National Wrestling Alliance News & Notes for 8-24-09

Bill Behrens
Hostile Environment, the Anarchy Original is rapidly approaching for the fifth time, and it is bringing with it the 15 foot steel fence in the main event for the fifth time. As was the case in the previous four installments, the personal issues are plentiful and the only way to settle it is through the intense battle of perseverance and pride known as War Games. It is an environment where the attritions of the combatants, are as unforgiving as the steel that surrounds them. The Devil’s playground as it has become known, and how fitting that it is the Devil’s Rejects will join forces with the NWA Elite to form an Unholy Alliance to wage war with a group of men with vengeance on their mind. The future of these 8 men lays in the cold palm of a 16 by 16 foot ring surrounded by a 15 foot high steel coffin that has laid claim to many men’s career throughout the years.  Let’s meet this year’s warriors.
The Unholy Alliance :
Tank: A veteran of the War Games match. Tank has been both on the winning and losing side of many War Games teams. Most recently he was a member of the Devil’s Rejects in 2007 facing the NWA Elite in a losing effort at the famed Georgia Mountain Center in Gainesville, Georgia. Tank recently returned to NWA Anarchy after a long sabbatical seemingly to aid his longtime friend and former Devil’s Reject Iceberg. Their reunion was short lived as Tank hit Iceberg with the dreaded Heart Punch. Tank has perfected this deadly maneuver over the past year, a move that at one time was banned from most major promotions and athletic commissions across the globe. It has even lead to several in ring deaths including legendary Georgia promoter and wrestler Ray Gunkel.
Shaun Tempers: Another veteran of the War Games match. Shaun Tempers, like Tank was a member of the 2006 and 2007 Devil’s Rejects War Games teams, and was forced to surrender in the 2006 match at the hands of Ace Rockwell. That was then, this is now. While always an accomplished wrestler, the 2009 Shaun Tempers is a different animal from the 2006 man who terrorized Anarchy rings. In 2006 Tempers was still considered a tag team wrestler, as he was just a few short months removed from his team with Ace Rockwell. The 2009 Tempers, is a World Television Champion, who has not only proven he is a world class single’s competitor, but also proved he is willing to do whatever it takes to get whatever he wants. Motivation like that makes for a dangerous opponent in this environment.
Kimo: If there was anyone man bred for this match Kimo would be the guy. From birth this man was designed to be an assassin, a killing machine. A member of the North Korean army, and was a bodyguard for Kim Jong Il. When he first entered NWA Anarchy he had zero wrestling knowledge, using primarily martial arts and various tactics he was taught during his time in the North Korean army. Through the guidance of Jeff G. Bailey and a partnership with NWA National Champion, Shatter, Kimo has picked up and successfully developed some wrestling skills that he has displayed in recent matches. Kimo has yet to be pinned, or forced to submit. It should be noted that his only cage match was against Ace Rockwell at last year’s Season’s Beatings, a contest Rockwell won by escaping the cage. This is the ideal situation for Kimo.
Shatter: A former US Marine, and former Anarchy heavyweight champion. Shatter made his War Games debut in 2007, also his rookie year. In that match he won War games for the NWA Elite by forcing Iceberg to submit, something that had never been done up to that point, he was also the first man in Anarchy to pin Iceberg in singles competition. From their Shatter would win the Anarchy heavyweight title from Ace Rockwell, and successfully defend it for over 7 months. All of this in his rookie year. From their Shatter would go on to win the Anarchy tag titles with Kimo, and then in January of this year he would capture the NWA National Title, and move himself into a top contenders spot for the NWA World title. Shatter is coming off a brutal Boot Camp match with his former partner and fellow Marine Truitt Fields, but much like his current partner Kimo, Shatter is bred for this type of match and could rise to the occasion in a war-like setting.
