Dragon Gate US Results, FIP, Corino,WSU, Nunzio,Holly & More

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Over the following pages are results from Dragon Gate US, NWS (with Hardcore Holly & Nunzio), and news from WSU, AWF/ICW Australia Show, FIP, & PWU

Dragon Gate USA 7/25 Results From Philly

1. Lince Dorado won FRAY over Cheech, Cloudy, Chris "Bones" Jones. Johnny Garagano, Louis Lyndon, ? and Unbreakable Andy thanks to a Shooting Star Press.

Dawn Marie opens the show to an electric audience!

2. Main Event #3
YAMATO over BxB Hulk following a Sit-Out Tombstone; Hot opener with the crowd really into it.

3. Special Challenge Match
2 Cold Scorpio over Ken Doane; Doane missed a top rope leg drop, Scorp went for a Moonsault but was met with Doane’s knees. Scorpio came back with the "Tumbleweed" for the win. Handshake post-match.

4. CHIKARA Eight Man Tag Team Showcase
Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw, Fire Ant & Soldier Ant over Hallowicked, Amasis, Gran Akuma & Icarus when Jigsaw pinned Icarus in a great match

Quack called out DG for a multi-man match at the next show and YAMATO met the "call out" to get in his face. YAMATO attacked and Jigsaw and Akuma made the save, but Akuma then turned…which would seemingly set up Quackenbush/Jigsaw v. YAMATO/Gran Akuma in Chicago.

5. Main Event #2
Dragon Kid over Masato Yoshino after a Dragonrana. Yoshino refused a post-match handshake. Scorpio came out and put over original ECW before recommending a re-match between the 2 down the road.

~@ Intermission: November Philly show, "Open the Freedom Gate". One night tournament for the Open the Freedom Gate championship, DGUSA’s belt

6. Tag Team Challenge
The Young Bucks of Nick & Matt Jackson over CIMA & Susumu Yokosuka when Nick Jackson pinned Yokosuka; Match of the Night thus far!

7. Main Event #1 – Non-Title
Open The Dream Gate Champion Naruki Doi over Shingo in a "great, back and forth match" Lots of false finishes and very stiff. Shingo got dropped on his head leading to the finish.



National Wrestling Superstars 7/24 Results From Middletown, NJ

Former WWE Stars Nunzio & Hardcore Holly & Sal Sincere
Plus NWS Heavyweight Champion Corey Havoc, Danny Demanto
Angel Orsini, Brooke Carter, The Nigerian Nightmares
& More As NWS Returns To Action

National Wrestling Superstars returned to action after their June hiatus, and returned in a big way, on Friday night July 24th with the first show of a three-show blitz, as a better than expected Friday night summer crowd filed into the Middletown NJ VFW Hall.

In the opening match, J.D. Smoothie defeated the half-human half-ape Kong-Ga-rilla. Kong brought all his animal strength to the ring, but the wily veteran Smoothie was too much, and hit Kong with a flying legdrop for the 1-2-3.

In a battle of high-fliers, Jumping Joey Janella defeated Nikko The Monkey Man From Oz. Janella brought a banana to the ring in hopes of using it to distract Nikko early on. The two cruiserweights battled all over the ring, and in the end, the banana was the deciding factor, as Janella stuffed the banana in Nikko‘s mouth, and superkicked him in the face as Nikko choked on the food to pin him for the 1-2-3.

NWS Heavyweight Champion "Corrupted" Corey Havoc retained his title via countout over Shock. Havoc announced that his new nickname "corrupted" comes from his ambition to become a New Jersey politician. Before the match began, another apparent title contender, Genocide, came out to apparently scout out both men. The match was a hard-hitting brawl between the two big men, and Shock held his own against the champion. The fight eventually spilled out to the floor, and as both men tried to get back to the ring, Genocide reappeared and held Shock outside the ring, causing him to be counted out and lose the match. Havoc and Genocide shook hands, apparently having planned the whole charade.

