First Batch of Monday Night Raw WZ Reader Feedback

Nick Paglino

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The following is from Brian

When Raw kicked off with John Cena at the beginning of the show. I already new that people where getting ready to tune in and watch the best wrestler in WWE History to do a promo and making more money then Triple H. Pretty sad right. That John Cena is making more money then triple H does.
Then Randy Orton comes out. OMG. So lame and retarded when is the WWE just going to give up on Randy Orton and let him go to TNA and be part of the Main Event Mafia  and let him hang out with Kurt Angle. Randy Orton is a show killer. Which means every time he comes out the ratings drop and then John Cena has to work over time and do a little extra to get the ratings to go back up where there supposed to be.
Then Triple H comes out. What. Come on. John Cena could take all 3 of the Legacy. He done it before. and i think he could do it again.

i gave the start a 5 out of 5 stars…but gave it a 3 out of 5 stars after Randy Orton came out.

What in the hell is the WWE creative thinking about putting the big show in a match with guys half his size against Kofi Kingston Primo Carlito . no body really cares about Jack Swagger.
But they need to put the big show in a match against Kane the Undertaker or even the Great Khaili. Having him be in a division with the United state champion division is just right up gayness

The Suit match was so funny. I dont even know who one the match. because i was laughing so hard that i ended up cring. I think Hornswoggle beat Chavo…To funny

The legs match. so sexy…They should do it again. Kelly Kelly and Gail Kim are so hot..But need to gain some weight. they look like tooth Picks

the Santino with ZZ Top was pretty gay and lame including the end part where he took his pants off…gay

I notice that ZZ TOP never did a wrestlers theme song. I new they wouldn’t it. cuz there where alot of better things they could have done.

Chris Jericho vs Mark Henry. Gay boring…Did not even watch the match cuz it was boring

Jerry the King Lawler vs Brian Kendrick…Was so funny that Kendrick got his ass kicked by a 50 to 60 year old color commentary guy…lol

Maryse and the Miz so gay. and Maryse looks like a tooth pick as well
poor micky james getting that hair spray in her eyes

Randy Orton up to his own games again by trying to kick Cena in the head again. but he misses…so gay….Then John Cena rolls the tooth pick up for the roll up for the 1,2,3

Winner John Cena.

Show a 4 out of 5 stars

Loudest pop of the Night goes 2 John Cena
Loudest heat of the Night Randy Orton

These are my thoughts about Raw last night.


The following is from SlocJD42

I wasn’t sure how ZZ Top would do as hosts of Raw, but I
thought they were pretty good. I actually liked their fairly
low level of involvement with the show as compared to Seth
‘s in-ring segment and participation in the main event
match. Honestly, I haven’t really been psyched for either of
the two guest hosts so far, but I have been pleasantly
surprised at how well WWE has pulled it off. All of the
matches were good as well, and I really liked how, rather
than having Cena and HHH fall apart and start slugging it
out with one another to sell the match Sunday, they had them
work together against Legacy. I really expected HHH and Cena
to end up losing the match because they couldn’t work
together, and WWE surprised me by deviating from the way
they would normally sell the triple threat match. Raw was a
good show, effectively leads us into the PPV Sunday, and I
can’t wait to see Shaq run it next week! 


The following is from Michael

I love the WWE.  I really do.  But is it necessary to have to put us through the hell I went through last night.  Unacceptable.  I invest time in the product with hopes of some good content, but nothing. Sorry in advance for the rant.
ZZ Top was brutal.  Has anyone before Raw ever seen them speak?  Exactly, then what would make someone think that they would do a good job on the show.  They might as well line up Helen Keller and Stephen Hawking
The opening was brutal too.  Orton is not that great of a talker, but a darn good heel.  Regardless of how good he is on the mic, he will not be effective without content.  The great social orator Marshall McLuhan said, "The Medium is the Message".  It doesn’t amtter what Orton says, JUST TALK!  Dumb "peeking in your window" glances are not going to do it for me.  And I don’t want Cena and HHH to be buddies.  That’s dumb.  Kick the crap out of each other and make a heel out of one of them.  Triple H saying he doesn’t care about the title?  Then why with his backstage politics does he constantly have to be in the title picture. Have him or Cena feud with someone else, Miz, Y2J, anyone.  I know this forum is torn on the damn topic, but for God sake’s bring back Kennedy or bring Christian over.  At least there was a crowd for the guys.  Make him be a heel against Cena. Or better yet let Cena and HHH unleash and have Kennedy and Orton duke it out. Break up Legacy and let ORton and DiBiase go at it.  I want to like DiBiase.  There are big things for him.  I would love for him to beat on that little lisping bitch. Since I have embedded in my mind they hate each other, it would make it great.  I need emotion in my wrestling and the opening, along with the rest of the night felt like a clown show.  The rest of the night gets an F-!!!!!  Brutal, from the king wrestling, to Big Show, to Primo. And I have seen The Brooklyn Brawler get a bigger crowd reaction than MVP.  Black People don’t dress like that.  Booker T the damn guy.  He looks like Kerri Strug in that outfit.  A+ for Santino and I hope to God they can get Shaq in the ring with Big Show.  I would LOVE IT!


