TNA “No Surrender” PPV Results – September 5, 2010

Matt Boone

TNA No Surrender Results
September 5, 2010
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TNA No Surrender 2010 PPV Opener:

The TNA No Surrender PPV video package kicks things off for tonight’s live event emanating from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida.

The duo of Generation Me will replace London Brawling in the TNA Tag-Team Championship opening contest tonight, which is getting started now.

TNA World Tag-Team Titles:
-The Motor City Machine Guns (c) vs. Generation Me

Generation Me is out first, replacing London Brawling in tonight’s tag-team title match. Next out are the champs, the Motor City Machine Guns. Lots of quick-paced action is popping off, straight out of the gate. Jeremy and Shelley are starting things out. Lots of quick-spots and quick-tags for momentary double-team offense. Generation Me gains the upper hand in the offensive action with a number of effective double-team moves. Things are going the challengers’ way as of right now. Generation Me continues to dominate the action, remaining in firm control of the match thus far. Shelley finally makes a tag that Generation Me didn’t notice, showing signs of life for the champs. It doesn’t last long though as Generation Me starts putting the beatdown on him as well. After a lengthy period of offensive dominance, Sabin finally hits the ring and starts clearing house. Sabin is a ball of fire now, changing the tide of the match. All four guys go at it for a moment before the Guns are able to hit a double team neckbreaker/crossbody spot on Jeremy that sets up the pinfall and the victory.

Winners and STILL TNA Tag-Team Champions: The Motor City Machine Guns

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TNA X-Division Title:
-Douglas Williams (c) vs. Sabu

Our X-Division championship match is up next. Sabu is out first, followed by the X-Champ Williams. And this one is officially underway. Sabu goes right at Williams as soon as the bell sounds, but Williams is avoiding him like his life depends on it. Sabu stays persistent and finally gets Williams off his feet. Both guys are back-and-forth on the ground, weaving in and out of holds the other man applies. A few more minutes of similar action leads to our first table sighting of the evening. Sabu hits a big dive over the top onto Williams on the floor. The table is now set up on the floor and waiting to be broken, along with the bones of the unlucky culprit who happens to be draped across it during the moment of impact. Both guys battle to the top rope, where each man jockeys for position, hoping to send the other for a long ride down to the mat. It wouldn’t be a Sabu match without a botched spot, and we have our first glaring one during this set up. Sabu attempted a hurricanrana off the top, but noticably messes up the attempt. Sabu grabs a chair from the floor but the ref steps in, forcing him to drop it. Sabu gets the chair back and unfolds it, setting it up in the ring. He runs and jumps off it hitting his springboard moonsault trademark spot. A while later, Williams uses the chair to his advantage, drop toe-holding Sabu into it face-first. Both guys use the chair for a number of additional spots, including drop kicks into the chair – into the other guys’ face. Williams attempts his finisher, but Sabu is able to get out of dodge and head to the floor. Sabu tries a springboard spot but botches that as well. Sabu puts Williams across the table, which is still set up. Sabu dives over the ropes after a running start, but Williams moves in time, causing Sabu to crash through the table by himself. Williams goes for a chair shot on Sabu, but the ref stops him as well. Williams takes advantage of the ref’s focus on the chair by using the ring bell to nail Sabu in the dome. Williams gets the pinfall and the victory.

Winner and STILL X-Division Champion: Douglas Williams

Christy Hemme Interviews Mr. Anderson

Backstage, Christy Hemme is with Mr. Anderson. Anderson calls tonight’s match the biggest of his career. He says he doesn’t care if The Pope doesn’t trust him. Anderson says he’ll do some preaching of his own tonight, because his congregation will be standing and shouting "we are assholes." On that note, Anderson walks off.

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Madison Rayne vs. Velvet Sky

Rayne is out first, accompanied by Tara. Sky is out next with the Knockout champion Angelina Love. She came out to the same exact music as Rayne for her entrance. The bell sounds and our Knockouts bout is officially underway. Tara distracts the ref as soon as the match begins, allowing Rayne to gain the early advantage. Rayne admires her success a little too much, allowing Sky to get back into the offense. Rayne doesn’t waste much time regaining control, trying to finish the show with multiple quick-pin attempts. No dice. Rayne remains in control for a few minutes until Sky finally starts showing signs of life. Sky is on fire now, making her big comeback. As things start going her way, Tara interferes and yanks her to the floor. Tara tries to use her helmet on Sky, but Love intercepts and protects her girl. Meanwhile, the legal participants find themselves back in the ring, where Sky counters a Rayne spot with a DDT of her own, setting up the pinfall and the victory.

Winner: Velvet Sky

Christy Hemme Interviews Jeff Hardy

Christy Hemme is backstage with Jeff Hardy. Hardy says that tonight he is going up against the greatest wrestler in the world. He says despite that, tonight is about winning the title in honor of Rob Van Dam, a guy he reminds us never lost the title himself. End interview.

