TNA Lockdown PPV Results – April 18, 2010

Matt Boone

TNA Lockdown Results
April  18, 2010
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TNA Lockdown Opener:

The announcers open the show explaining that Doug Williams is not here due to the volanic situation overseas. Also, Syxx-Pac missed the call time to the building for the show, so he won’t be here tonight either.

Rob Van Dam vs. James Storm

Winner gives his team the advantage in the Lethal Lockdown main event tonight. Our first match is underway! RVD dropkicks the door into Storm’s face before he can enter the cage. RVD continues the beatdown on the floor. RVD climbs up some of the cage on the outside after draping Storm across the guard rail. He comes off the cage with his leg drop onto Storm. They finally get into the cage and RVD is busted open already. Damn, he’s bleeding pretty bad too. Match has been all RVD thus far. RVD crotches Storm across the top rope. He climbs to the top on the opposite corner and comes off with a martial arts kick onto Storm. Storm counters another high spot of RVD and is now in control of the offense for the first time in the match. Cool spot where Storm drinks some of his beer, the ref makes him get rid of the bottle so he throws it and spits the beer in RVD’s face while the ref was getting the bottle. Storm used the vision problems to set up a nice DDT. Moments later, RVD counters Storm’s offense and set up the 5-star frogsplash for the win. Team Hogan as the advantage in the Lethal Lockdown match now.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

Christy Hemme Interviews Hulk Hogan

Christy asks Hogan how confident he is in his team tonight. Hogan says they’ve been beat up pretty bad as of late. But the fact that they’re all there and still standing strong means something. He says no matter what happens, they’re gonna leave their mark. He says RVD beating Storm just now gives them a little momentum. Hogan says if Team Flair wins tonight, maybe it’s time for Hulk to pack his bags and leave TNA. Christy asks if he really means that. Hogan says he does mean it. Christy asks if Eric Bischoff will be here tonight. Hogan just babbles about how he’s done with Bischoff now and walks away.

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Xscape Match:
-Homicide vs. Brian Kendrick vs. Chris Sabin vs. Alex Shelley

Winner joins Shannon Moore and Kazarian later tonight, replacing Doug Williams in the match for the vacant X-Title. First man to climb out wins this one and is added. Action begins quick. Homicide and Kendrick team up for a number of high spots and two-on-one spots. Motor City Machine Guns turn for the spotfest control. For the record, this is not a tag-team match, first man out of the cage wins and moves on to the title match later tonight. They’re stacking up in the corner. They eventually break apart, no giant stack-spot. Homicide hits the Gringo Killer on Sabin. Homicide gets out of the cage. Homicide wins.

Winner: Homicide

Kevin Nash vs. Eric Young

Young spazzes out on Nash early, controlling the offense. Nash uses a split second the ref was distracted to low-blow Young and turn the tide in the match. Nash going to work on Young in the corner now. Young makes a small comeback but it isn’t long thereafter where Nash hits the powerbomb and takes the victory in a quick match.

Winner: Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash Working Again Tonight

Nash says he’s got a little news for the boys in the back. He says Scott Hall will not be coming out alone tonight. He says not as long as he’s got a breath in his body. He says he’ll be Hall’s partner tonight against Team 3D.

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TNA Knockouts & Knockouts Tag-Titles:
-Angelina Love & Tara vs. The Beautiful People

Decent match. They gave it a little more time than I expected. Finish came when Lacey Von Erich hit Tara with the belt from behind, allowing Madison Rayne to get the pin for the victory. Rayne is now the TNA Knockouts champion and The Beautiful People have the TNA Knockouts tag-team titles as well.

Winners: Madison Rayne (new Knockouts champ) & Velvet Sky

After The Match: Tara Beats Up Angelina Love

After the match, Love was pissed looking at Tara. Love helped her up though and walked away. As she walked away, Tara blasted Love from behind. She beats Love down for a while and walks away.

Jeremy Borash Interviews Team Flair & AJ Styles

Jeremy Borash is with Team Flair backstage. Flair is finally standing up on his own – no wheel chair. Flair says they’re in Flair Country tonight. He puts over his team and says he’s gonna get rid of Hogan forever. They then interview AJ Styles about his match against The Pope D’Angelo Dinero later tonight for the TNA title.