The Nigerian Nightmares (with manager "Voodoo Queen" Sheda & "career advisors" Danny Demanto & Nicky Oceans & former WWE star Salvatore Sincere) defeated "Outlaw" Shane O’Brien & Botchagalup The Banana Boy. Before the match, Commissioner Gino Moore ordered Sal to leave ringside as he was not a contracted manager for the match. Sal refused and instead hurled insults at the Commissioner, causing Moore to come to ringside and threaten to fine him. Sal responded by slapping the Commissioner, which ended up costing him a $500 fine, and was escorted out by security. Demanto was also ordered to leave ringside, as Oceans was the only manager contracted to be there, and Demanto left quickly to avoid being fined as well, and the match finally began. The veteran O’Brien actually put up a good fight against the pair of 350 pounders, but his partner Banana Boy had no experience against opponents this size, and O’Brien eventually left his partner in the ring in disgust, as Banana Boy was flattened by a Nigerian Roll and dual leg drops before being mercifully pinned for the 1-2-3. But the beating was not over with the three-count, as Oceans called for his friends Danny Demanto, Corey Havoc, J.D. Smoothie, and Genocide to return to the ring and attack Banana Boy en masse. Brooke Carter came to try and stop the beatdown but was knocked flat by Demanto. The heels were eventually driven off by the appearance of former WWE stars Nunzio and Hardcore Bob Holly, as well as The Patriot who had been signing autographs in the back. Nunzio seized the microphone and challenged Demanto to a one-on-one match later that night, which was immediately signed by Commissioner Moore.

In an inter-gender tag-team match that was one half of the double main event, The "Full-Breasted Italians" (former WWE star Salvatore Sincere & former ECW Women’s Champion Angel Orsini) defeated former WWE star Hardcore Bob Holly & Brooke Carter. As expected, this match quickly broke down into a full-scale brawl. Sal and Angel managed to isolate Brooke from her corner for several minutes, but Brooke hung in there and tagged in Holly who pummeled Sal and took the fight to him outside the ring. Meanwhile inside the ring, Brooke had Angel in the corner and was beating her down when Danny Demanto appeared and pulled Brooke off her while the referee’s back was turned. Angel then hit her Flatliner finisher on Brooke and pinned her 1-2-3. An enraged Brooke challenged Angel to a one-on-one fight at the upcoming Long Branch, NJ show Sat Aug 1st.

In a bonus match, Genocide defeated The Illegal Outer Space Alien by submission. The bigger and tougher Genocide made short work of The Alien, eventually locking on an armbar submission hold, which The Alien immediately tapped out to.

In the other half of the double main event, former WWE star Nunzio defeated "The Cold-Hearted Playa" Danny Demanto. Nunzio used his mat wrestling skills to dominate Demanto early on, and eventually clotheslined Demanto out of the ring. Demanto hit the floor and immediately began holding his knee in pain, claiming it was injured. The match was halted and NWS officials helped Demanto to his feet. But as Nunzio came out to help Demanto in a show of good sportsmanship, and with approval and applause from the crowd, Demanto leaped to his feet and leveled Nunzio, indicating that he had faked the injury all along leaving the crowd aghast. The two continued brawling inside and outside the ring, Demanto’s power and brawling versus Nunzio’s speed. Nunzio hit his "Sicilian Slice" flying legdrop on Demanto but could not put him away. Demanto leveled Nunzio with a Samoan Drop, but as he was going for the pin, out came Hardcore Bob Holly, who tripped up Demanto without the referee seeing it. When Demanto turned to confront Holly, Nunzio seized the opportunity and leveled Demanto with a bulldog and got the 1-2-3, sending the crowd home happy.

NWS continues its three-show weekend Saturday night July 25th in Dunellen, NJ and Sunday night July 26th in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ. NWS then returns to Long Branch, NJ on Saturday night August 1st for its annual outdoor show spectacular, which will feature a steel cage match between WWE & ECW alumni Balls Mahoney and Snitksy.


WSU Womens Championship To Become a World Championship

WSU is proud to announce that WSU Womens Champion Mercedes Martinez, will make the first ever international WSU title defense on 8/1, when she takes on Australian Sensation "Bombshell Bo" at a SHWA/NHPW show in Australia.

Mercedes Martinez, who wants to be known as a fighting champion, has stated she will defend the WSU Championship anywhere, anytime and any place. With this announcement, Martinez is doing all of the above, as Martinez will take the WSU Womens Championship to a higher level than before.

In the event that Bombshell Bo is victorious in her match against Martinez, Bo will be booked for the 8/22 WSU event in Boonton, NJ, where she will defend against challengers Mercedes Martinez & Nikki Roxx.

WSU will like to thank MANA "The Polynesian Warrior" & NHPW for allowing this match to take place at their event.

