TNA Impact Results (7/1) – Abyss vs Hardy, Pope Returns

Bill Pritchard

Ink Inc vs Motor City Machine Guns

Moore and Shelley start off with some chain wrestling and then Moore hits an armdrag and holds on to put him in an armbar. Jesse and Moore make some quick tags then Moore whips Shelley outside. Moore jumps the top rope and hits a somersault dive to the outside on Shelley and Sabin. When they get back in the ring Sabin has Moore down and drags him to the middle and drops an elbow. He runs at Moore and gets hit with an elbow and both guys go down. Moore gets the tag to Jesse who hits a turnbuckle splash on Sabin, and catches Shelley with the spear. Sabin dumps Moore over the top rope and walks into a big slam from Jesse, and goes after Shelley in the corner. Brother Ray comes down to talk smack to Jesse, and Devon gets in his way to stop him. The Guns take the opportunity and hit Jesse with a double team manuever where Sabin has Jesse on his shoulders and Shelley hits a floatover neckbreaker and they get the win.

Winners – Motor City Machine Guns

Bischoff comes out to the ramp and says he is interrupting because there will be a special guest referee in the Abyss/Hardy match, and it will be the TNA Champion, Rob Van Dam!

AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe

AJ tries chopping Joe, but Joe doesn’t feel it and punches away at AJ in the corner. Joe whips him into the opposite corner and hits a snapping kick and then stares down Flair at ringside. Joe goes back to AJ and kicks him in the head then hits a big splash of the ropes. AJ tries leapfrogging Joe and Joe slaps him, but AJ gets him back with a dropkick. AJ chokes Joe on the ropes until it is broken up by the referee, and then AJ hits a bodyslam that also knocks him down. AJ goes for a suplex in the middle of the ring but Joe reverses it and throws AJ down on his stomach. AJ hits a low dropkick and puts Joe in a headlock and the ref asks Joe if he is OK. Joe gets out and hits AJ with a forearm shot, then hits a senton backdrop for a two count. Joe calls for the Muscle Buster but AJ drops out and catches Joe with a corkscrew kneedrag. AJ goes for a Figure Four but Joe is able to reverse it and he locks in the Kokina Clutch, and AJ has no choice and taps out. 

Winner – Samoa Joe

After the match Flair and Kazarian get in AJ’s face and Flair is yelling at him about losing the match. Kazarian smiles at AJ and he doesn’t look happy about it and grabs a mic. He asks Kazarian if he thinks this is funny and says the funny thing is that he would beat Kazarian. He asks Kazarian for a match next week and then he asks Flair if that is OK, and Flair has no objections and AJ says good. Flair and Kazarian walk to the back as AJ stays in the ring and it will be AJ Styles vs Kazarian next week on Impact. 

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