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-Homicide vs. Shannon Moore vs. Kazarian

This will be for the X-Division title due to Doug Williams being stripped for being stuck not being able to get to the arena due to travel issues in his country. Kazarian and Moore beat the crap out of Homicide against the cage early. They seem to be teaming up against Homicide until one finally goes for the win and the other doesn’t like it. You know the routine. Now it’s every man for himself as Kaz and Moore do some pin attempt spots back-and-forth on each other. Homicide re-enters the action and all the guys are going at it now. Cool spot where Homicide hit a double Diamond Cutter on Moore and Kaz off the top rope. The finish comes with Kaz hitting a move on Moore that looked insane. He got the pin off that for the victory.

Winner and NEW X-Division Champion: Kazarian

Christy Hemme Interviews The Pope

Nothing really to note. Another Pope interview, done as only Pope can do, building up his chances of winning the TNA World title tonight.

St. Louis Street Fight
-Team 3D vs. Kevin Nash & Scott Hall

Team 3D attatcked Nash and Hall on the ramp as they were coming to the ring. Before the match began, Team 3D announced it would be a St. Louis Street Fight, meaning falls count anywhere. They’re fighting all over the arena already. Crowd is loving it. Fight finally makes its’ way inside the ring/cage, well, partially. Nash and Hall have Devon in the cage but they’ve got Brother Ray locked out. They double-team Devon for a while before Brother Ray finally fights his way inside the cage. Team 3D does the ancient "wazzup" spot on Hall, followed by a 3D through a table for the pin and the win. It was actually a pretty good match.

Winners: Team 3D

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Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson

Anderson cuts a promo on the ramp before the match. He does his own introduction routine. Angle enters. Match is underway. Anderson is gonna wrestle the match with the key around his neck. The way to win is to use the key to let yourself out the door. Anderson has gone for the door twice already and we’re only two minutes into the match. Angle back-suplexes Anderson on his second attempt to escape the cage. Angle is beating on Anderson in the corner now. The key is shown in a close-up, hanging in the padlock. The key is in no one person’s possession now. Angle suplexes Anderson and looks at the door. He opts against it and continues his punishment of Anderson. Anderson later reverses an Angle move and slams Angle head-first into the cage. Angle is busted open and dripping blood already. Anderson repeatedly bashes Angle’s face off the cage now as Angle continues to spew out blood. Anderson goes to the door and unlocks the padlock but Angle stops him there. Anderson whips Angle face-first into the cage again. Angle reverses an Anderson suplex attempt and tries crawling to the cage door. Anderson cuts him off. We see another close-up of the key still in the padlock. Anderson goes to the top rope but Angle in one motion ran to the top rope and suplexed Anderson off. Anderson is choking Angle now with the tape from his wrist. Angle finally escapes after being choked for a while. Angle hits the suplex-in-a-row spot, hitting four so far. Five. And six. Six suplexes in a row. Angle goes to the door, stops, pulls down the straps and puts the ankle lock on Mr. Anderson instead of escaping the cage. Anderson shoves him off and hits the Mic Check on Angle out of nowhere. Anderson makes it to the door and opens it but Angle hits him from behind with the Angle Slam. Angle walks over to the open door and instead of exiting it, which he clearly could have done, he closes the door, puts the chain around it and padlocks it again. He has the key and he shows it to Anderson. He takes the key and throws it over the cage and to the crowd. Tenay yells that there’s no escape now. Well, the cage has no roof, let’s not get out of hand. Anderson is running around the ring trying to avoid Angle. He knocks Angle down and begins climbing the cage. Angle climbs up next to him. He gets behind him, both on the top rope, and hits a suplex. That was cool. Angle has Anderson laid out and climbs to the top of the cage backwards. He hits a huge moonsault but also crashes down hard to the mat. That had to be painful. He gets up and unlocks the chain. He opens the door, stops, and sees Anderson flipping him off inside the ring. Angle comes back in but Anderson low blows him and hits him with the Mic Check. Anderson crawls out the door head first but Angle stops him at the last second, grabbing his foot and applying the ankle lock. He drags him back into the ring and a referee is in there now watching Anderson tap out. The referee shakes his head now, there are no tap outs. Anderson reverses Angle finally, whipping him with his legs into the cage face-first. Anderson is crawling now trying to get out again but Angle stops him by wrapping his necklece around Anderson’s throat to choke him. Crowd is chanting "choke him out." He chokes him out and spits on him. Anderson is draped half way inside and half way outside the ring. Angle simply walks past his dead body to the floor and wins. That was an incredibly good match. Really, really good match.

Winner: Kurt Angle

After The Match: Kurt Angle Taking Time Off

A bloody Angle grabs the mic and says he’s taking time off for a while, but when he comes back his goal will be to win the TNA World title. It’s real, it’s damn real.