As part of the deal, fans are encouraged to pick up this DVD from NHPW when it is released. We will have full information on when this show is released on DVD with a special sale price for WSU/DOI readers.

Martinez stated to WSUWrestling.com that she is very happy and thrilled to be part of this experience and wants to prove why she’s the best womens wrestler and women’s wrestling champion today.

Martinez, who has been to Australia before, feels this match will have additional pressure than other matches, as she will be going against the Australian native in her home town and will not be in front of the usual fans she’s used to performing in front of.

Australia is one of the furthest places around from the east coast of the United States and by taking this match, Martinez is literally making the WSU Championship a belt to be known around the world to literally the "down under".

We will have a match recap, result and report once the match takes place.

If Martinez is still champion after this match, she will immediately make her next title defense on 8/8 at ACE’s event. For more info on that show, check out ACEProWrestling.com, as Martinez will defend against Nikki Roxx that night. If Martinez loses the match on 8/1 in Australia, the match at ACE will determine who is ranked number 1 in the WSU World Championship rankings.



For those interested in the Australian event, which is being ran by former northeast star Mana "The Polynesian Warrior", check out the press release below:

Hardcore Resurrection is coming! Blood, Sweat and the anguished howls of the fallen will fly throughout the arenas.
In the aftermath of Darkness Rising a few things became abundantly clear for Hardcore Resurrection double shot weekend July 31 and August 1st
After many times stating he is a Main Event Star, Jarrad Slate has produced one of the biggest coups so far in the short history of SHWA. Not only has he combined a powerful stable the Muscle Militia with cohorts Pain and The Wraith he has also acquired one of the biggest opportunities since being signed for the match against "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters. Slate somehow has infiltrated NHPW offices and stolen the contract for the Title match for ICW Adelaide’s World Heavyweight Championship and has promptly signed his name on the dotted line. Jarrad Slate has now become the first ever Challenger to the ICW Heavyweight Championship on July 31st, now Jarrad Slate has the opportunity to become the first ever Title holder on the SHWA roster in WA. With the way the Muscle Militia have been running rough shot all over SHWA, is NHPW or more importantly the ICW World Heavyweight Title about to become the next victim in the Militia’s aggressive stampede?
The vendetta that Kid Kapri has against "Kill Switch Krew" member Mana and "The Hostile Reptile" NC Viper came to the fore front – Kapri has vented his anger in an emotion packed promo during Darkness Rising stating that it was Mana who prematurely retired Kid Kapri’s wrestling career by hurting him at 2008 Supernova. In that match it was Mana against NC Viper, Kapri who was best friends with Viper now condemns him for allowing Mana to injury him permanently crushing a disc in his vertebrae causing near paralysation. Kapri is the one who organized for Steve Corino to be here to prepare a Blueprint for revenge and in the world of pro wrestling there are few minds that can match Steve Corino. Kapri has networked constantly with Corino, he is utilizing Corino’s so called "black book" to contact some very influential "WWE / ECW / TNA" caliber fighters to complete his task of obliterating his adversaries.
Apparently there are some trust issues with in the locker room – Kapri orchestrated the match between KSK and rookie wrestlers Kid Impact / Double Dragon. In the match seeing the presence of Kapri for the first time since Supernova 08 sent Mana into a frenzy and he beat down Default Dragon without mercy injuring the young rookie’s knee. Mana not realising this has inavertedly taken out his partner for the Hardcore Resurrection Survivor Series match. Kapri has contacted Corino as a mission accomplished and now they can gloat it will be 4 on 5 members. What Team Corino did not expect was the emergence of Heritor’s true nature – A nasty, vile, uncaring bastard with a truly vicious streak that would scare a rabid Pit-bull into submission. Heritor tore apart "The All Round Natural" Ron Page with surgeon like precision who coincidently was also a member of Team Corino. This upset to Kid Kapri to no end – Heritor calmed Kapri, bearing in mind Ron Page is easily twice the size of Heritor – Heritor has said "Page was a weak link in my path to "Destiny", Corino Team would not gain victory with such a soft, untalented ball and chain" and continued to say "Do not concern yourself with pointless items Kapri – I have "roped" in a favour from an old friend who was "hanging" around with nothing better to do. He will help us destroy our attackers".
Who is it that Heritor speaks of ? What could possibly justify Page as a weak link and then be able produce an even stronger one? Even if he does can Team Corino even trust a man with a psycho killer mentality? We shall find out on July 31 at Hardcore Resurrection
With the injury to Default Dragon it has opened up an opportunity for another up and comer to debut for NHPW – Simply known as Percy T he will enter the match with Kid Impact against The Brothers of Construction – Corey and Logan.
Also Sven unfortunately has had to withdraw from participation of the Hardcore Resurrection double shot weekend due to visa complications which are hoped to be rectified by the SHWA offices ASAP. Sven was scheduled to be Bombshell Bo’s tag partner in the mixed tag team match. Taking from the influence of his Muscle Militia alumni Slate, the contract has been snatched up by The Wraith. Now Bombshell Bo will be partnered with someone who automatically flips the whole context of the match on its head – we shall see the outcome at Hardcore Resurrection night one.
Hardcore Resurrection is only two weeks away – The countdown to destruction begins …..
Any fans who are interested in a seminar with Steve Corino open spots are available to meet, greet and talk about some of Steve’s experiences in pro wrestling. Corino has conducted many seminars in the past and has wrestled some of the great wrestlers in the sport. He has wrestled and held titles in Japan, Puerto Rico, England as well as the REAL NWA, AWA and ECW World Champion
They include Dusty Rhodes, Terry Funk, Jeff Hardy, Great Muta, Sabu, Tazz, Taijiri, Raven, Undertaker, Masato Tanaka, Tommy Dreamer, Rob Van Dam, Rhino, Razor Ramon, Tully Blanchard and many, many more. Anyone interested in attending next week on July 29th at 5.00pm in Morley – the cost is $50 and will run for about 2.30 – 4 hours. Please call 0430 241 706 or email admin@shwa.net.au ASAP.

