TNA Impact Results (8/5): HardCORE Justice “Go-Home Show”

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TNA Impact Results
August 5, 2010
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TNA Impact Opener:

The show opened with a recap of Abyss saying "They" hold Dixie Carter responsible. Plus, the recap focussed on Tommy Dreamer vs. Abyss with Raven turning on Dreamer at the end… The show is called ‘There’s No Place Like Home"… The opening video aired.

Mike Tenay and Taz introduced the show on commentary and hyped Tommy Dreamer and Rob Van Dam vs. Abyss and Raven for later in the show.

Tommy Dreamer walked out with a noticeable limp and headed to the ring for a promo. Dreamer told Raven to come out and explain himself. Raven walked onto the stage and knelt down. Dreamer questioned why Raven attacked him. He said he though they had patched up their differences.

Dreamer said his kids call Raven "Uncle Scotty." Raven said they’ve known each other for 30 years. An "Uncle Scotty" chant broke out briefly. Funny. Raven said he’ll never forgive Dreamer for taking his girl and marrying her. Raven said the kids should have been calling him "Daddy" rather than "Uncle Scotty." 

Raven said he’ll cripple Dreamer and then deliver some hard justice to his wife. He said Dreamer’s wife will then call him daddy. Dreamer headed to the stage and attacked Raven, but Abyss came out and attacked Dreamer. Rob Van Dam came out to even the sides and hit him with a chair. Raven hit the Even Flow DDT on Dreamer on the stage.

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Mick Foley came out with the barbwire baseball bat and struck Raven with it. Foley said there will be a winner in the final battle between Raven and Dreamer because he will be the special referee for the match.

The announcers ran through the lineup for the show and were interrupted by Lacey Von Erich and Velvet Sky walking to the ring. The announcers noted that they were heading to the ring to defend their tag titles.

1. Hamada and Taylor Wilde defeated Velvet Sky and Lacey Von Erich to win the TNA Knockouts Tag Titles in 4:20. Hamada is glammed up with makeup, which is a change from her previous look. During the match, biker chick (Tara) came to the ring on her motorcycle and stood at ringside as Madison Rayne came out and stood on the stage. 

The ref was bumped. Biker chick gave Lacey a chair. Lacey stood there and smiled while waiting for Taylor to dropkick the chair into her face. Taylor covered Lacey and got the win. Madison didn’t look pleased on the stage. Even Taz asked why the referee counted the pin when he had to count the pin over the chair.

2. A.J. Styles defeated Rob Terry to retain the TNA TV Title in 2:50. Kazarian came to the ring with Styles, but the referee sent him backstage. Actually, though, Terry chased Kazarian to the back a few moments later.

Terry dominated the early action, but Styles came back with a low blow while the ref was distracted. Styles performed a Pele kick and a springboard 450 splash for the win. Kazarian ran out to celebrate with Styles afterward.

A Kurt Angle training video aired. He said he’s using the TNA Top 10 rankings to prove he’s the best. He said he won’t lose because he’s not ready to retire. He vowed to beat everyone in the rankings.

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In a pre-tape from "earlier today," Jay Lethal said he still couldn’t believe he beat Ric Flair with his own move. He said he’s going abandon his little boy love of Flair when they meet in a street fight later in the show.

An ad aired for the Bound For Glory pay-per-view… A video hyped the Abyss vs. Rob Van Dam match for next week’s "The Whole F’n Show" special.

Backstage, the Beautiful People were fighting again. Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky were held back by security while Lacey tried to stand between them. Velvet shoved Lacey into some crates to get her out of the way. Madison was pulled away and Velvet showed remorse for shoving Lacey.

Beer Money and the Motor City Machine Guns came to the ring for their match. Robert Roode took the mic and said that while the teams don’t like each other, they have taken tag team wrestling to a higher standard. He said the only way to be the best in TNA is to wear the tag titles. Roode said he and James Storm would beat The Guns at their own game and become tag champs.

Chris Sabin pointed out that they are the tag champs and thus the best team in the world. Sabin said they selected the match because it’s their world. Sabin said the only way Beer Money would win the belts is by prying them from their cold, dead hands. Roode said it was time to stop talking and get down to business.

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3. The Motor City Machine Guns defeated Beer Money in an Ultimate X match in 9:50 to even the best of five series at two. A graphic was shown advertising next week’s show as "no talk, all action." Um, isn’t that what the Total Nonstop Action name implies? Anyway, back and forth action during the opening first five minutes. Roode bled from underneath the bandage where was cut during their last match.

Shelley performed a wild DDT spot on Roode at 6:10. Shelley fought off Storm and made the first real play for the X that was hanging above the ring, but Storm made a quick recovery and stopped him. Sabin made a play for the X. Storm went after him and they fought on the ropes, where Sabin hit a huracanrana. Roode recovered and hit a spinebuster on Sabin.

Roode made a play for the X, but the Guns pulled him down and he landed on Storm. Roode walked the wire above the ring while holding steel piece above the ring. Meanwhile, Sabin was hanging from the wires by his legs. Sabin knocked Roode off the wire and grabbed the X to win the match.

