TOP TEN: Most Underrated Superstars In Wrestling Today

Chris Cash

We’re back with another readers’ "Top Ten" list and this week, you guys decided who you think are the most underrated wrestlers today.  The winner was clear, but the rest of the list was a tight race. 

NOTE:  I asked for only active WWE and TNA wrestlers.  One wrestler that’s listed is not an active member of either, but I think he deserves a spot and I’m sure you’ll see why when you get there.  He is still an "active" wrestler today; he’s just not currently working for either company. 

Another great list and I appreciate all the emails we received contributing to this list. 

Now, without further delay, scroll the pages to see who "you" felt are the top ten most underrated superstars in professional wrestling.

Motor City Machine Guns

Reader Jeffrey Skaggs said the following:

"One week they’re being used and the next they aren’t even on television.  These are two of the top five "wrestlers" that TNA have in their company and they’re also a reputable tag team, so the fact that TNA can’t use them any better is just beyond me."

Tie: Matt Hardy/MVP


Reader Scott Moore said the following about Matt Hardy: "It should be easy to push him because his last name is freaking HARDY!  Now, I think Jeff has more of a cult following than Matt does, but there’s no question the fans want to get behind him and always have.  The saga between him, Edge, and Lita proved that Matt can be pushed in my opinion"

Reader Jessica Simms said the following about MVP:  "I know he gets plenty of television time with Mark Henry, but what will it matter in the end?  There’s no one for those two to work with in the tag division.  I think he would have a better chance to get over more as a heel, but even as a face, he’s definitely not getting his just due."


Reader Billy G. said the following:

"Daniels could be the Chris Benoit of TNA.  Hell, he’s better on the microphone than Benoit was and although they are putting him in the main events right now, I doubt they’ll continue the push.  Not to mention it’s taken way too long in the first place"


Reader Richx said the following:

"Top heel, but also a top draw.  Pissed off one to many higher-ups to possibly ever get the title, but definately could of surpassed Razor Ramon if he played his cards right"

Ken Anderson/Kennedy

Reader amarillo2342 said the following:

"Who in the hell did this guy piss off?  Oh, that’s right…Randy Orton.  Well, it’s a shame because he had everything going for him and should have been a major star for the WWE.  Hopefully, they’ll get their head out of Orton’s ass and allow him to come back.  TNA would just screw up his career even further, so I hope he doesn’t got there."

Evan Bourne

Reader David Morrish said the following:

"This guy is THE reason why they should bring the cruiserweight title back. He is one of the best cruiserweights we’ve seen in a long time, I’d go as far to say that he’ll be better than Rey Mysterio some day. They should have more people who wrestle like him so that he can have some fair competition… But I bet he’ll just end up being Sheamus’ next victim…"

Chavo Guerrero

Reader Matthew Malone said the following:

"Not a lot to say here. Just a solid all around wrestler. Not a maineventer, but more than the running joke he is right now. Now, he did make a great champ in ECW, and that would be a great fit for him."


Reader Manny Straum said the following:

"How long has this guy been doing nothing now for the company?  Every program he’s apart of seems to be stale and they can never seem to make up their mind exactly what they want his gimmick to be."


Reader Alex Bandy said the following:

"This is the same man who played a part in innovating tag team wrestling. He contributed to winning the Monday night wars, and even though he won numerous other titles, he never won the big one. With all due respect to the watered down ECW, how can Christian not be a main eventer along with Triple H, John Cena, Batista or Randy Orton ?How much more must he prove, seriously ? A crime for sure."


5. Abyss (TNA)

4. R-Truth (WWE)

3. Santino Marella (WWE)

2. Rhino (TNA)

1. Goldust (WWE)



Shelton Benjamin

Reader Soltak11 said the following:

"Truly gifted athletically, Shelton has always been relegated to the mid-card. While he’s not great on the mic, I think his in-ring abilities alone justify a few main events."

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