The first night of Hardcore Resurrection will be held at Yule Brook College, at 61 Dellar Rd, in Maddington WA, 6109.

– Matches Announced –

AWF Commonwealth Championship Match
Powerhouse Theo (AWF) vs NC Viper
Organisers for Hardcore Resurrection have worked out terms with AWF for a Title Defence of the Commonwealth Championship Title, held by Powerhouse Theo. This will be especially interesting due to the fact that Powerhouse Theo has also been chosen as a member of Team Corino in the Survivor Series-style match.
This has not pleased the person who brought Powerhouse Theo here, Kid Kapri, who was handpicked by "The King of Old School" as his Executive Guide for WA and to find him an "Enforcer" to watch Corino’s back. What’s angered Kapri even more was the announcement of who has accepted the challenge as the first match to be confirmed for "Hardcore Resurrection": NC Viper!

ICW World Heavyweight Championship Match
?? vs Jarrad Slate
On the 24th of July, Independent Championship Wrestling (ICW) will hold the "First Ever" 4 Way Hardcore Halo Ladder Championship Match between "The King of Old School" Steve Corino, "The Man" Blake Mitchell, "Cannonball" Kris Taylor and SHWA’s Mana the Polynesian Warrior. The winner of this match will become the first ever ICW World Heavyweight Champion! (more details can be found at the ICW website). NHPW, SHWA and ICW have come to terms whereby the winner of the ICW Championship will make their first title defence at "Hardcore Resurrection". This is also enriched with the fact that the ICW World Championship title defence is left as an "Unsigned Open Contract" – who from SHWA will take up the challenge of taking on a Champion who is going to go through absolute hell on July 24th, before defending only one week later on July 31st in Yule Brook College, Maddington, WA?
After many times stating he is a Main Event Star, Jarrad Slate has produced one of the biggest coups so far in the short history of SHWA. Not only has he combined a powerful stable the Muscle Militia with cohorts Pain and The Wraith he has also acquired one of the biggest opportunities since being signed for the match against “The Masterpieceâ€Â Chris Masters. Slate somehow has infiltrated NHPW offices and stolen the contract for the Title match for ICW Adelaide’s World Heavyweight Championship and has promptly signed his name on the dotted line. Jarrad Slate has now become the first ever Challenger to the ICW Heavyweight Championship on July 31st, now Jarrad Slate has the opportunity to become the first ever Title holder on the SHWA roster in WA. With the way the Muscle Militia have been running rough shot all over SHWA, is NHPW or more importantly the ICW World Heavyweight Title about to become the next victim in the Militia’s aggressive stampede?

