WWE House Show Results (7/8): Perth, Australia

Matt Boone

Carl Sinclair sent along the following:

RAW Live Event Show, Perth Australia, 8th July 2009 – Burswood Dome

Goldust Beat TBK – Hornswoggle hit a tad pole splash after the finish.


Sheamus b Santino – Shemus cut a decent heat promo on the Italians in the crowd (which is a high percentage of the people here in Perth) the match was dead silent, but the finish saw him kick Santino in the face for the pin and another lot of decent heat. (Me and my brother started a few lets go Shemus chants in our section)


MVP b Chavo

Chavo got cheap heat by starting on a fan, then saying he’s like every other Australian in the building… he will never amount to anything. Match was dead, finish got a decent pop for MVP with his finisher. Chavo got a small pop for hitting the 3 amigos.


Maryse Beat Kelly Kelly to retain the Diva’s Championship, Mike Chioda did the spot where he gets rolled over by the 2 diva’s Chioda most over person in the match…says it all.


Kofi Kingston beat William Regal to retain the US Championship, Regal got a lot of cheap heat during the match. Regal grabbed a mic at one point when the crowd were chanting “You Suck” and replied “I can’t possibly suck as I am not Australian” which gave him even more heat. Kofi got some ok pops for his boom boom thing at the end.


Cody Rhodes beat Primo after the match Teddy and Cody were stood over Primo and Carlito came out and chased them off… then hit the Back Stabber on Primo. Dead crowd for this one.


Miz comes out and cuts a good promo getting a lot of heat burying everyone in the building and saying he is better then everyone in the WWE Locker room that’s why everyone wants to stop him because he is Main Event Material, he puts out an open challenge to anyone in the WWE he continues to bash the roster until he is cut off by Big Shows Music.

Big Show beat The Miz, during the match Big Show hit the big slap where he silences the crowd 3 times, botching the first 2. The first one the crowd was still cheering when he did it so not much echo, the second one no echo at all… the 3rd one sounded painful. Miz looked like he had had enough after that. Show wins with a chokeslam.


Tony Chimmel announces an Attendance record for the Burswood Dome of 14,266 People.  He plugged the 12 rounds DVD and got Cena some pops by saying his name.


Randy Orton makes his way to the ring getting decent face pops.
Triple H Makes his way down the building went mental for him,
at this point a fan jumped the Rail a d tried to take out Triple H but was stopped by Mike Chioda punt kicking him in the face, Security carried him out of the building.

Orton got a lot of heat in the match.

Triple H beat Randy Orton by DQ after Orton hit the RKO hunter kicked out, he went for the Punt kick missed triple h jumped to his feet hit the pedigree got to a 2 count before Rhodes and DiBiase came in and broke it up, Hunter was saved from the 3 on 1 by The Big Show, DiBiase and Orton got out of the ring before they could get touched by either man, Cody was stuck in the middle took a boot to the ribs from Show then got the Pedigree, while Hunter was setting him up Show did the Kevin Nash Double finger point at Triple H, Hunter’s music played for a good 15 minutes after the show  while they posed for the crowd as the building emptied

On the train back home the most entertaining part of the night occurred when a very angry looking midget was listening to about a 60 year old woman who was in full kayfabe complain about the show. She took exception to Carlito hitting his own brother as it was wrong, then complained that Shem us was on the show as he had no contract  to be on RAW and that if there was a general manager this sort of thing wouldn’t happen! And they said Kayfabe was dead.

Was a decent show, seemed like a lot of people were annoyed Cena didn’t show up. I was too as I couldn’t boo him!

Biggest Heat

Orton (During the match and for the finish)

The Miz (During his 5minute promo and during his whole match)


Carlito for his backstabber on Primo

Shemus for his promo


Biggest Pop

HHH (By far)

Big Show (Both times he came out)

Orton (During entrance)




From Carl and Dean Sinclair

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