TNA Destination X Results – March 21, 2010

Ryan Gray

TNA Destination X Results
March 21, 2010
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TNA Destination X PPV Opener:

We get the usual video package to open the show. This video package is odd though, in that it is still very Hogan-centric, and the X Division stars aren’t featured right off the bat, which is especially odd when you consider this PPV is built around the X Division. Eventually, they bring the X Division into it, hyping the return of the Ultimate X match, and the Ladder match for the #1 Contendership for the TNA X Division Championship. The TNA Championship match between Abyss and AJ is also hyped, but almost like an afterthought.

The pyro hits, and Teney and Taz welcome us to the show, immediately hyping the X Division and the TNA Championship match. Bryan Kendrick’s music hits, and it looks like the ladder match will kick things off.

Amazing Red vs. Brian Kendrick vs. Kaz vs. Daniels
Ladder Match

Amazing Red is out next to a good reaction from the crowd. Daniels is third, to a bit of a lukewarm reception, and finally Kaz is out to a warm welcome.  Things start off right away with Daniels jumping Kaz, but falling victim to a double team from Red and Kaz. Red hits a baseball slide on Kendrick to the outside, and Kaz sends Daniels over the ropes with a clothesline. Red is back in the ring, and he jumps outside with a corkscrew plancha to take out Daniels and Kaz. Kendrick runs and grabs a ladder, bringing it into the ring under the contract, but Kaz breaks it up. Daniels tries for the contract, but Red brings him down and goes for it himself. Daniels brings Red down, only to end up being beaton on, and having the ladder dropkicked in his face by Red. Red and Kendrick both try to go for the contract at the same time, but both men end up falling off the ladder and into the corner, where Kendrick hits a stiff kick to Red’s face.

Kendrick brings Kaz into the ring with a slingshot that puts him right on the ladder. Kendrick turns his attention to Daniels, but he walks into an STO from Daniels. Daniels puts the ladder around his neck and he twirls, taking out everyone in his path. Daniels is sent to the outside and Kendrick and Red square off for a bit, with Kendrick sending Red to the outside. Kendrick props a ladder up between the ring apron and the barricade, but it backfires when Kaz hits a front suplex onto the ladder on Kendrick. Kaz goes up to the apron, but Daniels drags his neck across the rope and Kaz falls back on the ladder. Daniels hits a split leg moonsault to the outside on top of Kaz who is still on the ladder. Daniels stands on the ladder, and Red jumps to the top rope and hits a hurricarana, sending Daniels to the floor.  Red pulls the ladder back in the ring, and he and Kaz both go for the contract at the same time. Kendrick tries to break it up, but he gets shoved off. Kaz teases the flux capaciter, but Kendrick pushes the ladder over and takes out both Kaz and Red. Kendrick sets the ladder up, but immediately eats a boot from Daniels. Daniels shoves Kaz face first into the ladder, but when he tries to hit Kaz with the ladder, he misses, and Kaz hits a slingshot legdrop to plant Daniels’ face in the ladder. Kaz props Daniels on the ladder in the corner, but when he turns his attention to Kendrick, he gets a kick to the face for his troubles. Kendrick tries to bring another ladder in, but Kaz stomps it down on his fingers. Kaz tries to hit Red with the ladder, but Red dropkicks Kaz instead, knocking the ladder into Kaz’s face. Daniels takes out Red with a huge dropkick and wedges a ladder in the corner before slamming Red on top of it.

Daniels tries to suplex Kaz into the ladder, but Kendrick breaks it up, hitting Kaz from behind with another ladder. Kaz ends up being backdropped on the ladder by Daniels, but he quickly eats an enzugiri from Kendrick. Kendrick sets up the ladder and tries for it, but Daniels is there to break it up, and toss him into the ladder that’s still wedged in the corner. Daniels goes up the ladder, but Kaz hits him with a couple of kicks and grabs him, powerbombing him into the ladder still wedged in the corner. Kaz tries to go up the ladder but he’s stopped by Kendrick, they both go up opposite sides, and Kendrick takes Kaz off with a big face buster. Red stops Kendrick going up the ladder, but he ends up being back body dropped to the floor by Kendrick. Kaz beats on Kendrick for a bit in the corner, but when he charges him, he eats a boot. Kaz comes back with a reverse Russian leg sweep to put down Kendrick. Kaz brings Red into the ring with a slingshot into a cutter, but he falls victim to a sliced bread #2. Kendrick gets a DVD from Daniels. Red brings another ladder into the ring, and there’s two ladders set up side by side. Red and Daniels go up both ladders, on the same side, and Daniels hits a urunage from the top of the ladder. Daniels traps Red and Kendrick in the rungs of the ladder, but it doesn’t last long. Kaz jumps in from out of nowhere and knocks Kendrick off the ladder. Kaz ties himself up in the ladder, and suplexes Daniels off without falling off. Kendrick is there and he almost grabs the contract, but he falls off. Kaz grabs the contract, and is able to pull it down.