Intergender Tag Match
Vic Galen & Mercedes Martinez vs The Wraith & Bombshell Bo (AWF)
The first ever Mixed Tag Team Event in SHWA, where Vic Galen will tag with American Superstar – "Latina Sensation" Mercedes Martinez against The Wraith who will partner with AWF Superstar Bombshell Bo. Bombshell would have been partnering with Sven Zoltanhassan, however due to visa issues he has been forced to return home.

More Tag Team Action!
The Brothers of Construction (Corey & Logan) vs Percy T & Kid Impact
This will be an absolute cracker of a match between two teams who quite possibly will be the future of Tag and wrestling in general – High-Flying, Technical, Innovation and Speed: all ingredients for a Car Wreck which this Match could very well become. Percy T is standing in for an injured Default Dragon; Default was taken out by Mana at Darkness Rising.


Survivor Series Elimination Tag Match
Team KSK (Killswitch Krew) vs Team Corino
Team co-Captains Mana and Tapu have chosen their members of the Killswitch Krew, which are: "The Hostile Reptile" NC Viper, and ICW Wrestling Star "Cannonball" Kris Taylor. They are one member short due to Mana’s rage at seeing Kid Kapri, and anger that was misdirected to Default Dragon.
After much discussion between "The King of Old School" and his core advisory team of Kid Kapri and Ebenizah J Klaus they believe they have worked out the solution to the Team KSK equation. Ebenizah has enrolled his hard hitter Mike Massive along with his possible monster project Ron Page. Page is on a trial basis with Klaus because he believes that Klaus’ influence will get him on the express train to Superstardom – but Klaus wants to test what Page is willing to do to get to the upper echelon of Pro Wrestling in WA. Kapri has enrolled "Powerhouse" Theo from AWF Sydney and hearing of the choice of Default Dragon to Team KSK he has decided that the best counteraction is to bring in someone equally suited, someone who has only referred to himself as Heritor. There is a lot of devious minds that have come forward to take out the members of Team KSK and Quarterbacked by the Original "King of Kings" Steve Corino they look to have chosen the Ultimate immovable object to take out the unstoppable force.
Unfortunately Ron Page was taken out by Heritor at Darkness Rising, however he has reassured Kapri, stating that he has someone that he will bring in to help destroy Team KSK.


Night 2 next page


***Night 2***


The second night of Hardcore Resurrection will be held at the Karrinyup Sports Center, at 2 Nerita Way, in Karrinyup WA, 6018.

– Matches Announced –

Australia vs America: When Countries Collide!
Bombshell Bo (AWF) vs Mercedes Martinez
"Latina Sensation" Mercedes Martinez(representing America) goes one on one with AWF Womens Superstar Bombshell Bo. This is a huge test for the young upstart Bo, but she is treating it like any other match with enough confidence that would make Chris Jericho shy. Bo has stated that although Mercedes is representing the pigheaded Americans she would rather not be known as an Australian, instead asking to be known as a Canadian Trained (Lance Storm school) Wrestler. We shall see, as Martinez has notched some of the best womens’ wrestlers’ names on her wins belt – Beth Phoenix, Victoria, Mickey James, Lacey, Tracey Brooks, TNA’s the Beautiful People, Roxxy Leveaux, Amazing Kong and Jazz to name a few, so it’s possible Bombshell Bo doesn’t quite know what she is up against.

Tag Team Match
Brothers of Construction vs Mike Massive / The Widowmaker Mange
On one hand, you have Corey and Logan, the Brothers of Construction and definite fan favorites. On the other, you have over a half-tonne of power, ability and (in Massive’s case) rage. Ron Page was the tag partner of Mike Massive, however he was taken out by Heritor at Darkness Rising, so Mange was put forward by an anonymous third party to be his replacement. It’ll be interesting to see who can score the win.

Training Academy Hi Fi Challenge
Kid Impact vs Percy T
Default Dragons’ injury at the hands of Mana has changed this match; No longer is it Cousin vs Cousin, instead it is Kid Impact versus Percy T.


ECW-STYLE Hardcore Match – "Fans Bring the Weapons Match"
"King of Old School" Steve Corino vs "The Polynesian Warrior" Mana
As fans Enter the Arena there will be Bins sitting by the Entranceway which The Fans will put weapons of their choice that combatants in the main event will use on each other. That’s right Fans!!! YOU get to choose the Weapons; YOU may well decide the outcome of this match! No Rules, No DQ, No Time Limits – One Man Left Standing!

