white collar and the Rowdy Ones are red. After chucking down some booze, they admit that isn’t live, it’s Memorex! Seconds later, Matthews & Blue bumrush the Entourage. As usual, Clinton eats the Lariat of Doom. When it appears the numbers game is in favor of the Entourage, the Wild Bunch head in to make the save. Johnson comments, "It seems like dirty white trash rednecks hang together."

2. "Tadpole" Slim J defeated Tyler Smith w/Bobby Moore via disqualification.
Slim J finally receives the opportunity to get his paws on one of "that Bald Head Jerk" Todd Sexton’s students. The storyline is Sexton has wiped out several of Slim’s trainees over the past few weeks with Johnson believing that it is getting into the head of Slim J. This is a clean back and forth contest until Moore diverts Slim’s attention by grabbing his leg. After commercial, Smith catches Slim with a gutbuster for a near fall. Johnson informs Thatcher that Slim is a walking medical dictionary and was forced to change from a highflying to a more ground based style. Johnson notes it has added 4 or 5 years to Slim’s career. Slim fights back with a clothesline, a back elbow, and a second clothesline. Slim slings Moore aside and hits a top rope inverted DDT on Smith for a near fall. Slim applies a roll through armbar and Moore wastes no time breaking up the hold prompting the referee to call for the immediate disqualification. Sexton heads out while the Technicians double team him. Sexton is bored and wants to end this rivalry for good. Slim reverses course and applies a wrist lock on Moore. Slim grabs the stick and says he will fight Sexton his way: win only by submission or knockout. Sexton is livid as heads back to the locker room.

3. Talent & Money (JT Talent & Andrew Pendleton III) defeated the Wild Bunch (Billy Buck & Chris King) to retain the NWA Anarchy Tag Team Titles.
This is Talent & Money’s first title defense. The Wild Bunch haven’t seen tag tam action for several months after taking numerous beatings from the likes of Kimo and Azreal. Actually, it is more like the Wild Bunch have been Jeff G. Bailey’s and Dan Wilson’s personal pregnant dogs. After ruling the day with double team maneuvers, T & M focus their attack on King. After commercial, Talent hits a German to maintain the advantage. Buck receives the hot tag after King leapfrogs a backdrop attempt. The Wild Bunch connect with the Buck Wild on Talent, but Pendleton breaks up the pin attempt with a good old fashion Cornelia cornea scratch. T & M make quick work of King with the aptly named Bailout. The difference is, this Bailout by T & M worked to perfection while the big super gigantic metamorphic stupendous government bailouts have miserably failed. Sexton has turned out to be the dirt bag heel that he had the potential to be.

– Consequences Creed, who is sporting a Sonic the Hedgehog shirt, and Jerry Palmer head out to the entrance ramp to address Bailey and Shatter. Creed speaks, but is barely audible. Creed offers up the match to Orion Bishop after suffering a concussion. Palmer agrees with Creed’s decision much to Bailey’s dismay.

4. "The Universal Soldier" Shatter w/Jeff G. Bailey pinned Orion Bishop to retain the NWA National Heavyweight Title.
Bishop stands up power to power with Shatter early on and even no sells a back suplex. Shatter quickly realizes a threat to his title is there and immediately takes over with a spinebuster. Bishop fights back with a reverse overhead slam and a Vaderbomb. Bishop misses the Gore and Shatter finishes him off with a spear for the victory. Sorry Orion, no Don West impersonation for you here, but definitely a strong outing.

5. The Devil’s Rejects ("Son of Satan" Azreal & "the Altar of Human Mutilation) w/"Reverend" Dan Wilson & Skirra Corvis & the Staff of Righteosness fought NWA Anarchy TV Champion Truitt Fields & Shaun Tempers to a no contest.
Iceberg launches a premeditated attack on the babyface contingent. Tempers falls to the floor which allows Iceberg the opening he needed on Fields. The Rejects waste no time destroying Fields. Thatcher astutely notes that Iceberg and Johnson are related. Fields hits the Killing Fields out of nowhere to buy himself time. He struggles to his corner and tags in Tempers. Tempers celebrates the hot tag, then turns around, steals Fields in the jaw, and sprays mace in his face. Corvis connects with a brutal curb stomp much to Wilson‘s delight. Iceberg squashes Tempers with the Ground Xero splash. Ace Rockwell heads out to make the save but the Rejects neutralize him. In ring, Tempers hits a nasty hangman neckbreaker on Fields. Finally, the New Wave, Palmer and others make the save. Wilson celebrates with Tempers to much of Hunter’s dismay. You only knew Tempers was going to turn on Fields if you saw the clues. Great booking and storytelling here.

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