WWE Breaking Point PPV Results – September 13, 2009

Matt Boone

WWE Breaking Point PPV results from September 13, 2009!

WWE Breaking Point Results - September 13, 2009WWE Breaking Point Results — PAGE ONE
September 13, 2009
Report By: Matt Boone for WrestleZone.com

WWE Breaking Point PPV Opener:

The video package airs highlighting tonight’s main bouts. We shoot live to the arena as Michael Cole welcomes us to The Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Unified Tag-Titles:
-Big Show & Chris Jericho (c) vs. Mark Henry & MVP

MVP and Jericho start things off. Crowd is very hot for MVP here early. Before anything happens, Jericho walks out of the ring to avoid MVP. Crowd boo’s. Back in the ring now, we have our first lock-up. MVP bullies Jericho into a corner and the ref splits them up. Punching exchange now and MVP whips Jericho into the ropes. Hip-toss. MVP with a quick cover but Jericho kicks out with ease. Jericho stumbles into the wrong corner and Henry blasts him from the apron. MVP has Jericho in the ropes now working shoulder blocks to the mid-section. Jericho with a cheap shot to gain control of the offense. MVP with a reversal and a neckbreaker to get the action back in his favor. MVP tags in Henry. Jericho runs to his corner quickly and tags in Big Show. The two big boys lock up as the crowd chants "let’s go Big Show!" Crowd is refusing to support Henry. Big Show with a big splash onto Henry in the corner, but Henry catches him in mid-air. That was pretty awesome. Henry now with a big splash of his own. Henry for a bodyslam attempt. He has Big Show up and Jericho runs in and knocks Henry down. Big Show lands on top of Henry for a pin attempt but Henry kicks out at two. Big Show in full control now. Jericho attacking Henry from the apron behind the ref’s back. Big Show tags in Jericho. Jericho working over Henry now. Loud "Y2J" chant. This crowd absolutely hates Henry it seems. Jericho tags back in Big Show and the two collide into each other, knocking themselves both down. Double-count from the ref now as both guys crawl to their corner. Big Show makes the tag, but so does Henry. MVP like a ball of fire now, putting on an offensive showcase on Jericho. MVP sets up the "Ballin’" move. MVP hits it and tries to pin Jericho but he kicks out at two. Jericho slaps the Walls Of Jericho on out of nowhere but MVP quickly escapes. Big boot to Jericho but Jericho tagged Big Show without MVP knowing. Big Show with a huge spear on MVP. Big Show tags Jericho back in. Jericho throwing insulting, toying-style kicks to an already beaten down MVP. Jericho with a rear chinlock on MVP now. "Ask him!" MVP works his way back to his feet and breaks the hold. Small package from MVP but Jericho kicks out at two. MVP clotheslines Jericho down. MVP working to make the tag to Henry. Jericho cuts him off inches away from making the tag. MVP with a real nice reversal into a DDT on Jericho. Both guys down now as the crowd encourages both to make the tag. MVP tags in Henry. Henry beating on Jericho and the crowd is just shitting on Henry. They REALLY seem to be an anti-Henry crowd. Jericho comes off the top but Henry catches him, presses him over his head and slams him down. Henry with a big splash on Jericho but Big Show is in to make the save. Henry knocks Big Show out of the ring. Henry pins Jericho but he gets his foot on the ropes just in time. Jericho tries the Codebreaker but Henry catches him, lifts him up high and drops him. Big Show from outside the ring hits the "knockout blow" on Henry. Jericho crawls over to pin Henry and gets the three count for the victory.

Winners and STILL Unified Tag-champions: Big Show & Chris Jericho

Josh Matthews Interviews Legacy

Josh Matthews is backstage with Legacy. He tells them D-X has never lost by submission. He talks about how tonight is a falls count anywhere match. Rhodes says this is not a match it’s a fight. He says Legacy is not a submission specialist kind of team but there’s many ways to find a man’s breaking point. DiBiase talks about how D-X is a thing of the past and how Legacy is the future of the WWE. DiBiase has the D-X glow sticks and talks how D-X is just like them. He says eventually they burn out and then you throw them away. They walk off.

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