Maddington: To book tickets call 0411489760 / 0892518333 OR email admin@shwa.net.au.
July 31st –Yule Brook College, 61 Dellar Rd, Maddington – WA 6109. Doors Open 7pm, Show Starts 7:30pm
Tickets $20 Ringside, $15 General, $10 for Yule Brook College Students.

Karrinyup: To book tickets call 0434513460 OR email admin@shwa.net.au.
August 1st-Karrinyup Sports Center, 2 Nerita Way, Karrinyup – WA 6018. Doors Open 7pm, Show Starts 7:30pm
Tickets: $20 Ringside, $15 General




FIP Pro Wrestling Headlines for 7.23.09

YRR Demands Special Stipulations

Apparently Mister St. Laurent and the YRR have a bigger problem with the Dark City Fight Club than we had originally been led to believe. Word inside the FIP offices this week has been a series of demanding phone calls from MSL and the YRR attorneys demanding that the match between The YRR and DCFC be held under no DQ Street Fight Rules.

“Kory Chavis and Jon Davis have been running around here for months talking about people ducking them, and who they were going to send to the hospital, and quite frankly, we’re sick and tired of hearing it. It’s time somebody shut these 2 guys up once and for all, and Sal Rinauro and Chasyn Rance are going to do just that, and people see what happens to guys like Kory Chavis who stick their noses in where it doesn’t belong. Chavis and his pal are gonna pay for getting in the way of my business with Kenny King.”

When the quotes/demands from The YRR were delivered to Jon Davis, FIP officials were unsure exactly what to expect in reply. Davis snarled, “Street Fight?? What do you two prima donnas know about fighting in the streets? You got it, but don’t blame us when it’s over”

Former World Champ back in Action in FIP

Former ROH World Champion Nigel McGuinness has been out of action rehabbing multiple injuries sustained during his record setting 18 month reign as ROH Champ. He has been declared fit and is ready to get back into the ring in FIP next Saturday night in Crystal River.

Can Chris Jones slay the Monster of the Midway?

Another 1st time matchup has been signed for August 1st, as Jay Bradley, who has been impressive since coming to FIP gets to take on former Florida Heritage Champion Chris Jones.

“I know Jay is a big guy, but I’ve been in there with big guys before, and I’ve done pretty well for myself. I don’t expect next Saturday to be any different. I’m gonna bring everything I’ve got, and Jay, you better be ready.”

The Skinny on FIP’s August Event
Saturday, August 1st , 2009
National Guard Armory
8551 W. Venable St., Crystal River, FL 34429
Doors open at 7:30 pm and show starts at 8 pm
Tickets are $20 Ringside, $15 GA & Kids 13 and under $10 GA
Advance tickets – $12 GA & Kids 13 and under $8 GA
To purchase advance tickets call (352) 422-4582 or visit www.FullImpactPro.com

Already Signed:

FIP World Heavyweight Title Match
Davey Richards w/HBE vs. Kenny King

FIP Tag Team Title Match Texas Tornado Rules
Erick Stevens/Roderick Strong vs. The British Lions (w/Heartbreak Enterprises)

NO DQ Street Fight Rules
The YRR (w/MSL) vs. The Dark City Fight Club

FIP Florida Heritage Title Match
“Addicted to Love” Rhett Titus (w/HBE) vs. Brad Attitude

Special Challenge Match #1
Nigel McGuiness vs. TJ Perkins

Special Challenge Match #2
Chris Jones vs. “The Monster of the Midway” Jay Bradley

Also Scheduled to Appear:

2 Fast 2 Furious (Nooie Lee and Jerrelle Clark)
“CK1” Caleb Konley
“The Marquee” Bruce Santee
Brett Thunder
Grizzly Redwood
“The Bad Seed” Shawn Osborne

Bobby Dempsey


Don’t forget to come hang out with the stars of FIP at the after party at Cracker’s Bar and Grill immediately after the show…

