First Batch of Monday Night Raw WZ Reader Feedback

Nick Paglino

The following are reader reviews of this past Monday Night Raw show. If you would like to see your thoughts posted right here on the site, please email us at!

The following is from Matt

Raw had some ups and downs this week, I like the concept of the guest host overall but I don’t see why someone like Seth Green or ZZ Top have to "book" matches or god forbid wrestle in them. We all know WCW and TNA have had the likes of Jay Leno and Pacman Jones in the ring and it didn’t relate to any big PPV buyrates or big ratings for that matter. If they want to have guest hosts on Raw have someone like the Million Dollar Man or Dusty Rhodes as the hosts and have a celebrity as a special guest announcer or something relevant and believable. Another diva six man tag and another main event six man tag, wow how original. I understand Legacy is a 3 person group and usually need to feud 3 on 3 but break it up a little bit and have some 2 on 2 or handicap matches or even … 1 on 1. Chris Jericho is golden, you can put him on any show and he will save it single handedly. It’s good to see Miz get involved again and Primo vs. Carlito can be a decent feud if build up right. The Big Show is a goofy bastard, if he is heel why is playing off to Seth Green? MVP vs. Swagger was a good match, I see Swagger going far. Mark Henry is getting pretty good pops, go figure.. I think he can be a top face if used correctly. Hornswoggle vs. Chavo was a joke and I understand its for comic relief but there was enough comedy throughout the entire show, put Hornswoggle in a dark match with someone else or give him the boot. Give Chavo some damn credibility for once, which has all but diminished. Big Show/Bourne/and Kingston just doesn’t do anything for me. I think Michael Cole gets louder pops then Bourne does. Bourne and Kingston are both gifted in the ring but need to work on their persona cause Bourne comes off as Opie Taylor and Kingston comes off as Cleo the Physic reader. The six man tag was as predicatable as the last six man tags they have had over the past few months. I predict another six man tag with Dusty Hill of ZZ Top, what the hell happen to the thought of Dusty Rhodes? it would make sense but I forgot this is entertainment not wrestling. Just keep ZZ out of wrestling ring WWE, for the love of god. Seth Green was bad enough.


The following is from Ric

tonight’s raw was no different then the last few months of the wacky ideas
except for the positive divas in swimsuits and barefoot for a 6 chick on chick tag
and the chavo vs hornswoggle is getting old and fast  make chavo versus Orton matches
instead  at least that would be a  good match the main even almost made me fall asleep
seeing Seth green wrestle made me wish that teddy long  was the replacement or at least the Brian Kendrick he would have been a  better partner then Seth but its wwe   miz vs primo was one of the best matches of tonight’s raw beyond the divas the rest was filler /buildup for the ppv my question is why the reference for dusty Rhodes if zz top
is next weeks host and also could wwe put the world title on Kane so that way Kane could have some good matches vs punk or even Morrison same with raw’s Henry let’s put him in the title hunt on raw against Orton for the wwe title and wwe please redesign the wwe title my mom says its hideous and looking so 2003
The following is from Brandon
WWE was an overall disappointment in my eyes. What do you expect when you have someone who clearly has never ever been involved in wrestling before is now hosting the show. Seth Green gets an A for effort, but c’mon, there was no need for him to be in the main event. At all. Sure, he wanted to shill his Robot Chicken franchise on national TV, but at what cost?

There were a few pluses on the card though.

1) WWE Divas in bathing suits. ‘Bout time the WWE got with the program and realized that most of the WWE Divas are only worth a damn if they’re half naked. I know that sounds sexist, but when you have only three Divas that can wrestle on the entire ROSTER, it’s a sign that maybe we should turn the notch up a little bit. And if they’re doing Bikini matches, then how come a Bra and Panties match can’t happen?

2) The Miz IS AWESOME! He managed to stick his nose in where it didn’t belong in his match with Primo and yet, managed to be entertaining. And Carlito bringing the apple back was great, too.

