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Superstars and Divas at home on the range

By: Corey Clayton
Written: December 17, 2009

WWE Superstars and Divas train their bodies to be human weapons in the ring. But when WWE visits the Middle East for their annual Tribute to the Troops mission, the Superstar and Divas see up close what damage a soldier’s weapons can do when they got the chance to squeeze off a few rounds from some of the biggest guns on the battlefield.

Amongst many activities that the Superstars and Divas shared with the troops during their visit, they got their hands on M4 carbine rifles and M60 machine guns, tearing up targets at the range.

"We were able to do many things that civilians would have to pay exorbitant amounts to do, like shoot .50 caliber machine guns and drive a tank." CM Punk recalled. "I was dressed in full K-9 protective gear, and let German shepherds bite me, attack me, and take me down. … everywhere we went was another summer camp-like activity for psychopaths."

Diva Kelly Kelly felt right at home on the target range. She fired many similar weapons before during her summer visit with the National Guard in Chicago. And her family often visits the shooting range together when home in the Jacksonville area.

"Me and my mom do that all the time," Kelly said. "It’s mother-daughter time – we go out to the ranges and shoot all sorts of targets."

Chris Masters and Carlito cranked it up a notch, teaming with soldiers using C4 explosives to dispose of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) – a far cry from the pyrotechnics that light up Raw and SmackDown sets.

Unfortunately, Carlito didn’t leave the bomb range unscathed. Luckily EMTs were there to patch up a very minor, yet uncool, injury.

"They were able to secure the wound on my index finger … they gave me a nice Scooby-Doo Band-Aid," Carlito mused.

Cryme Tyme also got their hands on firepower, an M-240 Bravo machine gun, but were closely watched to make sure the weapons didn’t mysteriously disappear. And both Nikki and Brie Bella got their hands on M4s, but learned that machine guns and makeup don’t mix.

"We were shooting guns, the M4s, where you have to lay on the ground … (Brie) is laying next to me, and my empty shells are hitting her, and all this smoke is going in my (safety) goggles," Nikki remembered. "So the next thing I know, my eyes are watering, and you know what happens when your eyes water … mascara gets in your eyes."

So with Nikki blinded, her gun jamming, her instructor chastised her as she struggled to regain her vision. "So I stand up, and everyone is pointing and laughing at me," Nikki said. "I had raccoon black eyes. I looked like someone from the rock band KISS. It was so embarrassing."

But the one Superstar that received universal jeers for his range performance was none other than the United States Champion, The Miz.

"Miz was terrible," Kelly Kelly said. "I think Layla shot better than him. And she’s from England, it was her first time shooting a gun.”

"Me and JTG should be recruited for the Army, and Miz should be recruited as a garbage man," Shad joked. "Cryme Tyme’s aim was impeccable."

The U.S. Champion tried to explain away his poor performance at the range. "The facts are, there were two guns in the shade, and one in the sun, and the hardest thing to do is shoot guns in the sun because you can’t see out of the sight. There’s a reflection out there," Miz described.

"Everyone goes to the shaded guns so they can hit the targets. I said no, I want to go to into the sun, because I want the hardest one possible. I hit (targets) 5 times … everyone else was afraid of that gun.  Everyone says The Miz was bad at that gun …. no, I say The Miz was the best at that gun!"

Miz was also disturbed by the reception he received from our troops at the range. 

"I took an 18-hour flight out there to see them, and all these people do is boo me? They should be kneeling down to me like a god," Miz demanded.

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