502 NW 6th St
River, FL 34428
Just off of Hwy 19, 1.5 miles South of the Crystal River Mall, next to the Best Western



"KING V" (formerly "Big Daddy V"©, "Vicera"© & "King Mabel©") TO WRESTLE AT PWU: WR’s "UNSCRIPTED 5th ANNIVERSARY" MEGA-EVENT ON SEPT. 26th:
    We at Wrestle-Reality have been attempting to sign "KING V" to wrestle here since his departure from WWE last year.  Finally, we have come to terms and are proud to announce that the massive 500lb.+ "KING V" will wrestle on Sept. 26th!!  "KING V", physically one of the largest competitors to ever enter a wrestling ring anywhere, has stated that he intends to take on the BIGGEST man/men that PWU can offer him!  So here’s what we came up with…..
    It’s now official, "KING V" will wrestle as part of the first ever SUPER-HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE qualifying match!  KING V will team with PWU Academy graduate (and Aramis’ real life brother-in-law) AHTU as they face the over 500 pound DR. RUTHLESS and KWAME in a FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE MATCH.  The members of the winning team will face EACH OTHER on October the 24th to determine the first ever SuperHeavyweight Champion of Wrestle-Reality!

 Tickets will go on sale soon, keep checking WrestleReality.com and join our email list so you don’t get locked out.

    Wrestle-Reality will be honoring the following weight class divisions on ALL events……
1. Super Heavyweight – 265lbs and up
2. World Heavyweight – 205lbs to 264lbs
3. American Champion – 204lbs and under

    After winning last year’s Barbed Wire Steel Cage Match (a match that took part of his ear off), Joe Ettell declared himself "Indestructable" to the packed house.  Now, one year later Joe seems to be continuing his hardcore ways as he has now issued an open challenge on his myspace for anyone to take him on on September 26th in PWU’s first ever "STAPLE GUN DEATHMATCH"!  Based on the responses that Joe recieves, he will announce who he will face on July 25th via his myspace (below) and at WrestleReality.com.  Wrestlers can read his challenge and/or respond to his challenge atmyspace.com/BloodX2 or email him at BloodX2@aol.com.  Don’t hesitate, he will REALLY be choosing his opponent from the responses he recieves!

PWU: Wrestle-Reality proudly presents:
"The 5th Anniversary – UNSCRIPTED"
Saturday September 26th, 2009
More info coming soon, here’s what we know so far…..

1. PWU World Title Match:
Teddy Fine (Champion) vs ?? (To be announced July 25th only at WrestleReality.com!)

500+lb. KING V and AHTU vs 500+lb. Dr. RUTHLESS and KWAME (the members of the winning team faces EACH OTHER Oct. 24th to determine the world’s 1st ever Super-Heavyweight Champion.

The Sandman’s son TYLER "Twisted Sand" FULLINGTON vs the PWU return of RAVEN

"Indestructable" Joe Ettell vs ?? (TBA July 25th only at WrestleReality.com)

The DARK Realm interview segment returns hosted by Rocko "Helter" Skelter.  His guest TBA.

Also scheduled:
*PWU:WR founder/promoter Johnny Kashmere will announce the brand new General Manager of Wrestle-Reality in the ring on this historic night.

*Also the first ever PWU:WR Hall of Fame induction will take place!

*Plus at least 5 more huge matches with the American Title being defended plus the qualifier to crown the first ever SUPER HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION featuring KING V!  Also KING V, RVEN and all of the stars of PWU:WR will be available to meet and greet the fans and take pictures.
**Remember, We will announce our World Title match on our website and email list on July the 25th.  Card is subject to change.

    The biggest wrestling convention on the East Coast comes to The Bucks County Tech school in Levittown, PA during the morning and afternoon of September the 26th 2009.  PWU:WR will be on hand selling event tickets and with some giveaways for the fans in attendance.  Already signed to meet and greet the fans at the PWU:WR table is ECW legend RAVEN!  We will announce more stars to be appearing at our table soon on our website.  Also, "KING V" will be on hand at this convention as well as many more top stars and legends in the sport.  All info can be found at Signamania.com.  (**Signamania.com also has exclusive info on how you can meet WWE’s SANTINO MORELLA at Georges Cards & Collectibles on July 25th from noon untill 2pm!)

   We are selling vending space for September the 26th at a rock bottom price, first come-first served, email backseatjk@tmail.com.

    We are also accepting sponsorships at this time, many packages are available, serious inquiries email backseatjk@tmail.com

Please bookmark the following websites:

WrestleReality.com – Join our email list now!
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