Jim Ross On If TNA Will Hurt WWE, Cena vs. Rock, Bret Hart

Matt Boone

The following is from the latest Q&A session with Jim Ross from his official website, www.JRsBarBQ.com:

Q: "In your opion do you think that TNA will put the WWE out of business?"

JR: "Hell, no. WWE likely wont’ be dinted by TNA and WWE shouldn’t be TNA’s obsession. TNA should just worry about improving their brand and making more money and producing more compelling TV. WWE is way too strong and too well organized to be noticeably impacted by any one in today’s marketplace in pro wrestling."

Q:" Do you think its time that the WWE started mentioning other wrestling organizations on there programming. Obvious reasons would be Daniel Bryan & CM Punk being a ROH champion and Christian and R-Truth winning TNA Championships. Maybe we could get history on some superstars instead of these guys either disappearing for years and or just appearing out of no where. I mean Vince must have seen these guys before he signed them so why explain where to the audience."

JR: "I’m not big on mentioning other brands personally and I highly doubt that McMahon saw either talent you mentioned to any serious degree before the talent relations department signed them which isn’t unusual or necessary."

Q: Why does Eric Bischoff poke fun at WWE yet they pick up former WWE stars because they are incapable of building stars on their own.

JR: "I can only assume Eric does it to get folks talking such as you with this question. Personally I would never infer to WWE especially with TNA going head to head on Mondays. What does it do to help make TNA a better show to watch?"

Q: "Why doesn’t the WWE incorporate more history into current storylines? It seems to me if two wrestlers have a decade of history together than it would significantly add to the current storyline and give it added depth much like a rivalry in the NFL."

JR: "You’d have to ask WWE that question. I don’t know. Perhaps they don’t feel that history and nostalgia plays well to their fan base. "

Q: "Do you think Cena vs Rock will ever happen? Also, since The Rock is coming back this summer to guest host Raw, Do you think Cena might come out when he hosts to confront him?"

JR: "To quote Gorilla, "Highly Unlikely." "

Q: " So with TNA moving to Monday nights and rekindling the Monday Night War, do you see WWE moving away from the PG rating?"

JR: "I don’t see this Monday night stuff as being a "war" nor do I see WWE deviating from their PG rating."

Q: "If Sting signed with WWE, how would you see him being used? gimmckwise and storyline wise?

JR: "I would see him used sparingly, well positioned and as a legendary attraction"

Q: "What do you think of Ric Flair coming out of retirement?"

JR: "If Ric is happy then I am happy. If used wisely, Ric can still be an asset as a wrestler but will always add to any show if he isn’t overexposed."

Q: "Do you think that WWE should bring back the Cruiserweight title? People like Evan Bourne, Yoshi Tatsu, and Jimmy Yang will probably never hold a major title due to their size. And do you think that Hulk Hogan giving Abyss his Hall of Fame ring is a slap in the face to Vince McMahon?

JR: "The cruiserweights should only be brought back if they are going to be featured and not just lip service like TNA’s X Division. Hulk giving Abyss his WWE HOF ring was fiction and I did not find it offensive at all. I don’t speak for McMahon.

Q: "what are thoughts on bret hart vs vince mcmahon at wrestlemania 26"

JR: "I’m intrigued by it and hope that it is enjoyed by all. Likely the last time Bret will ever be in the ring in this role. That’s big."

Q: "I was reading vince mcmahons twitter and he sais you are returning for wrestlemania 26 is this true thanks"

JR: "That’s news to me. I did not know McMahon even had a Twitter page but I am not yet contractually obligated to attend WM26 even though that is my goal."

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