Winner and NEW #1 Contender to the X Division Championship: Kaz

Mike Tenay and Taz are discussing the history between Abyss and AJ Styles, when they’re interrupted by Ric Flair who comes out in a wheelchair, pushed by Desmond Wolfe’s valet to the entrance ramp. Flair says he’s not happy, and tells the fans they should bow down to him, not ‘woo’ him. Flair says he’s the greatest World Champion of all time, and look at him now, it’s not funny. He’s fallen off of cages, ladder, through tables, and he’s crashed in an airplane, but he’s never been in a wheelchair. Flair says he did not come to TNA to be immobilized, he came for action, and right now he’s not getting a lot. Flair says the people that are responsible for this are Hogan and Abyss, and tonight they pay the price for doing this to the Nature Boy. Flair has Chelsea take him to the back, telling the fans to respect him.

Hogan is backstage with Abyss, he talks some gibberish about how Abyss is a good wrestler and has lots of fans. Abyss says when he put Flair through the entrance ramp, he felt an energy he’s never had, and he wants more. Hogan says not to be afraid to use the ring, and that the gold around his finger will lead to gold around his waist. RIDICULOUS!

On his way out, Abyss runs into Bischoff, who’s wearing a baseball hat. Abyss cracks a joke and Hogan laughs. Bishcoff says it’s not funny. Hogan says they need to get back to the basics of TNA. Bischoff says his issues with Foley and Jarrett will be resolved this week. Bischoff leaves, and Hogan laughs, saying Bischoff has a ‘Hulk Hogan’ haircut.

Tara (c) vs. Daffney
TNA Knockout Women’s Championship Match

Daffney’s music hits, and she’s out to the ring first for the first title match of the night. Tara is out next, with her always present tarantula, and she gets a nice reaction from the crowd. She puts down her belt and spider, and her and Daffney square off right away. Tara ducks a clothesline and hits a shoulderblock and a body slam to put Daffney down. Tara hits a standing moonsault that’s good for a two count. Tara hits a big chop to Daffney’s chest, but she winds up being slammed into the bottom turnbuckle face first. Daffney goes to the top and slams her boots into Tara’s back, stomping up and down. Daffney goes for the pin, but only gets two. Daffney hits a body slam, and follows it up by stepping on Tara’s face and twisting her foot.

Daffney beats on Tara in the corner, but when she charges her in the corner, she walks into the tarantula. Daffney hits a series of hair assisted snap mares to Tara, but it’s not enough to put Tara down for three. Daffney locks in an innovatice submission, locking up Tara’s arms and rocking her legs in figure four position over her head. It’s complicated and hard to explain. Tara is able to fight out with one of her arms, and eventually her legs, breaking the hold and swinging her elbows to continues to hurt Daffney. Tara hits an enzugiri, and a series of big right hands before hitting a big spinebuster that only keeps Daffney down for two. Daffney hits a slap to the ear, and kicks Tara in the chest, following up with a bridging Northern lights suplex that’s good for a two count. Daffney charges Tara in the corner, but Tara moves. Tara hits a crazy sidewalk slam, but it only keeps Daffney down for two.

Daffney rakes Tara’s eyes and hits a falling knee to the face before sending her to the outside and sending her back into the guardrail. Back in the ring, Daffney tries to hit Tara with the KO belt, but Tara ducks it, and counters, hitting the widow’s peak on Daffney. Tara pins Daffney, and this one is over.

Winner and STILL TNA Knockout Champion: Tara

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