The following is from Tyler

 Let me start by saying thank goodness you are asking for reviews because I thought Raw last night was actually painful to watch. It was one of the worst Raw’s I have ever seen in a very long time!
Raw Opening
Can they not afford fireworks anymore???? I don’t get why there weren’t any… they just went right into commentary, but anyway….. John Cena and Triple H’s comedy segment… come on now! It was soooooo stupid and I mean stupid…. it took a half hour too!! If I wanted comedy… I would have turned on 2 and 1/2 Men…. I want Raw action!!! Not listening to John Cena and Triple H….
ZZ Top
Just wow…. ZZ Top was pretty bad… Santino with them was random. Did anyone else see the lady dressing him because of bad camera angles? The fake guitaring wasn’t good. When the Diva’s came in and dance.. it was probably the most action they have gotten in ages! When Santino came in and took off his clothes, I was surprised they could do that with their new "PG" rating. Then nice of them to FINALLY come out at the end to totally do nothing except wave?? Plus nice cheesy plugs for their music and tour. Good thing we have Shaq next week maybe he’s a little more decent.
6 man tag match
Can I first ask… Why Primo instead of Miz??? Miz is featured in the graphic and still is on… Also, since when did companies sponsor matches? That was like totally retarded! Dave and Buster’s is pretty fun but why are we having people sponsor matches? Are we really that desperate?!??!?! Otherwise, pretty good match……. Big Show murdered at the end that was pretty funny for me. I really don’t know what else to say about this one. I can say though, I highly doubt Big Show will win the U.S. title after that ending. I think they want us to suspect it so I’m sure they’ll have him lose.
King VS THE Brian Kendrick
You know what? Amen to the King…. They finally have the poor guy win a match. He is usually getting walked all over in the ring by some nobody but next this week. Creative finally said.. hmmmhh… maybe since he is a Hall of Famer and is going to leave if he wins Memphis Mayor… we’ll have the guy win a match!! Good job to the King!! And he looked in better shape them ever in that match… I’m sure today he’s icing his hip after that drop kick but hey….
Maryse and Mickie James segment
Stupid!! Since when did we have a random platform in the back of the area that we do these things on? Why didn’t they just do it in the ring? Sure beats me! Mickie and Miz was pretty funny… She grilled him good. And the random whatever.. pepper spray… hair spray…. whatever we used…. can I just ask why?? What was the point… to promote Night of Champions we have to use a dumb spray?!?!? Why not just put like a tag match in and not waste more time with that!
Mark Henry VS Chris Jericho
Mark Henry people… is not meant to be a face. He is one scary mother gorilla that is meant to be a heal and for little Tommy to have nightmares about. He isn’t meant to smile and high 5 fans…. It’s just not the Mark Henry. Can I ask… Is he still the World’s Strongest Man?? I thought not anymore so I don’t know why we throw that title around him so much anymore! Jericho is probably the size of one of his arms. Waste of time match…. Jericho using the chair at the end was typical Jericho so I liked that! Michael Cole is quite the drama queen before Jericho even touched him he went flying! Funny match if I do say so myself!
Hornswoggle VS Chavo in a "Best Dressed Man Match"
Let’s start by saying oh Lillian Garcia! We all know you asked for a release but you were just saying random words that didn’t even make sense before this match! I love Lillian don’t get me wrong but… It really wasn’t that difficult to say. She’s had to say harder and longer intros before! This was the comic relief of the night. Thank God or people would have changed the channel at that point. At once point you see Hornswoggle unbutton his jacket so Chavo can take it off. Kinda funny! We all knew Chavo was going to lose didn’t we? Especially that you could already see his boxers once his shirt was off. Funny boxers on Chavo. My brother has the same pair.. hahahahaha!
Alicia Fox & Rosa Mendes VS Kelly Kelly & Gail Kim in a "Leg’s Match"
At least ZZ Top did something right tonight! Let me say I have never seen Alicia Fox in action before and I was actually impressed! She’s quite scary and nasty in that ring! Also, who was the referee in this match? He debuted last week.. but I don’t know his name! Anyway, good match… Kelly Kelly was really the only one showing LEGS everyone else you could see their legs but not like Kelly. I think Mickie and Maryse should have been in this instead of their dumb segment from above.
John Cena & Triple H VS Legacy
This match had WrestleMaina potential! It was really good!! Cody Rhodes was in the match I think notably longer than everyone else. I was thinking during this match how Cody and Ted just went right to the top… both have VERY good in ring ability.. but I think partially because of who their father’s are! Really good match!! It was a good way to end to boost everyone’s moods after such a horrible rest of the night! I would have liked to see Orton punt Cena’s head into Night of Champions… but noooo we could never have something bad happen to our hero John Cena! (Gag me!) Just please don’t have Cena win at Night of Champions!! It’ll crush me to pieces! Triple H or Orton and I’ll be happy just please not Cena! I have a 66% chance with them so let’s hope!
My final review
Wasn’t a good show at all!! I have seen much much better!!! WWE is heading down hill I think!!! Let’s get back on this train people!!! I would rate it with 10 being the highest… a 4/10… Shaq… please do something amazing for us next week man!

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