At Random: Chris Cash Reviews TNA’s 200th Impact Edition

Chris Cash

At Random: Chris Cash Reviews TNA’s 200th Impact Edition

Congratulations to TNA Impact! for making it to 200!

As the Mafia walks out, it’s just crazy to see how many people are actually in the group.  And the two that seem to have gotten lost in the shuffle?  Taz and Joe.  There’s just too many right now.  

I was actually pretty impressed by Lashley’s promo.  He’s never going to be a Kurt Angle on the mic, but he was better than I remembered him being in the WWE.  A simple, effective promo by Lashley going back and forth with one of the greatest.

It’s funny to hear TNA promote the fact that they worry more about television ratings than pay per view buys.  I realize this is the 200th episode of Impact! and I have no problem with big matches on this particular show, but a few extra spectators doesn’t help the fact they only convinced a reported 7,000 people to buy Slammiversary.  There ratings are consistent though!

A really good match between Hernandez and Joe with a "wow" finish in the fact that they gave Hernandez the win!  I was hoping they would, but simply didn’t expect it.  Kudos to TNA for realizing Joe didn’t "need" the win and Hernandez did if he ever wants to be taken seriously as a singles competitor (which, in my opinion, he definitely could be soon).  Great opening match.

Good follow-up with Joe and Taz after the break with Taz pointing out that he didn’t beat Joe…Joe beat Joe.

Speaking of a man that could have a great lengthy program with Hernandez, Matt Morgan delivers a good promo.  If done correctly, Morgan should be in for a face turn soon and he could/should be the next guy to break through that "glass ceiling" in TNA.  The fans loved him when he was a face and would do so again if he ends up turning on the Mafia due to their neglect and avoidance of letting him into the group.  

So, I’m in the middle of watching the Styles/Morgan match and Tenay mentioned the X Division "number one contender" tournament (or match or whatever he said) that was supposed to be taking place some time and it got me thinking…who actually is the Champion right now?

Another solid bout between two of TNA’s young, fresh superstars in A.J. Styles and Matt Morgan.  

I’m not a huge Traci Brooks fan, but she definitely plays the "bitch" role very well.  It just seems to come so…natural.  And yes, I’m sure I’ll still check her out in Playboy (although there were MUCH better choices within that company to be the first).

I used to have a crush on Victara, but she just isn’t as hot as she used to be for some reason (no offense).  She’s a seasoned veteran and I’m glad she’s in TNA.  

Not the worst Knockouts match I’ve ever seen (when everyone was actually wrestling), but I didn’t like the finish.  I’m okay with the Kong/Tara feud, but the fact that the Beautiful People can lose to ODB by herself doesn’t do anything for anyone. And it really just doesn’t make sense.  

I can’t be sure just yet, but I think I like the World Elite group.  Okay, that was before I realized it was going to be just another anti-American group.  It’s not that they can’t be effective still, but TNA has really exhausted these groups in the past.  It’s just got that "same old, same old" feel to it.  It’s good to get quick heat on the group though.  I just hope the promos don’t have this same theme to it week in and week out.  Funny way Eric Young tries to get his point across of being who he wants to be simply by cutting his hair.  He wants to be a shorter-haired person?  And he says he doesn’t want to be funny anymore! I was laughing.  

Team 3D comes out and defends our honor.  Uh…thanks.  For the umpteenth time.

The tables match was fine for what it was and didn’t mind the finish.  I don’t think the title change will last long, but did help sell the validity of the new WE group, so in that sense, I thought it was effective.  

Stevie Richards sure does a good promo, but I’m just tired of this whole feud.  

"Lashley’s out cold, Lashley’s out cold"!  

I really liked the return of Sting, but just didn’t see any point in the Legends title going to Mick.  It just really serves no purpose and the Mafia didn’t get to hold all the titles long enough, in my opinion.  


Real solid show presented by TNA for the 200th episode.  Everything they did (for the most part) seemed to have a purpose and a good flow to it.  Here’s to hoping that they continue this in the future and at the very least, stay consistent.  They have enough star power and star potential to take big steps in the future, but they have to stay strong creatively.  They have had a real hard time with that lately and none of it amounts to anything if they can’t sell pay per views.  Here’s to hoping, right?

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