WWE House Show Results (6/28): Syracuse, New York

Matt Boone

Mike sent along the following:

First match was Dolph Ziggler vs Matt Hardy. Dolph did about a 3 minute promo about how everyone was hear to see him and no one for Hardy with lots of heat from the crowd .Match took a little to get going with Ziggler stalling and using the ropes but once it started very good opening match that went back and forth but Hardy prevailed with the twist of fate.

Next was JTG vs Tyler Reks. Don’t know much about Reks but seems to be decent in the ring and dominated most of the match but JTG won after a quick turnaround. Pretty short match but not bad

Del Rios came out and was doing a promo mostly in Spanish so was hard to understand but then turned to English and stated how stupid Americans were when Chris Masters music hit and got a really loud pop from the crowd. Chris grabbed the mic and got the crowd chanting USA and Rios was threatening to walk out but then said too bad. Not that great of a match with Masters favoring his left arm and tried the master lock twice but could not lock it in. Del Rios won with a kick to masters head as not sure of the name of the move.

Tag team match was Christian and MVP vs Archer and Hawkins. not much to say was a decent match with Archer and Hawkins gaining advantages by distractions but Christian hit the Killswitch for the win on Hawkins with MVP and Archer on the floor.

The SES came out with Gallows, Serina, and a masked mystery man and attacked Christian and MVP. Kane’s music hit and the SES waited in the ring til he entered. Hawkins and Archer helped but Kane cleared the ring and was going for the chock slam on Gallows when mystery man came of the top rope and Kane caught him as well for the double chock slam.


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Kelly Kelly vs Layla for the belt and was a very poor match even for Divas so guessing Kelly is still hurt a little. Most action was Layla spraying something all over the ring and stating that Kelley smelled for a while before the match. Layla with the win and started to give it to Kelley but Hornswaggle came out and made the save while giving Layla a neck breaker then dancing with Kelley in the ring.

Cody Rhodes was out next and gave Tony Chimel a hard time to get him to introduce him as Dashing Cody Rhodes. Crowd gave him a lot of heat then Kofi Kingston came out to a very loud pop. Cody laid on the top rings and turn buckle for Kofi’s whole entrance. This was the best match of the night with great back and forth action. Kofi wins it with trouble in paradise.

The main event was a triple threat with Swagger out first followed by the Big Show and the Ray Mysterio. Ray and Show work together to punish Swagger and then he is thrown from the ring where Rey and show go face to belly. Rey tries to knock show back but gets chopped and thrown from the ring for his trouble. Jake and Show go at it for a bit then Rey joins in to get show out of the ring and then Rey hits a kick to shows head outside the ring. Swagger and Rey go at it while Show gets back into it and palms Rey’s head to bring him back into the ring but Rey gets Show out of the ring and then wins with the 619 on Swagger. After the match show was in the ring with Swagger still recovering from the 619 and asking the crowd if he should give him the KO punch. The crowd agreed and when swagger stood up Show was waiting!

Notes Big Show was favoring his left ankle very bad even before the match started. If it was not a real injury he sure sold it well. Over all a very good show and great reactions from the crowd. Kane hand Mysterio were the loudest pops with MVP and Kofi not far behind. Del Rios and Ziggler with the most heat by far but Rhodes not far behind. Tiffany made a couple appearances to select a guest bell ringer and also did a promo for WWE Merchandise with Tony Chimel.

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