A shot aired of Eric Bischoff, Miss Tessmacher, and Hulk Hogan walking backstage. Tenay said they would be making an announcement about next week’s show.

Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, and Miss Tessmacher come to the ring.

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Bischoff hyped next week’s "Whole F’n Show." Bischoff announced that he’ll be the special referee of the RVD vs. Abyss match. Bischoff ran through the rest of the lineup for the show and continued to hype that the show is free on Spike TV.

Bischoff was interrupted by Kevin Nash’s music. Nash headed to the ring wearing street clothes. Tessmacher left the ring at Bischoff’s urging. Nash said he’s finally face-to-face with Hogan and Bischoff. He complained that his name wasn’t mentioned for next week’s show.

Hogan said he and Bischoff have stepped back and so should Nash. "Our time is over, brother," Hogan said. He said Styles, Lethal, The Guns, Beer Money, and others are the stars. Hogan said Nash’s days of conning for paychecks and playing games are over. Nash got a laugh out of Hogan bringing up politics.

Bischoff interjected and said Nash’s whole career has been politics. Nash took a shot at Bischoff. Hogan went after Nash and hit him with repeated punches. Nash fired back with a low blow and hit him with elbows in the corner. The announcers noted that Hogan recently underwent back surgery.

Nash brought a chair inside the ring and set it down. He tried to Jacknife powerbomb Hogan. Bischoff came in to stop him, but Nash shoved him aside. Nash picked up the chair wound up to hit Hogan’s back, but Jeff Jarrett ran out to stop him. Jarrett threw punches at Nash until Sting ran out wearing red face paint, which Tenay said was Wolfpac colors. Sting and Nash left Hogan and Jarrett lying in the ring.

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Backstage, Christy Hemme tried to interview Sting and Nash, but they just blew her off.

4. D’Angelo Dinero defeated Orlando Jordan in 3:15. Before the match, Orlando sucked on a lollipop and then rubbed his nipple with it before giving it to ring girl SoCal Val. "You don’t want Orlando Jordan behind you," Taz said regarding an early go behind. Eric Young came out and gathered up the Pope bucks that were on the stage.

Dinero won the match clean, but Matt Morgan came out and attacked him from behind. Mr. Anderson ran out with a chair, so Morgan fled. Pope recovered and saw Anderson with a chair. The TNA security guys Gunner and Murphy ran out and told Anderson to head backstage. Pope left the ring. Anderson glared at the security guys until the camera cut backstage.

Chris Hemme interviewed Ric Flair and pointed out that he will be suspended for 90 days if anyone from Fortune interfered in his match. Flair said the ring and watch are off.

5. Ric Flair defeated Jay Lethal in a street fight. Highlights were shown of Lethal beating Flair at Victory Road. Ric Flair came to the ring wearing a suit, while Lethal was wearing jeans. Lethal wore a bandana on one of his legs. I think Twilling told me that means he’s Team Jacob or something.

Flair bladed and was stripped to his underwear, one sock, and one shoe. Douglas Williams came out to help Flair win. Sure enough, Williams pulled Lethal off Flair and out of the ring. Lethal fought him off and then went for the top rope sunset flip and pulled Flair’s underwear down while trying to pull Flair down. Williams hit Lethal with the X Division Title belt and then shoved his leg off the rope while Flair scored the pin.

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Backstage, Hemme interviewed Rob Van Dam and hyped The Stairway to Janice match for next week’s show, the Hardcore Justice pay-per-view, and tonight’s tag match. Jerry Lynn showed up and said he’s already focussed on Hardcore Justice because they get to "tear it up one more time." Lynn wished a surprised RVD luck tonight and walked away.

6. Rob Van Dam and Tommy Dreamer defeated Raven and Abyss in 4:20. The heels met the babyfaces on the ramp and the brawl started there. They made their way into the ring within a minute and it settled into a tag match. Tenay and Taz took a moment to hype the debut of TNA Reaction for next week. 

Dreamer and RVD double clotheslined Abyss to the floor. RVD hit the Frogsplash on Raven and got the win. Afterward, Abyss attacked RVD from behind and chokeslammed him. Stevie Richards ran out to help RVD, but Abyss clotheslined him. Rhino ran out and hit Abyss with a flurry of punches.

Rhino set up for the Gore and got a good reaction, but Abyss blasted him with a boot to the head. Team 3D ran out and shoulder blocked Abyss. They set up for 3D, but Raven recovered and hit them both from behind with chairshots. As the heels posed in the ring, the lights went out.

When the lights went on, Sandman was standing in the ring with a kendo stick. The fans popped big and chanted "ECW" as Sandman cleared the heels from the ring. The babyface ECW wrestlers joined Sandman in celebrating. Mick Foley walked out and motioned for Lynn, Simon Diamond, and Al Snow to join him. They carried a cooler out.

They cut to a pay-per-view video with Taz, Dreamer, Brother Ray, Foley, and others talking while still shots from the ECW days were shown… An ad aired for The Whole F’n Show.

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