Second Batch of Monday Night Raw WZ Reader Feedback

Nick Paglino

The following are reader reviews of this past Monday night’s Raw show. If you would like to see your thoughts of the show posted right here on the site, please email us at!

The following is from RCL Live

I’m starting to sour on the whole guest host crap, why does vkm think we need to be entertained, I just want compelling storylines and good in ring action.


The following is from Bob

In my 35 years of watching wwf/wwe, wcw, tna, and ecw I have to say that last nights show was the absolute WORST show I have ever tried to sit thru. I actually watched more of Operation Repo than i did wrestling cause it was the most uneventful and god awful show in my life.


The following is from Pettibone

Overall i thought having Seth Green may have gained positive publicity from the media, but it hurt with the core fans. Celebrity hosts once in a while is one thing, week after week its getting stale as all hell and WWE desperatley needs an overhall. How many more raws can they possibly stretch out Triple H/Legacy Feud?! Having the same guys feud week after week is hurting the WWE’s PPV numbers- why would i pay for Night of Champions when the same guys facing on the PPV will be paired against one another over the course of the next  months?
1-10 i give raw a 6


The following is from Tim

I found it odd that Seth Green was the host of Raw, but I am finding it more odd that ZZ Top will be it next week.  I know it’s supposed to be a fresh take for Raw, but what is the actual relevance on having these people involved?  Why not use this as a way to bring in some old faces to really make an impact.  These celeb’s are getting paid probably a good buck to be there, so why not use that money and get actual old skool wrestling personalities involved; keep it in the family.   How many people would tune in to see Heyman, Bischoff, Hogan, Macho Man, ect as the host of Raw.  It made sense the first two times with the Animal, and MDM, but if this trend continues it is only going to hurt RAW more in the end.  That being said, I feel like RAW is turning into a bad relationship….we all have been in at least one, so lets compare for a sec.  We watch RAW because we all feel deep down it can get better, we get little glimmers of hope, but we all know it’s not going to get better.  But we stay.  Why? Maybe it’s a comfort thing, or maybe it’s a sex thing, which brings me to the first match of RAW…

Swimsuit Summer Spectacular:

-Gail Kim, Mickie James & Kelly Kelly vs. Maryse, Rosa Mendes & Alicia Fox
Gail Kim and Rosa in white bathing suits.  AWESOME TV.  Not a fan of Alicia Fox, but it was a treat to see her ass a few times. 

The Miz vs. Primo

Good to see The Miz winning.  I know Carlito messed up Primo, but it makes sense in the long run for feuds.  He really does need to shave. 

Jack Swagger vs. MVP
I was surprised to see Jack win.  These are two up and coming stars and you can see which one will be getting a push soon.  Would be good to see a feud between Jack, Kofi, Evan, and MVP for the US title.  It would give that belt some relevance in the WWE.

Mark Henry vs. Chris Jericho
Since when did Mark Henry gain a personality?  Good to see the crowd with him while he is doing his newer taunts at the end.

Hornswoggle vs. Chavo Guerrero
STOP THESE STUPID MATCHES.  Keep Horns on superstars.  If Chavo is going to loose to everyone including midgets, then he shouldn’t being wearing “ Warrior” on his getup.

Big Show vs. Evan Bourne

Damn Evan can fly….when Big show throws him.  Anyone else notice his chest was the size of Bigs hand after that slap?  Not sure where this is really going with Kofi and Bigs right now, but honestly Bigs should be in main events for the world title with Triple H, Cena and Orton.  Give the man creditability, or have him beat up Dreamer for the ECW belt to start his creditability back. Make the guy do something already.

Six-Man Tag Match:
-Triple H, John Cena & Seth Green vs. Randy Orton & Legacy

This went exactly how I thought it was going to go.  No contest with Seth getting his hand rose.  WOW great TV.

My God, Rosa and Gail are hot.
We need a an actual feud for the US title.  Jack, MVP, Kofi, Bourne, TBK could all use this as a great launching point.  Stop showing Hornswoggle and use that time to show actual wrestling!
Big show, needs direction.  The main event guys are getting tired, and we are getting tired of seeing them.  Bring Bigs into the picture give him a run, or put him back in ECW to dominate the noobs.


The following is from Kevin

I thought last night’s RAW, in a few words, was "stupefyingly horrendous".  I love the show, and I really want it to do well.  This was an unmitigated disaster.

The few positives…..thinking hard….the women in swimsuits, that was OK…..Santino’s quip to HHH, that was OK.  Swagger vs. MVP, that was money.  That’s…about….it.

The bad:  Where to begin?  The fact that a 5’4" weakling can wrestle, so now anyone can do it?  He looked like a little child and was so far out of place…David Arquette anyone?

How about HHH and Cena playing nice after almost killing each other last week?  How about The Big Show cracking wise when he is supposed to be the mean bully?  How about MVP hitting his RIGHT SHOULDER COLE and then selling his left the rest of the match, hammered in by Cole’s comments….and ZZ TOP?!  ZZ Top.  ZZ f*cking Top.  Wow they are topical for the kids.

I would rather watch the Million Dollar Man be GM for four months and place his son in matches that Orton can’t get.  Like have him win the title by stealing a victory and Orton goes nuts on the DiBiases.

I would also rather watch reruns of The Best of Bea Arthur 24×7 before watching that episode of Raw again.

Seriously WWE?  This is the best your writers can come up with?  Am I taking crazy pills thinking it would be easy to write something better?  What’s next, John Fogerty guest hosting? 

Make it stop.  Bring back the Attitude.


The following is from Tierra

Ok this is probably one of the best Raw shows they had IN A WHILE. Making Seth Greene in charge was very funny and entertaining. All the matches were decent and there were very funny backstage segments. Like Santino playing with the action figures and when Seth was talking to John Cena and Triple H. The main event was cool. The show overall did well. Couldve been better though. 8/10.

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