WWE SD! House Show Results (8/5): Auckland, New Zealand

Nick Paglino

Thanks to John Cook for sending this in:

The arena was probably about 90-95% full by the time things got under way but it was took a while to fill up.
Most of the Merchandise sold out before the show, and on the tour shirts they put ‘August 5th Auckland, Australia’ for the tour date instead of Auckland, New Zealand.
Before the show on the screens they kept showing videos for WM26, Drew McIntyre and Alberto Del Rio amongst others. An interesting thing I saw was that they kept putting up this video that said something like "70% of our fans are over 18 years old." Thought it was a bit odd.
Before the announcer began the first match he told us that Dolph Ziggler was the new Intercontinental Champion and that he would be defending tonight in a Fatal 4 Way match.
It was a fairly basic show, no fireworks or anything like that just music and lights.
1st Match The Hart Dynasty w/ Natalya defeated Drew McIntyre and ‘Dashing’ Cody Rhodes (Unified Tag Titles)
Before the match started Cody cut a bit of a promo saying his teeth cost $20,000 and then he asked the Harts to not punch him in the face. Of course the crowd didn’t take this very well, a resounding "In the face" chant began. It was a good match to start things off with though, McIntyre sat in the crowd for a short time as he waited for Cody to come out. The match went on for about 15 minutes and McIntyre got some really big heat. In the end Rhodes tagged himself in and then threw McIntyre out of the ring only to get the hart Attack for the 1 2 3.
2nd Match Alberto Del Rio defeated Chavo Guerrero
There was absolutely no reaction to Del Rio at first but then he cut a promo about how we talk down here and then he got some boos. Chavo came out to a reasonably large pop. The match was about 10 minutes long with Del Rio working over Chavo’s arm. Chavo was going for the three amigos when his arm cut out so we never saw them but he did hit the Frog Splash which Del Rio managed to kick out of. The finish came when Del Rio locked in his arm submission.
3rd Match Layla defeated Kelly Kelly (Women’s Championship)
It was an alright match to say it was the Divas. They tried to add a bit of humour into it and it turned a bit childish but it was alright. Layla won with her finisher after Kelly missed her cartwheel move.
4th Match MVP defeated Jack Swagger
Best match of the first half of the show by far, MVP looked a bit off on a few of his moves but the match was still brilliant. They wrestled for about 20 minutes. Swagger hit his Vader Bomb a couple of times but the finish came after MVP’s playmaker. That finisher looks allot better in real life than it does over the screen. Anyway MVP came out in an All Blacks shirt (our national rugby team) and a massive new hair-do so he got a relatively large pop. It looked like some people were asking for his shirt in the front row but he wanted to keep hold of it.
Intermission. Alot of people went out during the intermission so when the show came back on there was maybe only 45% of the crowd in their seats.
5th Match Dolph Ziggler defeated Kofi Kingston, Christian and Matt Hardy (Intercontinental Championship)
Ziggler cam out first and cut a promo about how he is an American national treasure and now he is all of ours because he is the Intercontinental Champion. This was met by a chorus of Boos. Christian came out to a fairly decent pop, then Matt Hardy came out to an even bigger pop, then Kofi came out to one of the pops of the night. The Match lasted about 15 minutes and was by far the Match of the night. Before the match Christian grabbed a sign from the crowd that I think read something along the lines of "Mr. Ziggles You Suck." Which Led to Ziggler getting on the mic again saying that he was going to leave unless everyone apologised to him. Christian and Kofi then forced him in the ring and the 3 on 1 beat down started. The Finish came after Kofi and Matt had done their finishers. Christian hit Matt with the Killswitch. Christian then got thrown out of the ring by Ziggler who stole the 3 count on Matt Hardy to retain his Intercontinental Championship
6th Match Big Show defeated Luke Gallows and Joey Mercury w/ Serena
Big Show got the Pop of the night  but the match wasn’t too great. Just a squash match basically that lasted about 7 minutes. Big Show Chokeslammed both guys to end the match. After the match Show was given a New Zealand flag which he paraded around the ring with.
7th Match Kane defeated Rey Mysterio (World Heavyweight Championship)
Kane didn’t get much reaction at all, it was as if people didn’t know whether to cheer or boo him. Mysterio however got a huge pop almost as big as Big Show’s. The match lasted about 10 minutes. Mysterio tried for the 619 twice before hitting it the third time. Kane got his knees up though and hit Mysterio. Kane finished it with a Chokeslam from Hell. After the Match Kane looked like he was going to give Rey a bit more punishment. Then the Big Show ran down to the ring to help Rey, he was followed by Jack Swagger and Drew McIntyre so at this stage it was 3 on 2, then Kofi Kingston came out from the back to even it up. Kofi hit trouble in paradise twice to set up Rey Mysterio for his 619 he hit it then got on Big Show’s shoulders and jumped off onto Kane. The three faces paraded around the ring for a while before they left.
All in all a good show that lasted about 2 and a half hours.
Biggest Heat
1. Ziggler (during his promo)
2. Straight Edge Society
3. McIntyre
4. Swagger
5. Del Rio (once they realised who he was)
Biggest Pop
1. Big Show
2. Rey Mysterio
3. Kofi Kingston
4. Matt Hardy
5. Christian or MVP

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