Very Detailed Recap Of Jarrett Controversy On Bubba’s Show

Matt Boone

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Talks getting lawyers involved. Russo.Hogan and EB in TNA.

Jeff Jarrett Visits

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the new Bubba Hulkamaniac shirt, then into some Van halen as bumper music. Bubba said he’s not used to standing up with the lights on, he said he didn’t know they played the Jeff Jarrett confrontation on air, Jeff said they’re Orlando based, he said he’d like to fly off the handle, he said Bubba helped him out, he suggested they talk about positive things, he said there’s a lot of stuff riding on this. Bubba said he knows he’s not a well liked guy on tna, Jeff said he decided to come over and hash everything out, he said he respects Hogan and Eric, he said he’ll let the lawyers argue it out, Bubba said that’s not like him. Jeff said he started the company seven years ago, Bubba wondered if he could fight for all that without the lawyers, Jeff said he doesn’t want to discuss it here. Bubba said Jeff has always been a guy’s guy, he said he can’t be good and not have an issue with anyone. Jeff said he’s wanted Hogan on board for many years, he said it finally came together, Bubba thinks Jeff wasn’t handled properly on tna, Spice said Jeff comes across very well, he said it would be like Bubba building the show from scratch, only to have Mancow coming in and taking it, Bubba said he’d let Howard do that, he said Jeff had a great product, Jeff said he gave a lot of guys opportunities, he asked Bubba his thoughts on Eric, Bubba thinks Eric is a genius, he thinks he’s the breakout star for tna, Jeff referred to him as a great performer, Bubba thinks they miss handled Jeff, he thinks they wanted to use him as an example. Jeff said Bubba knows exactly what they’ve done, Bubba said they should’ve never done what they did, Jeff said he’d like for the lawyers to check it out, Spice and Manson said they’re on Jarrett’s team. Jeff thinks Bubba has a beautiful studio, Bubba said he’s always liked Jeff, Spice said Bubba is like the Department of Transportation. Bubba said when he first meet Hogan, Hogan told him that people would be hating on him, Bubba thinks it’s the biggest under estimation ever, he said Hogan would stab you in the back real quick. Jeff said he’s an owner in TNA, he said when Hogan touches things, it goes to a new level, he thinks Bubba is trying to talk sense, he wonders how the guys sleep at night, knowing Bubba signs the paycheck, he said he liked Spice’s screen saver, Spice said it was of rick Rude. Bubba said he got heat with Ric flare over that, he said the product is better. Jeff said when you add guys like Hogan, the product gets elevated, Bubba said tna is going through growing pains. Jeff said he started the company from scratch, Bubba said he sold it to Dixie, Spice said this is like when Michael Jackson bought the Beatles catalog. Jeff said wrestling is his passion, Spice said he’s got more money than Hulk Hogan. Jeff said that Hogan has happiness, Bubba recapped for him the latest, Spice thinks you should take Hogan to court, as you’ll end up winning. Jeff thinks it’s sick, he thinks Linda should be arrested with impersonating a wife. Bubba said Spike TV has met with Terry and Dixie, he thinks Jeff wants to go against all of them, he said they started out on Saturday nights, they then went to Thursday nights, he said it’s a dream come true. Bubba thinks Hogan screwed Jeff over, he thinks they’re trying to feel each other out, Spice suggested they have a date, Bubba showed Jeff his tna contract, he said he’s having problems with the non disparagement claws, he said he was told to script is ill thoughts on them. We then heard “operator” from “Bubba show classics vol. 7”, track 2, and “the Kabuki Project”, track 15, Jeff said he loves Jim Croce. Bubba said he’s got heat with Vince Russo, he said he can’t trust him, he thinks Vince McMahon would hire him, he said Vince Russo is dangerous. Jeff said he’ll be a part of Bubba’s contract, he said Hogan doesn’t need another lawsuit, he wonders if Spice would trust him, Spice said Jeff is good, Manson thinks he’s spot on, Jeff thinks Manson will kick Bubba to the curb, he thinks Spice and Manson could work for Howard. Bubba wondered if they wouldn’t relocate, Manson joked he would lie to Jeff Jarrett, Jeff said he’s never met Brent, he thinks Brent gets paid more. Bubba said when he got fired, Brent helped him out, Jeff thinks Brent was trying to take his job, Brent thinks Jeff has been in the wrestling business for too long. We then heard a news clip about Linda opting out of the lawsuit, Jeff thinks Charlie will be homeless in five years. Bubba asked that he can meet Jeff, walk him into Hogan’s office and talk it out; he said they’ve had a great relationship. Jeff thinks the guys thought it was funny waking him up, he said Friday morning his lawyers called him, he said the entertainment guys are not in favor of the messy stuff, he said the last thing he’d need would be a lawsuit, Spice proposed a pose down. Bubba said he would love to be there on Thursday, he said he could have Eric there, Jeff thinks he has tna in his best interest, he said half of them show up mad for getting the sort end of the stick. Brent thinks they need some vets around there, Bubba thinks they need more of them, he thinks Hogan picked the wrong guy to do that. Jeff said right across the bridge, Hogan made the statement about taking tna to the next level, he said if you’re not on the team, he doesn’t need you. Bubba said Kurt Angle is in Paris, he said Dixie needs to say she’s too nice, Jeff told Spice to start the stopwatch, Spice said he knows. Bubba said he’s not supposed to be saying that, he said they’ll have the same swagger as wcw when it was popular. Jeff said the technology is incredible, he said the amount of exposure is bigger, he said the sky is the limit. Spice said it’s important that they show up, Bubba said Scott Hall would say that wrestling is a buzz kill; Spice thinks working at the electronic section would be buzz kill. Bubba said that Bubba Dudley is the biggest prick, but he’s the nicest guy, he said people will work you. Jeff asked Manson if he could do gospel, Manson said no. Jeff said he hasn’t had a day off in the past seven and a half years, Bubba said tna jobbed him out, he said his gym is very clean, Brent said you’re required to show up at work, then do your job. Jeff thinks Spice will jump ship, Spice said he’d like to work for tna, Bubba joked that Spice is a gold digger. Jeff said if you don’t want to be at tna get out. Bubba asked for the number of those who haven’t called in, he wants to call them and tell them they need to show up, Spice acted as Sting saying some stuff. Bubba thinks he could call Ashville tomorrow, he said you can’t script stuff, Jeff asked for Manson to write a bit for him. We then heard Ned and Manson’s “Wrestler 911” from “Bubba show classics Vol. 12”, track 14, Bubba said this was when Hogan called them from Australia, he said he would like for this to work out, Jeff said if tna is the best, he’s all for it, Spice thinks Bubba should arm wrestle for the position, they then ended the show a few seconds later.

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