WWE House Show Results (5/29): Las Cruces, New Mexico

Matt Boone

WWE Smackdown house show
Las Cruces, N.M.
Report by Isaac Hernandez & www.ProWrestling.net

Vickie Guerrero was introduced first as the special guest consultant, came out to a small pop and some whistles (yuck). I wasn’t too surprised to see her at this house show since she was at the Raw one a few months back.

1. Christian pinned Dolph Ziggler after hitting the kill switch. This was a great opening match. Ziggler hit a really cool DDT on the apron. There were a lot of near falls for both guys, actually thought Ziggler was gonna win but Christian kicked out of the Zig-Zag. Vicky disappeared for a while when she helped Ziggler back to the locker room.

Tiffany was introduced next as the special guest hostess.

2. JTG pinned Cody Rhodes after some sort of neckbreaker. Cody came out in black jacket reminded me of the kind his brother used to come out in in WCW. He cut a promo saying every man wanted to be him, didn’t get much heat. The match was okay. The finish was with a lame move. Oh, and during his promo, he called JTG by the name of "Jason," not sure what his real name is, but he didn’t call him JTG, who got booed a little when he was celebrating post match.

2. Chavo Guerrero defeated David Otunga by apparent DQ. Otunga cut a promo asking why WWE got him out of his Hollywood hills home to come to wherever he is. He said New Mexico looks like old Mexico. Funny ( I’m from El Paso, so I really liked that one). Otunga delivered his google line. Chavo came out to a big pop. He worked as a babyface when he came to the El Paso house show so this was also not a surprise. 

Otunga looked really bad in the ring for about two minutes until Heath Slater started attacking Chavo outside the ring (didn’t they pick each other to get kicked off NXT last week, why would he help him?). They worked him over inside the ring and Masters saved Chavo. WTF? Anyway, Vickie came out again and delivered her excuse me line and finally got her heat. She reminded Slater that he had been eliminated from NXT. She said that if he and Otunga could beat Chavo and Masters, she would let him back on. Half the crowd figured he can’t win his spot back on a house show, the other half wondered what the hell NXT was.

3. Chavo Guerrero and Chris Masters defeated David Otunga and Heath Slater after a frog splash. Slater looked really good. Again, Otunga looked ugly in there. Masters put the Master Lock on Slater and turned it into a slam and setup for the frog splash. Post match, Slater was apologizing to Otunga for getting pinned and Otunga gave him his weak spinebuster to a lot of heat.

4. Kane and MVP defeated Luke Gallows and the masked SES member (w/Sernea) after a chokeslam. The three SES members came out to no heat. They didn’t come out to Punk’s song so I doubt anyone knew who they were until it was announced. Gallows and Serena cut an SES promo and said Punk wasn’t there because there was no one in Las Cruces worth saving (Aw crap! Punk was half the reason I went to the damn show!). Serena delivered half her promo in some iffy spanish. MVP came out to an okay pop. Kane came out to a huge pop. Slow match. Kane delivered the chokeslam to Gallows after MVP hit a double ballin’ on the masked guy and Gallows. After the match, MVP got Kane to do the ballin’ motion.

Tiffany came out to sell crap and intermission

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5. Layla defeated Kelly Kelly to retain the WWE Women’s Title. Layla pinned Kelly after a shooting star! It was the most amazing women’s match, no most amazing match ever!.. yeah right.. I went to get the kid a snow cone. It was a house show, so obviously Layla retained and I think it was a clean pin. I really didn’t care to ask anyone either.

6. Kofi Kingston defeated Drew Mcyintire to retain the Intercontinental Title. I made it back for some of Drew’s promo. He told us to thank our lucky stars he was there. (With that manly voice of his I thought he meant shooting stars, they’re magically delicious!) He delivered his usual handpicked by the boss stuff. Kofi came out to a good pop. 

Slow match, kinda disappointing. Kofi won with the same pin he won with at the PPV. It looks like that move should hurt him more than the opponent, but whatever. After the match, mad Matt Hardy ran (haha) to the ring and started beating the hell out of Drew. Vickie came out to remind him he was suspended and if he kept beating up Drew she would fire him. He said he was already suspended and if she fired him she would get one of these, and delivered a Twist of Fate to Drew.

7. Big Show defeated Jack Swagger by DQ in a match for the World Heavyweight Championship. Swagger cut a promo about us respecting him, it was lame. He asked for a moment of silence and when he didn’t get it he started doing his push ups. Show came out to a good pop. I can’t stand Big show as a babyface personally so this was really hard for me to get into. Swagger kept running away from Show when he finally got his hands on him he kept slapping the hell out of his chest (ouch) even quiet the crowd so we could hear like the fourth one. 

I think the one wrestling move in the match was a suplex by Show to get Swagger back in the ring from the apron. Swagger got the belt in the ring and ended up hitting show with it (seen this before?) Ugh. After the DQ, Show hit the knockout punch. After Show left, Swagger rolled out of the ring onto the mat and was walking like he drank a case of beer. Funny.

Notes: I was very surprised by the show it was a lot better than the Raw show that rolled through the area a few months ago. It sucks that there was no Undertaker, Mysterio, or Punk, although they sold shirts from all three of them.

biggest pop

1) Kane

2) Chavo

3) Christian/ Kofi

biggest heat

1) Otunga

2) Swagger

3) Ziggler

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