TNA House Show Results (8/22): Laredo, Texas

Matt Boone

Austin Castillo sent along the following:

TNA House Show Results
Laredo, Texas
August 22, 2009

Hey, I attended the recent TNA House Show here in Laredo, Texas.
I had a blast! Best show, better than last years. Anyway. Heres are the results and some story. Before I say anything, there was a lot of Fan interaction, it almost looked like a riot was gonna break loose!
Match 1:
Homocide d. Shiek Abdul Bashir.
Decent match, lasted about 10-15 mins. Nothing special. I, along with everyone else, was behind Homicide, since he’s Mexican, pretty much everyone was, so obviously, we were gonna cheer for him- haha. Shiek got a lot of heat, and he actually left the ring, and then jumped the rail (or whatever you call it) and interacted with a fan. they were just changing words, cause the guy told Shiek ‘My grandma can do it better’ at a move he did. Homicide won with his Cutter finisher.
Match 2:
Sarita d. Angelina Love.
Okay match, nothing like last year’s match. Only one thing about this that was pure awesomeness- The ladies. lol. They’re both very gorgeous. Anyway. The match was good, yeah, but couldve been better. I’ll be honest with you- I just took pics of Angelina’s Ass and just stared at it. Sarita kept going ‘Viva la Raza’ ‘Mejico’ etc etc. She got cheered, loudly. I think she the pin with a roll up, i dont exactly remember.
Match 3:
Matt Morgan d. Kip James.
Kip James came out to a good pop. Morgan came out to mixed pop. Then got boooed for throwing the finger at us, and what not lol. Awesome match, Kip was very good, and kept the match alive. I kept doing the DX sign, and everything. He noticed, and laughed. Morgan won with his finisher. After Morgan left, Kip standed up, and did the ‘suck it’ move, and left the crowd happ. He’s awesome.
Match 4:
AJ Styles d. Samoa Joe.
AJ Styles came out to a big Pop, probably the biggest. A lot of AJ Fans, I, myself, am one. I cheered AJ, and booed Joe. Though, I like him, but not that night, lol. Good match, ending came with the ref being knocked out, So Joe got the Title, and hits AJ, but the ref doesnt notice.. He then sees the belt in the ring, and asks us, the audience, if he used it against Styles, in which we respond, yes. Jeremy then announces that the winner is AJ. Samoa then attacks AJ. AJ hits his kick out of nowhere, and Joe gets out of the ring. AJ poses for the crowd, and what not. Very awesome.
JB then said its intermission time, and that Sarita and Homicide are signing autographs where they sell the merchandise, and everyone just leaves, so did I, running. I got there early, so I got a autograph of them both. Sarita is very gorgeous.
Match 5:
Hernandez d. Eric Young.
Decent match, Hernandez got a good pop. Eric had good heat, then hits the major heat for insulting us mexicans, and what not. He tries to convince Hernandez to come home, with elite, then Hernandez says, hes already home with his peeps here in Laredo, big pop for that. It was a good match, ending came with Hernandez hitting his finisher. He poses for the crowd then leaves. good stuff.
JB Announces that this is the main event.
Match 6:
Beer Money, Inc. d. Main Event Mafia’s member Booker T and Scott Steiner.
Arguably the best match of the night. Booker and Scott actually got some cheers, but then they cut a promo saying we’re insults, etc. and it gets them heat. He then demands JB that this will not be for the titles and JB then agrees. So this is just a singles match, to send us home happy. Beer money came to a big pop. They told us to do the ‘Beer!’ ‘Money!’ side to side thing, but then said ‘Since we’re almost in mexico, lets say ‘Servesa’ ‘Dinero’ in which we do’ haha. Good stuff. Booket T got in a lot of Fan Interaction. He actually got in one with a dude in front of me who kept telling him to go back to WCW and what not. funny stuff. Booker T even told the kids off, and what not. Scott did too, with a lot of fans. Anyway. I don;t remember the ending, I was too excited? lol but I do know Beer Money Inc won.
After the event, Beer Money said they’re bringing backstage to us!! Sarita, Hernandez, Kip James, JB, all sign autographs. You could also take pics with Beer Money for 20 dollars. a lot of people went there.
I got to take a pic with JB and paid 20 for Beer Money. I got Sarita, Hernandez, Homicide and Kip’s autograph.
Also, this hot chick from Laredo, I believe, was taking the pictures when you were with Beer Money. I just want you all to know- She was very hot! She had the best Ass, too. Tied with Angelina’s.
All in all, good show. Very good show. Hope they return soon. Arena wasn;t full, but I think it was more people than last years event. Crowd went home happy. I certainly did.
Biggest Pops:
AJ Styles
Beer Money Inc.
Homicide and Hernandez
Biggest Heat:
Booker T and Scott Steiner
Shiek Abdul Bashir
Eric Young

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