FCW House Show Results (6/9): Melborune, Florida

Matt Boone

Florida Championship Wrestling live event
Melborune, Fla.
Report by Ben Leonard and www.ProWrestling.net
1. Yoshi Tatsu defeated Drake Brewer. Yoshi is the master of the hip toss, I’ve never seen a move so overused. Brewer looks like a real prick, but is slow in the ring. He’s a worse version of DH Smith. Both botched some spots coming off moves in the corner. Missle dropkick from Yoshi for the win. Brewer had a bloody nose after.
2. Curt Hawkins, Vance Archer, and Mason Ryan defeated Joe Hennig, Percy Watson, and Johnny Curtis. Hennig took a huge back drop, he got sooo high, he’s taking bumps as well as anyone. Great sunset flip from Curtis for a nearfall. Everyone gets involved, then thrown from the ring, Hawkins gets the win via rollup.
3. Bo Rotunda defeated Donny Marlow. Rotunda sent Marlow into Grilla while he was on the ring apron, then caught Marlow for the school boy and the win.
4. Naomi Knight and Aksana defeated Tamina and Liviana. Knight worked hard in the ring, but she just doesn’t have it. Tamina will be a good valet for the Usos with the occasional match v. Natalya etc. The other two did nothing for anyone. Crap match, Tamina missed the superfly top rope move and then rolled up by Knight for the win.
5. Jamie Noble defeated Tyler Reks. Noble was way over, the guy behind me was his neighbor. Best spot of the night so far was Noble going through the ropes onto Reks right in front of me. Good spots from both, big face first drop from Reks. Jamie rallies with a missle dropkick to Reks’ knee and and summersault into the corner. Jamie hits a sunset flip power bomb off the top rope leading into submission hold. Reks pick him up while in the hold and power bombs Noble. Jamie hits a high knee then the reverse moonsault for the win.
6. Hunico and Dos Equis defeated the Usos to retain the Tag Team Titles.
7. Alex Riley defeated Lucky Cannon in a FCW Championship match. Riley is getting good heat, with the Miz, he could stay on a WWE roster. I saw him in a dark match in Miami v. MVP about a year ago, and he’s really come into his own since then. Cannon works hard, but I just don’t think he’s got it. He evokes the emotion of Heath Slater. Crowd can’t decide who to get behind, very slow. Nothing really special here, nice backslide from cannon into a 2 count. Cannon puts the FU on Riley for another 2 count. Nice top rope move for Cannon onto the ring steps leading to a 10 count and a Riley win.

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8. The Miz and Daniel Bryan vs. Christian and Heath Slater. Christian out first, wanting to confront slater about the Cena beatdown. Bryan runs out during slaters response, trying to beatdown christian. Then Miz runs out. Slater and Bryan toss the pros from the ring and put on their NXT arm bands. Then the pros toss the rookies, challenging them to a "pros versus hos" match. Miz said, "we’re the pros, and we’re awesome"! I am absolutely loving that they’re carrying the tv storyline to a developmental house show! During the match, Danielson claims to be the best wrestler in the world, christian grabs the mic and says he’s not even the beat in the ring. Hot match!!
I actually put down the phone, because the match was too good to type through. Great heel teamwork for slater and Bryan, good isolation of christian and Miz at times. Bryan looked better than I’ve seen him on wwe tv. Because I don’t have alot of specifics from the match, I’ll simply say that the Miz can do anything he wants to do in the wwe. I’d hate to lose him as a heel, but he could even be a huge star as a face.
After everyone hit their finishers, all the NXT season mafia came out to beat down miz and Christian. I was at the Monday night show, and couldn’t believe that I was seeing this again. NXT mafia destroyed miz and Christian as well as the ring, just like on raw. Now I don’t know what wwe has in store for this angle, but I think with the quality involved, there’s potential for a lot of heat for a good period of time.

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