Strategy & Tactics : Jeff G. Bailey and The Rev. Dan Wilson
Neither man is a stranger to War Games, as both have been outside and inside the War Games cage. These two evil geniuses were on opposite ends of the cage in 2007, with Bailey’s team taking the victory. Dan Wilson is leading his third team to War Games, and looking for his first win. Despite being 0-2 in War Games Wilson’s Rejects have had great showings in the past, and they were responsible for Jerry Palmer being put in the hospital at the conclusion of War Games 2006. With four of wrestling’s most dangerous men, and two of wrestling’s greatest minds working as a unit, Wilson may very well get to enjoy his first War Games victory.
Team Anarchy:
Iceberg: Wrestling’s sole serial killer, the No Pain Train, and the being of inconceivable horror are just a few of the names that this former NWA Anarchy heavyweight champion is known by. He is also a former member of the Rejects. Iceberg was brutally removed the group that he was a founding member of several weeks ago, and has been seeking revenge ever since. Perhaps the thing weighing most on the mind of Iceberg, is not only the betrayal of his brethren in the Rejects, but perhaps the fact that a man who was a brother to him also returned to stab him in the heart. Tank and Iceberg were tag team partners long before they were members of the Rejects. Holding various tag titles throughout the country, and at one point they were NWA Wildside tag team champions. Not to mention their various reigns as Anarchy tag champions as members of the Rejects. Iceberg was laid out by Tank’s Heart Punch, but has not let that stop him for seeking revenge. With the four steel walls surrounding the ring, Iceberg will get his chance to gain a measure of revenge against him.
Ace Rockwell: He was the first man to win Anarchy’s Triple Crown (Heavyweight, TV, and Tag titles). He was one of the first to step up to the plate as a member of Team Anarchy in their wars against the Rejects dating back to 2006. He was the first man in War Games in 2006, and he was the one who forced Shaun Tempers to surrender. Ace Rockwell has been making history in NWA Anarchy since he first step foot in the ring, and despite a laundry list of injuries he has always shown up for a fight. Right now Ace Rockwell is at perhaps the healthiest he has been in a long time, and the fire of hatred he has for his former friend and partner Shaun Tempers still burns deep. Ace will take all of that emotion with him into the ring at War Games. Rockwell has shown he can be resilient and he has a high threshold of pain, two attributes important in a match of this magnitude.
Mikal Judas: it’s hard to believe, but this will be Mikal Judas’ first time in War Games. However, Judas (then known as Mikal Adryan) won the Anarchy heavyweight title in the confines of the steel cage at Hostile Environment 2005 with Jeff G. Bailey in his corner.  Judas has had his problems with Kimo as of late, and at one time was believed to have been put out of wrestling forever by him. Judas surprisingly returned a few weeks later and since then has seemed hell bent on destroying not only Kimo, but the Jeff G. Bailey as well.
Truitt Fields: When Fields debuted in Anarchy he did so with his friend, partner, and fellow Marine Phill Shatter. When Shatter decided to join the NWA Elite the two came to a gentlemen’s agreement that they would not interfere with the other’s business. Shatter went on to win the Anarchy heavyweight title, and Fields would win the TV title. Fields went on to hold that title for 18 months, when out of nowhere Shatter broke the agreement and assisted Shaun Tempers in winning the title. Truitt was shocked and distraught over the turn of events, but that eventually turned to anger. Fields went right after the National Champion, which led to a brutal Boot Camp match. Although Fields came up short in that contest, he has not lost sight of his mission. He comes into this War Games more focused than ever.
Strategy & Tactics: Jerry Palmer
The owner of NWA Anarchy has been here before. He has cheered from the sidelines, and he has battled from the frontlines. This time Palmer is there to lend moral support to Team Anarchy, and attempt to hold Bailey and Wilson at bay. A few years ago many experts questioned Palmer’s experience as a leader, and while this is no longer an issue one has to question can he outsmart the combined forces of Bailey and Wilson. Then again one would also have to question if Bailey and Wilson could stand up to Palmer in a physical situation.
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