WWE: Tables, Ladders & Chairs PPV Results (12/13/09)

Matt Boone

WWE: Tables, Ladders & Chairs PPV ResultsWWE: Tables, Ladders & Chairs Results — PAGE ONE
December 13, 2009
Results By: Matt Boone for WrestleZone.com

ECW Title:
(Ladder Match)
-Christian (c) vs. Shelton Benjamin

They go at it right from the get-go. On the floor now Benjamin is going for a ladder. Christian runs and jumps off the apron, smashing into Benjamin on the floor. Christian now takes the ladder into the ring and unfolds it in the center of the ring. He begins climbing but Benjamin pulls him down. Benjamin throws Christian into a corner and then impressively leap-frogs onto a ladder in a single bounce. Christian yanks him down and slams him. He picks up the ladder and starts walking to Benjamin with it over his head, but Benjamin tripped him and Christian took the blow. Benjamin has Christian on the floor now. He opens up and sets up a ladder on the floor. He throws some kicks at Christian. It appears Christian was cut open by the ladder and the match is completely on hold right now as a trainer tries cleaning Christian up. This is going on for a while now. Crowd is chanting "we want blood" while the trainer continues trying to clean him up. Finally Christian shoves the doctor out of the way and continues his attack on Benjamin. After seeing blood everywhere, Christian seems completely unharmed and cleaned up. Benjamin and Christian climb the ladder set up on the floor. Benjamin knocks Christian down and hits a flying flip onto him on the floor. Benjamin takes a ladder and props it up across the ring apron and the announce table, making a ladder-bridge type spot. They fight around the bridge spot but don’t do anything major. Back in the ring now with two ladders, Benjamin is gaining the upper-hand in the match. Christian climbs the ladder and gets his hand on the title but Benjamin knocks the ladder over. Benjamin goes for the title now but Christian goes up behind him on the ladder and hits a reverse DDT off the ladder. Benjamin does some crazy spots on the ladder, showing off amazing balance. He completes the spot by riding the ladder down like a tree and coming off with a flying clothesline at the last second. Cool spot. Bunch of replays of that playing now as Benjamin sets up a ladder in the middle of the ring. He begins his climb and grabs the title. He almost gets the title unhooked but Christian gets to him just in time. Both guys on the ladder now. Benjamin has Christian over his shoulder on the ladder. He powerslams him off the ladder. Nice. While setting up a ladder standing in the corner, Benjamin runs and hits a Stinger splash spot. Pretty cool. Benjamin climbs up the ladder and grabs on but Christian pulls the ladder out from under him. Benjamin hung onto the cords though and is dangling off the belt. Christian sets up a ladder under him and climbs. He knocks Benjamin down and Christian goes for the title now. Benjamin pulls the ladder away and now Christian is hanging onto the cords. Benjamin pulls him down in the powerbomb position and launches him into a ladder set up in the corner. Christian smashes into it. Both guys climb the ladder in the center of the ring. Christian has a hand on the title but Benjamin punches him off. Benjamin leaps over Christian’s head on top of the ladder, and nearly pulls him down for a powerbomb, however Christian reverses it into a Huracanrana. Nice. They’re back to the ladder bridged across the ring apron and announce table. Benjamin and Christian are fighting outside the ropes on the apron. Benjamin tries German Suplexing him onto it but Christian knocks him down. Benjamin is laying across the ladder now. Christian climbs the top rope and hits a frogsplash onto Benjamin that breaks the ladder in half. Replays galore. Christian climbs the ladder in the ring now and is slowly going up for the title. Benjamin is motionless on the floor. Christian pulls the belt down and retains his ECW Championship.

Winner and STILL ECW champion: Christian

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