(Spoilers) WWE SmackDown! Taping Results For Friday

Matt Boone

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Smackdown opens with Jericho, still the World Heavyweight Champion. He mentions being genetically superior to all the fans. Whoa there, Nelly! Heavy "you suck" and "spear" chants. In the downtime, my friend and I notice that the dude sitting in front of us is texting someone, saying "you looked so hot out there," except my friend, based on evesdropping on previous texts, deducts that he’s texting one of the refs. Uhhh..

Edge finally emerges and demands a rematch for the title RIGHT NOW! Jericho nixes the idea, and of course Edge tears him down. Literally, as he rips off Edges suit top and sticks him with an implant DDT. Crowd going mangos for SPEAR, and he delivers. Segment done.

NO ITS NOT!!! Swagger emerges and lays out Edge with his breifcase. He calls for a ref and says he’s cashing in his MOTB contract. Of course, it takes way longer than usual, looking like he’s going to take it back like on Raw. But Swagger gets Jericho up for his gutwrench suplex and pins Jericho to become the NEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!! But the real punchline is that Jerichos shoe flew off in mid-finisher, caught by a front row fan in a pink Bret Hart shirt. So not only did he lose the title, but now also a pair of his $600 male Pradas are ruined. Sucks to be the ex-champ!

R-Truth / John Morrison vs Cryme Time – total squash on Shad. JTG didn’t even step in. Then the inexplicable split. Shadd turns on JTG, who plays the consoling role. WWE Writers: "hey guys, let’s just do this for the helluvit…." Shads new finisher is the Rock Bottom, apparently He walks off with the confused "Black Randy Orton" look.

Swagger walking backstage. Asks Slammaster J, Tony Atlas, and Mickie James "did you see what just happened out there?". They start talking about Shad & JTG splitting up. Yep, bury your champ some more. Swagger then runs into Shelton. "You still work here?". Yep bury a potential challenger some more.

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Backstage interview with Shad, who decvlares "no more Cryme Time. This. Is. My. Time." I reiterate – Black Randy Orton (sans heat).

Drew MacIntyre squashes Matt Hardy before the bell rings. Despite it, Hardy gets his chants as he leaves. This show is, once again, on some "what the hell is going on" shit!

Backstage w Vickie & Simply Flawless. Enter Swagger. Vickie says that she can help him, as Smackdown Consultant, and gives him his requested mic time later

Great Khali vs Dolph Ziggler. Dolph puts Khali to sleep with a sleeper. Another squash. Afterwards. Ranjin Singh translates that Khali has been doing some soul searching and he’s decided to go back home and recharge his batteries. Upon his return, he vows to win the title.

Straight Edge Society comes out. Punk on the mic = gold. Gallows & Serena take the mic and put him over. Serena’s good! Punk gets on the mic and cuts an easy promo on Las Vegas as the City of Sin, and that what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas, but haunts you for the rest of your life. Or something like that. He then says he’s not giving up on saving Rey Misterio and is willing to put up his hair against Mysterios mask. On his way up the ramp, Teddy Long comes out to announce that Punk is going to face the Undertaker later tonight. Big pop.

Simply Flawless w/ Vickie. Vs Beth Phoenix / Tiffany. Nothing special or memorable. Got heat on Tiff, Beth got the hot tag and put it away. Meh.

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Jericho & Teddy backstage. Jericho wants a rematch, but Teddy will only give him a rematch for tonight. Jericho says he can’t do it, that his ribs are killing him, but that "Swagger will not get away with this…I’M the champ!"

Josh Matthews interviews the Hart Dynasty. A quick excuse for Swagger to interrupt them and silently show off the belt. This is actually pretty funny, in an improperly Santino Marella way.

Kane comes out an declares he’s bored, and a bored monster is never a good thing. He’s going to take on the whole NTX roster at once. Starts out with Brian. Apparently its elimination style, as he pins Wade Barrett first. Then Heath Slater. He throws out Tarver. The other 5 decide to gang up on him, with Daniels getting taking his back for the choke, before the referee finally calls for the bell. With Tarver, they beat down on Kane. Kid behind me calls for Taker to come to Kanes aid. Um, no. Justin Gabriel with the 450 splaash. NXT stars are automatically heel now. They scatter as Kane revives and chases them to the back.

Jack Swaggers State of the Championship Address: Swagger comes out and talks about this being the first of many speeches. He’s interrupted by Jericho, who immediately demands for it back. Jericho is fuming, and it works he vows to regain the title as soon as he’s better. Out comes Edge. Challenges galore. Teddy the Mack Militant comes out & declares Edge vs Jericho next week, winner getting the title shot w Swagger. Jericho hits the codebreaker on Edge & Swagger hits gutwrenches on both. Weak angle.

Post-Show Main Event: Undertaker vs CM Punk. Short little match to send the fans home happy. Some good stalling by Punk ala Larry Zbyszko, but then Taker went to town on him with two tombstones. Not too much interference from Galllows or Serena. Short & sweet, but effective.

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