WWE House Show Results (5/28): New Orleans, Louisiana

Matt Boone

WWE Raw house show
New Orleans, La. 
Report by Ryan Kennedy & www.ProWrestling.net
I was at the show on Friday night and I had a good time considering that Triple H wasn’t there, Sheamus had the weekend off, and Randy Orton, Ted DiBiase, and John Morrison did not appear because of injuries. The Miz and Eve were advertised but did not appear. There a few surprises to make up for all of the absences with Wade Barrett and Drew McIntyre appearing. A lot of kids in attendance and many wearing their John Cena gear. 
1. Evan Bourne defeated Zack Ryder. Good pop for Bourne. They put on a quick, enjoyable match. Bourne won with the Shooting Star Press. 
Edge’s music hit and he came out to a surprisingly good pop. He cut a promo on how he was scheduled to face Randy Orton tonight but said since he was injured and can’t compete, a ref should come out and declare him the winner. Mark Henry’s music hit and was very over. As soon as Henry came in the ring, Edge wanted to shake hands and Henry shook his hand and then squeezed it. Edge took off and Henry said "I’ll see you later tonight." I guess this set up the "Raw Challenge Match" that was advertised.
2. Maryse defeated Gail Kim in a "Number One Contender’s" match for the Divas Title. Rick the Sign Guy was in attendance and had an anti-Maryse sign and she took it and tore it up. Maryse won with the French Kiss.
Justin Roberts got on the mic and introduced New Orleans’ own Tiffany. Tiffany did the same trivia question and chose a kid to answer the question to be the guest timekeeper for the next match. Tiffany asked who was crowned the new GM and the kid paused for a few seconds and then quickly answered Bret Hart.
3. Santino Marella beat Dos Caras. Dos Caras got some good heat. He was introduced as "Dos Caras" and had no mask. He walked to the ring and just stared at fans while they talked trash to him. Dos Caras cut his usual promo in Spanish which got even more heat. My friend says he is like "a Mexican Koslov." Then he started speaking English saying how if we don’t understand him, then we need to learn Spanish. 
Santino came out to a good pop. Dos Caras has a good build to him and carried himself well. Dos Caras hit a sweet jump springboard roundhouse kick to Santino in the corner which I thought was the end of the match. But Santino kicked out and beat Dos Caras with the The Cobra, which looks stupid in person.
Justin Roberts got on the mic and advertised the Supershow for October 1.
4. Wade Barrett defeated Goldust. I was excited when the NXT music hit and we were treated with a surprise appearance of Wade Barrett. He looks huge in person. Barrett and Goldust put on a solid 10 minute match and I was very impressed with Barrett’s work. He has the total package, but I just wish he could’ve cut a promo. Barrett won with his finisher that he’s been using on NXT.

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5. R-Truth beat Drew McIntyre to retain the U.S. Championship. We were treated to another surprise when Drew McIntyre’s music hit and came out to some good heat. Then it was a no-brainer that he could show up since Tiffany showed up earlier and they are married. He cut a promo on how he is the chosen one and was granted this title match by Mr. Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Early in the match, McIntyre grabbed the mic and told three Marines in the front row: "You got something to say to me? Well I got something to say to you: you’re not in my army, so sit down and shut up." That got a great reaction and got some great heel heat. R-Truth won but I forgot what finisher he used.
Tiffany came out to throw t-shirts and then we had a brief intermission.
6. Hart Dynasty (w/Natalya) defeated William Regal and Vladimir Kozlov. Hart Dynasty came out to a good pop and Natalya is more better looking in person. Regal and Kozlov did the usual double team when the ref turned away. Kidd finally tagged in Smith after several failed attempts. Hart Dynasty won with the Hart Attack.
7. Edge defeated Mark Henry in the "Raw Challenge Match." Edge stalled a lot before the bell taking a lot of time entering the ring. Edge tore up a sign from Rick The Sign Guy and even grabbed his red hat and threw it in the crowd but Rick got it back and had an extra hat anyway. Edge and Henry put on a 10 minute match. Edge won when he took off the top turnbuckle pad and the ref went to put it back on and Edge hit Henry in the ribs with a steel chair and then hit him with the Spear.
8. John Cena defeated Chris Jericho to retain the WWE Championship. Chris Jericho came out with Barrett and grabbed the mic and just held the cord in his hand for around 4 minutes and walking around the ring while getting showered with boos. His twitter was right on saying he got booed out the building. He finally threw the mic and Cena’s music hit. The crowd when crazy for Cena. Cena saluted the Marines in the front row. Roberts did the introductions and Jericho stalled for a few minutes. 
Jericho then grabbed the mic and held to his ear and cut a promo on how the crowd is chanting for Cena and ended with, "You better get a good last look at your champion because he’s going down in smoke just like this city after Katrina." That got major heat, more than the McIntyre remark. Jericho got touched when he was thrown over the guardrail into the first row and he was furious about it. When Jericho was messing with Cena outside the ring, a fan threw a piece of ice right into his right eye. 
Security finally threw out the fans that touched him and threw the ice at him. The ref threw out Barrett halfway into the match after he tripped Cena when Cena came around the ropes. Cena hit his usual moves and the crowd went insane for the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena won with the Attitude Adjustment.
Cena grabbed the mic and talked about how he calls the city his second home and he’ll be back in September when he films another movie in N.O. He told the crowd to spend this Memorial Day weekend with their families. He mentioned the Saints winning the Super Bowl and how this city knows how to party. He ended saying, "I see thousands of people here tonight and I’ll tell ya…Katrina didn’t beat New Orleans, New Orleans beat Katrina."

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