Detailed Live Fan Report From WWE’s Fatal Four Way PPV

Nick Paglino

Thanks to Russell Patterson for sending this in:

Just thought I’d send in a few notes from the Fatal 4-Way PPV you’d most likely want to know:

1) Dark Match — As mentioned before, the dark match was Zack Ryder vs. MVP.  Zack Ryder came out to a pretty big pop, being he is a local (from long island baby!) and cut a promo about long island, being home, how it was a dream to be a WWE Superstar and how unlike most of the audience, his dreams have come true.  Then he proceeded with how people are jealous of him, how we works out 7 days a week, etc. (usual vanity bit)…The match was pretty decent…a lot of back and forth, with the finish coming when Zack Ryder hit the Zack Attack on MVP for the win. (Winner = Zack Ryder…Woo! Woo! Woo! You Know It!)
2) I don’t know if it was visible to the PPV audience, but Kofi Kingston’s boots had little red lights in them that lit up a bunch of times (when he moved, kicked, etc.)…I didn’t know that L.A. Gear made wrestling boots!
3) Chris Jericho was a surprise to most people and he got a lot of big pops throughout both his promo as well as the match.  (There were even a bunch of Y2J chants during the previous matches!)
4) In the Play-By-Play of the Fatal 4-Way PPV on wrestlezone, it didn’t mention that at the beginning of the Miz vs. R-Truth match, when the Miz was coming out to the ring, he had the arena play R-Truth’s theme music and the Miz busted out a rhyme with the "What’s Up!" being replaced by "The Miz!", which was really hilarious…and then when R-Truth came to the ring he said "Long Island, NY…if you think that the Miz’s rap was horrible, let me hear you say "What’s Up?" with a loud "What’s Up!" response from the crowd.
5) Fatal 4-Way Match for the WWE Title = I’m not sure how it came across the actual PPV broadcast, however there was MASSIVE HEAT from the crowd towards Cena…There were several very loud chants of "You Can’t Wrestle" aimed at Cena before and during the match, as well as during the match, when the "Cena Nation" would chant "Let’s Go Cena", there was an even louder "Cena Sucks!" chant in response…I actually think the "Cena Sucks!" Chant was even louder than the "Let’s Go Cena!" chant.
6) *One thing I need to mention was there were several arena-wide chants of "Daniel Bryan" throughout the night…Long Island’s WWE Universe has certainly given Daniel Bryan their full support!
7) After the show went off the air, as mentioned in a previous report, Cena sat in the ring (and I think he was actually tearing a bit) and then shot off his mouth and then when Cena made the comment about the "You Can’t Wrestle" chants, the crowd went crazy (with the boo’s and "You Can’t Wrestle" and "Cena Sucks" Chants)…Most of the audience, when he pointed the mic at the sections were VERY ANTI-CENA!..after he said the whole "I sure as hell can fight", he said something like "I’m gonna kick each of those sons of bitches in the ass!" or something like that (my friend next to me definitely heard him say "ass" and I definitely heard him call the NXT Rookies/Faction "Sons of Bitches". SO MUCH FOR THE SPOKESPERSON FOR WWE’S RIDICULOUS "PG" RATING!  (Or does that not count because it was off the air?)  I think that was crap because there were a lot of kids still in the arena and if you’re gonna be strict about the PG rating, why do you release Daniel Bryan for a "PG-13" move(s) and yet Cena will most likely not even be given a slap on the wrist?  SHAME ON YOU, WWE!  He then stormed off, slammed the microphone and then Justin Roberts thanked the audience for coming to the PPV and ended with a "We’ll be coming back to Long Island again soon" (something along those lines).
Biggest Pops of the Night:
(In no particular order)
Zack Ryder
Mr. McMahon
Chris Jericho
Rey Mysterio
CM Punk (There were a lot of CM Punk fans at the show)
Randy Orton
John Cena (Partially)
Biggest Heat of the Night:
Drew McIntyre
Jack Swagger
The Miz
John Cena (Really Big Heat)
***I also wanted to point out that I genuinely think that John Cena was really pissed off at the crowd in attendance…there was A LOT of heat on him all night, and his comment to the crowd about the "You Can’t Wrestle" chants, tied in with the response when he surveyed the crowd with the mic, as well as slamming down the mic and storming off…I think really made him angry.  After the show, when the superstars were exiting the arena, when John Cena came out, he just walked right on the bus…he didn’t stop to sign autographs or take pictures or anything…very unlike Cena…maybe the Long Island Loudmouths got the best of John Cena!***
Keep up the good work guys!

~Russell C. Patterson
Farmingdale, NY (Long Island)

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