Falls Count Anywhere:
-Rhino vs. Abyss

Rhino is out first, followed by his opponent in his Falls Count Anywhere match tonight – Abyss. The fight starts early on the entrance ramp. Rhino eventually works Abyss down towards ringside, where he uses a number of weapons to beat up the big monster. Rhino hits the ring finally, only to slingshot himself over the top, crashing onto Abyss on the floor. Abyss is up quick to his credit, and bringing the fight right back to the War Machine. The fight quickly finds its’ way through the crowd and to the backstage area. After a ton of spots with weapons and chaos backstage, the guys finally bring the battle back inside the arena. The fight is inside the ring for the first time tonight, but is still a slobberknocker. The match doesn’t remain inside the ring ropes long, as both guys are battling it out on the floor at ringside again. Rhino repeatedly slams Abyss’ head into the barricade. Rhino throws Abyss through a portion of the stage, following him under there where the battle continues. The fight disappears fro view for a bit, as the crowd lets everyone know with their disapproval in the lack of visible action. Out of nowhere, the guys come crashing through the opposite side of the stage. Abyss props a part of the ringside barricade in the corner of the ring. Rhino gores him into it. A short while later, Abyss grabs a board covered in sharp nails. As soon as he returns to the ring, he eats another gore from Rhino. Back on his feet, Abyss avoids another gore from Rhino and follows it up with a Black Hole Slam of his own. Both guys are down. As they get up, Rhino attempts yet another gore, but misses his target and winds up goring the ringside barricade, which was still set up in the ring. Abyss follows that up with another Black Hole Slam for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Abyss

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Sting & Kevin Nash vs. Jeff Jarrett & Samoa Joe

Nash and Sting are out first. Out next is Jarrett and Samoa Joe as their music sounds and they come to the ring. The bell rings and the match begins. Sting and Nash have the early lead in the match. Joe is able to make a tag in and takes Nash out with an elbow suicida. Jarrett grabs the baseball bat and Jarrett uses it to hit Sting in the stomach and then again in the throat. Joe comes back into the ring and locks in the read naked choke. Jarrett holds off Nash on the outside of the ring. The referee calls the match as Sting is unable to answer the call leading Joe and Jarrett to the win.

Winner: Jeff Jarrett and Samoa Joe

I Quit Match
Tommy Dreamer vs. AJ Styles

AJ Styles is the first man out to the ring as his music blares. Out next is Tommy Dreamer as they meet up in the ring. The bell rings and the match begins. Dreamer gets the early lead in the match but the match quickly turns around as Styles gets Dreamer with the chair brought into the ring. The match continues and Dreamer gets out of two near counts but gets out. Dreamer rolls to the outside and STyles tries to follow but when he goes to dive Dreamer connects with a kendo stick shot to the head. Dreamer breaks the stick across AJ’s face. Styles comes up with a fork out of literally nowhere jabbing it into Dreamers face. Styles digs the fork into Dreamer’s eyes, and Dreamer is forced to quit giving AJ Styles the win.

Winner: AJ Styles


Backstage we meet up with Kurt Angle and Christy Hemme. Angel tells Hemme that losing isn’t an option tonight. He says Hardy is a great wrestler but he’s no Kurt Angle. Angle adds that he is the greatest wrestler in the world and he is going to win the TNA World Heavyweight Title at Bound for Glory.

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Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle

Jeff Hardy Jeff Hardy is shown coming to the ring first as JB announces that this is the first semi final match of the night in the TNA World Heavyweight Championship Tournament. Hardy gets a roar out of the crowd. Out next is Kurt Angle as his music blares and he walks to the ring. Hardy attacks Angle early on in the match but quickly the match turns. Angle tries for the suplex but Hardy counters with a front suplex that leads to Hardy attempting to attack Angle. Angle locks in a rear chin lock, wrenching away at Hardy’s neck. Hardy fights back to his feet and gets out of the hold. Angle locks ina reverse bear hug on Hardy in a seated position. The match continues back and forth. The time limit expires on the match but the match is told to go on. Bischoff announces that due to the importance of the match, the match will go on and adds time to the match. Angle continues to brutally attack Hardy but to no avail as Hardy continues to kick out or get away before Angle can fully lock in a submission. The match ends up outside of the ring where Hardy begins to take the lead in the match as Angle is plowed into the ring post. Angle wants to continue in the match but the meds that were brought down say he is cut too deep so Bischoff has to rule the match a no-contest.

Winner: No Contest

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Mr. Anderson vs. D’Angelo Dinero

Both men come to the ring as their music sounds. The bell rings and the main event begins. Both men lock up and end up in the ropes. Another quick lock up with a similar result. Anderson gets the advantage. Pope tries for the DDE, but it’s countered. Anderson tries for the mic check, bit it’s countered too. Anderson is able to connect with the standing Green Bat plunge but only gets a two count. Pope tries for a DDE but to no avail. Pope hits Anderson with unrelenting combinations. Anderson connects with a mic check pinning Dinero for the win. 

Winner: Mr. Anderson

After the Match:

Anderson spits on one of Dinero’s dollars that fell during his entrance then throws another one at Dinero. Anderson celebrates in the middle of the ring saying ‘one more match’. Anderson announces himself as the winner of the match and says only one more match until he wins the World Championship.

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