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TNA World Title:
-AJ Styles (c) vs. "The Pope" D’Angelo Dinero

The Pope makes his entrance. AJ Styles comes out with Ric Flair but Earl Hebner kicks Flair out before he can even make it to the ring. Styles complains but the ruling stands. Styles-Dinero is on now. Loud "Pope is Pimpin" and "Lets go AJ" dueling chants early. Styles hits a perfect dropkick and lets everyone know it. Pope starts fighting back now. Crowd is really into this match in the arena. Pope hits a diving headbutt off the top rope onto Styles. Styles moments later hit the Pele kick out of nowhere. Styles hits a big 450 splash off the top rope. Styles climbs to the very top of the cage and dives off but misses. Pope rolls him up immediately after that but only got a two count. Pope hits a codebreaker kind of move and tries another pin, again only getting a two count. Pope goes for a DDE but misses. Styles reaches and took a pen away from the camera man outside the cage. He stabs Pope with it in the face. Styles hits the Styles Clash and pins Pope.

Winner and STILL TNA World Champion: AJ Styles

Backstage: Eric Bischoff Is In The Building

Backstage we see Eric Bischoff arriving to the show. Jeremy Borash runs up to him and says it’s a little late to be getting here. Bischoff keeps walking as he shakes his head.

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Lethal Lockdown:
-Team Hogan vs. Team Flair

Starting things off will be for Team Hogan – Abyss. For Team Flair, it will be Robert Roode. Abyss has been dominating Roode for the first period so far. Should be about a minute or two before the next member enters. It will be a member of Team Hogan since RVD gave their team the advantage by defeating James Storm earlier tonight. Roode finally fighting back here as he takes the action to Abyss. Abyss fights back and slams Roode face-first into the cage a few times. Roode comes off the middle rope with a blockbuster style neck breaker. The 10 second countdown begins and next out is Rob Van Dam. RVD and Abyss now have a two-on-one advantage over Roode. Very odd that they’d have the babyfaces have the advantage in a War Games style match lol. RVD quickly goes to work on Roode. RVD is bleeding again already, nothing from this match though, still from the match with Storm earlier. The 10 second countdown hits and Desmond Wolfe comes out to even things up. RVD and Abyss have Roode down and are waiting for Storm. Roode low blows Abyss from behind as Wolfe enters. They fight is out for a while. Next out is Jeff Jarrett for Team Hogan. They’re coming in quickly. Another short wild brawl and James Storm comes out. Jeff Hardy is scheduled to come out next but we see Hardy laid out backstage with Sting standing over him with a bat. And finally for Team Flair, Sting comes out. He enters the cage and calls for the Lethal Lockdown roof to be lowered. It is and now all the weapons are in the ring. This match is now pin or submission to win. Abyss sprinkles a bag of tacks all over the mat. He tries to chokeslam Sting onto them but Storm smashes a beer bottle over his head. All of Team Flair raise their hands. Jeff Hardy’s music hits and out he comes with a kendo stick. He cleans house of everyone, beating them down with the stick. Jarrett blasts Wolfe with a guitar shot in the ring. RVD hits a frogsplash on Wolfe in the ring. Abyss chokeslams Sting onto the tacks in the ring. Ouch. Hardy climbs up the cage outside the ring. There’s a roof on it though. He’s standing on the roof and challenges Beer Money to come up. They each climb up different sides. Hardy beats Storm and Roode with a kendo stick and a trash can lid. They eventually get the better of him and they set up a table on top of the cage. There’s also a ladder laying there — uht oh. Hardy hits Roode with the Twist of Fate on the roof. He puts Storm onto the table thats set up on the roof. He picks the ladder up and sets it up. He climbs to the very top of the ladder and comes off onto Storm through the tables with a splash. "Holy sh*t" and "TNA" chant. Ric Flair’s music hits and out comes Flair. Flair comes in and beats up Abyss. He’s trying to take the Hall Of Fame ring off him. As he does, Hulk Hogan’s music hits. Hogan comes out and enters the ring now. He points at Flair and walks toward him with a baseball bat. Eric Bischoff runs out and gets in front of Hogan. Bischoff pulls out brass knucks and hands them to Hogan. Flair thought Bischoff was helping him. Hogan knocks Flair out with the knucks. Flair is bleeding like a stuck pig. Hogan smashes his face into the cage on each side. Hogan hits Flair one more time and Flair stumbles away to do the Flair-flop but instead falls back first onto the thumb tacks. That was cool. Hogan continues to beat on Flair while Abyss hits Wolfe with the Blackhole Slam for the pin. The crowd was absolutely dead for that finish.

Winners: Team Hogan

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