3) Mark Henry is over. And I don’t mean he’s coming to an end, I mean he’s on fire! Him beating up on Orton and Jericho the last few weeks has launched him into a face that no one expected to see. It’s great to see someone who many didn’t care for at one time, to all of a sudden become on of the more over faces on Raw. It was great. And Jericho blaming Edge for what happened was awesome. Possible face return for Edge once he’s healed?

That’s all for the pluses, the rest were minuses.

1) The Main event. When Seth Green is your main event, it’s not good. I’m sorry. He was just plain bad as an overall host. He really didn’t do much of anything, except put himself in the match. He was out of place and he knew it.

2) Big Show. When is the WWE going to either give Big Show a run at a title again or release him? It’s tiring to watch the same thing, over, and over again. Big Show destroys opponent for weeks, then gets pinned or submitted clean on PPV. What the hell? Is that really working for everyone? Not for me.

3) MVP. He officially has lost the luster he had when he first debuted on Raw. No reaction at all, until he was pinned by Jack Swagger. I see Swagger headlining a PPV in the near future. He’s got all the tools to be a World Champion.

Overall, Raw was as I expected to be, sub par. I don’t like the celebrity host thing, simply because you get people that have no business in the ring or involved with Wrestling. It’s just one big ad for the product they stand for. ZZ Top’s going to be even worse.



The following is from Breal

As a huge fan of your website, and of professional wrestling, I just want to say what the hell has happened to wrestling I have watched raw ever since the debut of the program. I loved watching the monday night wars in the late 90’s, and even though wcw really sucked the last few years wwe always stayed true to its fans. Now, however the wwe is just becoming whatever the corporation wants them to become, with confiscating of signs and being afraid of being to controversial. I’ve went to raws for years, sat in the upper deck and front row ringside and the landscape has changed so much. What happened to the commercial breaks chanting puppies to now having goldust come out there with hornswoggle and shooting t-shirts into the crowd. They confiscate signs that aren’t even bad, but may show the wrestlers in a bad light, I mean come on I thought Vince had grapefruits and was always more anti-pc but I guess everybody does have a price and now the
true fans have to pay. Don’t get me wrong I still watch it every week just hoping for a turn around that will never happen. Build us up some no name wrestlers, give the mid-card talent a chance, they’ve always had the better storylines, but no you’ll still spoon feed us john cena and jeff hardy, the guys that look like the care bears compared to the rock and stone cold. I like TNA alright but always have stuck with the WWE, just want some storylines. STOP! the cocky DID YOU KNOW segments during the commercial breaks, know one likes a cocky sob. I just want to know when WWE RAW is gonna come back on and VINCENT KENNEDY MCMAHON is the boss again, but for now it won’t upset me that bad when the westminster dog show ends up pre-empting raw. Still love the website guys as good as it was 10 years ago when i found it!   


The following is from Nathan

Hi guys, i just have to say that seth green was the best thing that has happened to raw in a long time!! when the jericho, henry feud started i was like "oh please, let there be a jericho, henry match!!" and there was!! it was so cool!! he did a great job, and i really hope that i get to see him again!! GO MICKIE JAMES AND NOC!!!!!


The following is from Zheryk

I enjoyed Seth Green as the guest GM. He’s a fan, just like I am. His
face after trips ambushed Rhodes was money. The Santino bit was a bit
obvious, but the way he handle Jericho was pretty cool. Diva’s in
bikini’s were great. Big show tryna be funny again it was great, I
remember the first time the rock did SNL and i thought he was one of the
funnier moments of that show. I mean Seth Green as host was definately
better than trump,batista, and I’d even say The Million Dollar Man. I
thought he brought a new aspect to the show, he didn’t have any personal
vendetta’s he was a fan, thats it. However did we see the first hints of
a Cena heel turn? I hope so. I mean Trips and Cena were booked as faces,
I get it. but the banter especially Cena’s "he’s gonna get killed anyway
line" made him seem kinda dickish. But over all it was a good show, It
was fun seeing Seth Green mark out in the main event, The MVP-Swagger
match was a little bit of a letdown. Damn IWC , always preemptively
over-hyping matches.


The following is from Krystle

Having guest hosts is always great. and having Seth Green, brilliant. it’s
also great that he competed on Raw too. I Loved it!!

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